Supporting Barbara Kaufmann project “Voices”

“Voices Education Project” help people understand and transcend the roots of violence by hearing and giving voice to personal stories.

Being subscribed to Barbara Kaufmann´s newsletter we got the following invitation from her:

Are you an Educator?
Want to Change the World?
Want to know how?

You already know that Voices Education Project has published my pieces:
New Weapon of Mass Destruction:
How the deaths of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson are related to yellow journalism and pursuit and hounding by tabloids. It also briefly mentions reality TV and expose film and programming.

Michael Jackson: Spiritual Messenger Hiding in Plain Sight:
A piece about the humanitarian and philanthropic work of Michael Jackson, his accomplishments and spiritual messages for the world.

The articles have been getting attention and Voices is pleased to be able to shine a light on a problem that harms national treasures, people and the future.
Jackson Humanitarian just went to front page!

But there is something even more exciting… This is the Vision of Voices Education Project:

“Acknowledging that conflict is inevitable, we envision a world in which nations, communities, and individuals move beyond polarization and destruction, instead viewing conflict as an opportunity to create understanding, empathy and positive change.
Through education, the arts, and self-expression, Voices aims to transform how we respond to, engage in, and recover from conflict. By working directly with instructors and students we strive to model pedagogical methods and social processes that challenge and enrich the arts, humanities and social science curricula.”
I knew that if the issue was exposed that people would respond and if not respond, at least they would think! I sincerely believe that we (humanity) are better than that! And I truly think that we can change the world.
You wrote thoughtful responses to the articles and Voices paid attention. So what comes next?

I believe you, Michael Jackson fans, that you really intend to change the world so I am going to tell you what´s next…

I need you to make that change in Michael´s name now: I need educators who are Michael Jackson fans and who want to change the world, to step up and help. If you are a teacher, prinicipal, grant writer, curriculum developer, workshop designer, professor, or are related to the educational field, I need you to contact me at


One article, no matter how widespread or how much attention it gets cannot completely change how things are done in an industry. It is rare that change happens from inside a paradigm. Real change often has to happen when a revolution occurs outside a paradigm.
And how do we impact the future? Through children. Michael knew this and a great deal of his life´s work was about impacting youth in order to change the future. You are Michael´s legacy and the children of the future need you.

Here´s how it changes:

Marilyn Turkovich, who is Executive Director of Voices has just said “yes” to my proposal. In doing research for writing, I became acutely aware of how tabloid journalism is a form of violence perpetrated on persons, societies and the future.
So I proposed to Marilyn and Voices that a curriculum be developed called “Violence of Words”. I am acutely aware that words have power. They have the power to kill. I want to create awareness of how that happens, so I put together some ideas and approached Marilyn.

Marilyn just said “YES!”

I just received a reply from Marilyn who wrote to say she thinks it is a great topic and proposal for a curriculum. She approves of the idea and she has just offered to write the curriculum with me.
The Board of Directors at Voices includes grant makers, photographers, filmmakers, fund raisers, development specialists and social scientists, so I recognize the future potential of just such a project.
This is really important for children, for schools, for the future. So are you with me? Would you like to support this initiative? I am inviting you educators out there to write to me and send a brief proposal about “Violence of Words”.
As a long time peacemaker, I know what I want to see addressed in such a curriculum. Now I want to hear your vision. If this were your project, your assignment, your request from Michael Jackson, how would you do it?
This project will need research, development, fundraising ideas, exploration and review of what is being addressed in schools currently, teaching methods, materials development and… well, you get the idea.
The time has come. You said you wanted to make that change in Michael´s name. Tell me how you plan to do it.
And let me know if you would like to volunteer some time for the project.

Want to be the change?
Let me know!

Rev. Barbara Kaufmann
One Wordsmith at Inner Michael
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