Should Investigators Be Investigated?

by Sharon Sidney

January 19, 2011

As the world awaits proceedings to begin in People Vs. Contrad Murray many of Michael Jackson’s fans and supporters who have been following the case are baffled as to why Murray is not facing stiffer charges.
It seems though the preliminary hearings were steeped in documents and testimony that left observers confused amidst documents being redacted altering time lines and the amount of medication given amongst other accounts, one thing remains the same and that is that Jackson’s former security and statements contributed to have come from Conrad Murray himself assert that the Dr. issued propofol and medication then had security stash the bottles of medication and other items then failed to mention having given any drugs or medication to Jackson to paramedics. It would hardly require an investigator to determine the Drs. Moves as possibly premeditative, negligent and intentionally deceptive with malice during critical moments of Jackson’s life.

There is a huge public outcry for stiffer charges to be amassed against Murray who currently faces charges for accidental manslaughter with a maximum of only a four year sentencing if found guilty. The public at large are wondering if the failure of the District Attorney’s Office to pursue more appropriate charges after revelations during preliminary hearings cited by both a witness of the Drs. Actions and Murrays confessions as said to have been made to detective Orlando Martinez City of L.A. P.D. Homicide Division has to do with lack of concern for Jackson’s life due to his having been a celebrity.

Others speculate that not only did Conrad Murray conspire to commit murder but that city officials overseeing the investigation of the case were somehow involved and are currently participating in a mass cover up. Michael's father Joe Jackson was said to have made the statement that they are in need of a federal investigation.

Though some may assume those questioning the integrity of L.A. city officials as possible involvement in Jackson's departure are nothing more than conspiracy theorists, fanatics and quacks it is more than apparent that those officials failed to thoroughly investigate the scene of a crime while overlooking medical bottles and syringes Murray was said to have informed detective Martinez he’d placed in a closet. Documents ascribed to the length of time and amount of medication and anesthesia given Jackson was discussed in preliminary hearings then a witness later testified of making presumptions and spoke of errors within the documents. This alone eludes to a level of incompetence if not conspiracy itself. One could even fathom the D.A.’s involvement with conspiracy and cover up as reason prosecution is so lenient on charges against Murray.

There are other rumors circulating amongst public and press of those who witnessed the Murray preliminary proceedings that elude to perhaps a highly thought out plan with various entities participating in conspiracy of taking out Jackson. What is evident is that Dr. Conrad Murray failed to report medication he’d given to paramedics, deliberately hid proof of medication he’d administered and failed to place a timely call to 911. This all adds to a deliberate attempt to take Jackson’s life and leaves the conspiracy theorist with a very possible understanding of things.

If speculations are correct and L.A. officials are directly involved with manslaughter and cover up then how will the truth of whatever happened to Michael Jackson ever be known? It would be wise for Jackson supporters to not only cry out for more stiffer charges befitting the crime but also for those who claim to have investigated the scene and others involved in the case to be investigated as well and for federal officials to step in and oversee the case of People Vs. Conrad Murray.

Defense attorneys for Conrad Murray paint the Dr. as one who was trying to assist Jackson who was suffering from sleep deprivation by injecting him with small doses of propofol while administering a series of other drugs in efforts of helping Jackson to sleep as he prepared for tour.

Testimony by Tim Lopez, owner of Applied Pharmacy Services claims the Dr. came to him requesting propofol and other medications designed to help Jackson feel less pain for various issues he was facing. Amongst Murray’s requests Mr. Lopez stated Murray needed assistance in obtaining natural methods of providing energy to Jackson who was facing grueling rehearsal schedules while suffering from extreme insomnia.

Testimony by Kenny Ortega, director of High School Musical and Jackson’s This Is It concert production provided insight that producers of Jackson’s tour pressured Jackson to attend rehearsal even though Ortega was concerned for Jackson’s health and welfare.

Other documents attributed to Murray assert Jackson pleaded with him to give him propofol to help him sleep so he could make rehearsals for fear his concerts would be cancelled. The final view is that amidst endless rehearsals and Jackson’s decline in health while facing sleep deprivation, though Ortega attempted intervention by sending Jackson home from one said rehearsal, producers insisted Jackson attend all future rehearsals concerning This Is It or that would be it and they would pull the plug on the concerts and the rug from under Jackson who was anxious to perform and in need of finances he would earn from the concerts. Some paint Murray as one who tried to help the star while others consider his actions to be criminal negligence and an outright attempt at murder. Conrad Murray’s arraignment is set for Jan. 25th .

Though many wonder if Conrad Murray deliberately took Jackson's life even still many are wondering should investigators be investigated for involvement in the Conrad Murray case.

God knows what transpired in the events on Jun. 25th and it is up to His saints to pray for His will in this case and all things throughout the world to be done.

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