A million trees for Michael

“ And the dream we were conceived in will reveal a joyful face... and the world we once believed in will shine again in grace. Then why do we keep strangling life wound this Earth, crucify its soul. Though it's plain to see, this world is heavenly. We could be God's glow... Heal the world.”
...... Michael Jackson”

What is “A Million Trees for Michael?” It´s a site for fans of Michael Jackson where we can give a gift back to HIM in exchange for the music, the magic, & the memories he has given to us for nearly five decades! Won´t you plant 15 trees for him?

How Did this Project Come About?

....... Earth song ends and Michael´s voice is then heard, lovingly saying these words: “I love trees. I have a thing for trees. The colors and the changing of the leaves… I love it!”

His voice becomes somber as he continues, “The Earth is sick. Everyone thinks someone else will take care of the problems, the government or someone else. Noooo… no one is going to do it for us. It´s up to us! It´s up to us to do our part to heal the world.”

....... Michael´s pleas had really touched my heart.

Suddenly I had an idea, a wonderful idea! I had been planting trees through the non-profit company, “American Forests”, ever since I had discovered this great organization. They have been quietly helping to re-forest the Earth for almost 135 years, planting seedling trees all over the world for… are you ready for this?… only $1.00 per tree!!

What if we could take up Michael´s challenge and give a gift back to him, by planting trees in his honor? What if we could plant millions of trees for him, all over the world, and make a significant contribution to the welfare of the world?

Michael has been a part of our lives for almost 5 decades and has given so much to us, through his music, his talent, his amazing dance moves, and so much more. Wouldn´t his fans welcome the chance to do something for him, to give a tangible gift to this beloved icon? For me that answer was a resounding “YES!” In my mind, I envisioned “Michael Jackson Memorial Forests” on every continent in the world. What a wonderful addition to the amazing legacy that Michael had already left.

.......Earth of ours, a win that would continue to grow and benefit not only us, but future generations to come. And all for only $15 (American Forest´s minimum), which will plant 15 trees for Michael.

How to Donate

No money EVER comes to me, Trisha Franklin, the creator of this project…it´s all done through the non-profit organization, American Forests, which has been around since 1875! American Forests will be putting up a special link on their website called, “A Million Trees For Michael” and fans will eventually be able to easily donate by clicking on this link. Until that happens, however, here are the 3 ways to donate:

1. go to www.AmericanForests.org and click on “donate now”; click on “I want my donation to go to a specific project”, then go to the drop down menu and click on the last option, “Trees In Remembrance”, then enter the number of trees you want to plant …(15 is the minimum but you can plant more if you´d like) and click on “choose this project”. Then fill out your information and type MJ (all caps) in the “appeal code” box. You MUST do this for the trees to be credited toward the MJ Memorial Forest!

Under “Name of honored person” type in “Michael Jackson”, then your name in the “From” box; you may then choose to add, “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” or you may type in your own personal message for Michael. You can even preview what your certificate will look like before selecting the final version. That´s all there is to it!

2. The second way, if you prefer to pay by credit card, is to call them at (800) 545-TREE (8733) and do this over the phone. There is a $15. minimum, which will plant 15 trees, but you may give more if you are moved to do so. Since American Forests is a non-profit organization, your gift is also tax deductable. You MUST say tell them you are planting trees for Michael Jackson.

The third way is to send a check or money order to:

American Forests
734 15th St. NW, Ste 800
Washington, DC 20005

Important: You MUST include a note that your donation is for the “Michael Jackson Memorial Forest” project.

For all 3 ways, you will receive a certificate with your name printed on it, showing that you made this donation for Michael Jackson. (read less) Please pass the word on to everyone you know whose lives were touched by this remarkable person.

As Michael said, “No one else will heal the world for us… it´s up to us to do it!”

Let me end with these words which Michael spoke, from the movie, “This Is It”:

“Love each other. We are all one. Take care of the planet. Love lives forever”.

PS: American Forests has set aside land in California and said they could start the first “Michael Jackson Memorial Forest” with a Spring planting in 2010. I will be getting a daily tally of the trees planted for Michael and I will keep you posted as to how many trees have been planted. Let the planting begin!!!

With love and warm wishes to all of you,


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