Michael Jackson - a style icon

by liberiangirl_mj - on May 16, 2010

There's no doubt about it, music legend Michael Jackson was the King of Pop in more ways than one. The outfits worn since the young age of 9 did exactly what his well-deserved moniker suggests-- "pop". Since the late '70s, Jackson put as much as emphasis into his carefully selected wardrobe as he did into his music and dance moves. Even until his last days on earth, Jackson never failed to deliver an endless parade of "shine" to remind you he was the biggest pop star on the planet--there was always a careful mix of sequins, glitter, Lurex, studs, metallic added for standout style. Before hip-hop's obsession with diamonds during the Bling Era in the 1990s Jackson blinged us out in a glitter-y Lurex catsuit in his music video for 'Rock With You' in 1979. Screw Mr.T, Michael Jackson is the original "King of Bling"

Virgos are obsessed with fashion more than any other sun sign, and Jackson truly exemplified this through the myriad of over-the-top styles he has worn over the years. With the Virgo's quest for perfection, (which Jackson took into overdrive with cosmetic surgery as well) they have a penchant for adding an element of bling when it comes to their style. Let's not forget the glitter glove and socks worn for his iconic "Billie Jean" performance at the "Motown 25" show in 1983 and the amped-up, sequins military jackets he pioneered in 1984. The military look is eau current, one of the hottest trends today; revived recently by high-priced European designers such as Balmain who came out with a Jackson-inpired $8,000 jacket we recently reported have been worn by Beyonce, Rihanna and copied by Kanye West and Jennifer Hudson. Even fastfood fashion chain Target has a knockoff version on the racks on the cheap.