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Brian Oxman's Statements

Brian Oxman is a LA Planitiff and Defense Attorney and has practiced law for over 30 years. He is a professor of Law at Irvine University, and has been radio talk show host. He was an adviser to Former Governor Jerry Brown, now Attorney General of California. He was counsel for Michael Jackson in one of the most widely publicized criminal trials in American history in 2005. He has represented various Jackson Family members since 1989. He is representing now Joe Jackson, Michael's father. Email: b.oxman@yahoo.com

05/01/2010: Important interview done by Eddie Jones, where Mr. Oxman says between others that it´s very appealing the Peter Lopez suicide, who was involved with the MJ´s will and many others documents.

Interview to Brian Oxman by Fox Business News on 04/23/2010
Watch it

Do you believe this Murray´s story? "His [Dr. Murray's] story is medically inconsistent with the autopsy findings............ 04/04/2010

Joe Jackson ´Horrified´ at Dr. Murray Defense

Brian Oxman ask- Should the State Bar of California investigate John Branca for Conspiracy Corruption in the Michael Jackson Case? If your answer is yes then please sign this petition! - 04/02/2010
http://mjcase.epetitions.net/ -

Very interesting video on from Advocates For Michael. A Plea To Have John Branca Investigated For Possible Conspiracy Corruption In The Michael Jackson Case. How did this man who Michael Jackson terminated by letter become executor to Michael´s estate?

Watch this fantastic video by MUZIKfactory2, AEG & JOHN BRANCA Lies, Inconsistencies & Deceit PART 3 (Dear Judge Mitchell Beckloff). You can hear Brian Oxman talking about the people who mysteriously reappeared in Michael Jackson'´s life even though Michael had severed ties with them! Why is this not being investigated!!!!!

Brian Oxman, told Reuters news agency that the amount of prescription drugs given to Michael Jackson amounted to second-degree murder - 03/31/2010.
Father of Michael Jackson to take legal action

“The continuous administration of drugs over six weeks - he (Murray) gave him propofol every night - that is Russian roulette, that is loading six bullets into a gun with only six chambers”. - 03/31/2010
Joe Jackson suit cites Murray for murder

MTV some more details on the last hour of Michael Jackson´s life and the actions of Conrad Murray. - 03/30/2010
Michael Jackson´s Heart Still Beating In Emergency Room, Lawyer Claims

“This is not about money,” said Oxman. “Joe Jackson wants justice for his son and he wants people to know point by point, moment by moment the reckless conduct that Conrad Murray engaged in.” - 03/29/2010
Joe Jackson Lawyer: Michael Had a Heartbeat

CNN article on the case against Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson. - 03/29/2010
Lawyer: Michael Jackson´s heart beat at hospital

Brian Oxman announces on Nancy Grace that he will file a wrongful death suit for Joe Jackson for the killing of his son Michael Jackson.
Lawyer: Joe Jackson filing lawsuit

About JUSTICE FOR MJ : BRIAN OXMAN SPEAKS OUT TO FANS: - 03/23/2010 - Very interesting talk

Brian Oxman wants his fans to watch this video by MUZIKfactory2 pertaining to the strange inconstancies in the stories given by the various players in Michael Jackson´s life and “in his death” - 03/16/2010.

Video which chronicles the events that took place in the world of Michael Jackson leading up to his death under the “care” of Conrad Murray. - 03/16/2010

Contact Att.Gen.Jerry Brown and ask him to demand 2nd degree murder charges against Dr. Murray and to bring charges against the other doctors who over-prescribed to Michael Jackson. Ask him why he is pursuing prosecuting the doctors in the Anna Nicole case, but not in the MJ case even though Michael was given the drugs directly by the doctor,day after day after day!Please help us get Justice for Michael! - 02/26/2010

Jerry "Edmund" Brown Jr
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Michael Jackson´s star burned so bright

Beautiful letter by Brian Oxman Published: 05 Sep 2009
on http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2623700/Jackos-star-burned-so-bright.html

LAWYER Brian Oxman is a close friend and confidante of almost every member of the Jackson family after representing them for more than 20 years.

He helped to successfully defend Michael against child abuse charges in 2005, and was particularly close to the star.

Here he gives his view of the moving service:

MICHAEL Jackson´s funeral was a gathering of close friends, family and people I had not seen for years.

Together we mourned our loss, and together we took strength from one another because we all joined to celebrate the life of an extraordinary man.

As I sat in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery to say farewell to Michael, I wondered if the sunglasses they all wore were meant not to shield their eyes from prying cameras, but from the brilliant light of the supernova - the death of a massive star.

For sure, the light from the other stars at the funeral was bright. I sat next to Elizabeth Taylor at the service, and I told her Michael loved her dearly and would be proud that she was there.

But Michael's death was the supernova of a star whose light was more controversial, more luminous and more fascinating than any others.

The eulogies from Joe Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, and Jackie Jackson's son Siggy told of Michael's extraordinary life. And it was certain that Michael Jackson was now larger in death than he was in life.

We will be dissecting his life for years to come in books and movies, only I don´t think we will ever capture the human emotion everyone felt this day when we laid Michael Jackson to rest.

I sat next to Dave Dave, whose father doused him with kerosene and burned 90 per cent of his six-year-old body.

Michael cared for Dave Dave for more than 30 years, never asking for anything in return. His eulogy was moving. The world should never forget how Michael gave back not only to Dave Dave, but to so many other needy people.


I have a unique view of the Jackson Family. Some people knew Michael. Others knew Janet, or La Toya, or Rebbie. Or Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, or Randy. But I knew them all.

From their mum and dad, Katherine and Joe, to their grandchildren, they were all my friends.

I know all of their secrets, all of their tears, and all of their failures and glories. I never felt that any of them - from Michael right on down the line - ever did anything where I couldn´t hold my head up high and say these are my friends and I am proud of them.

There are many things that Michael Jackson has to answer for to his maker, including why he would have allowed himself to be destroyed by the use of drugs he knew could only hurt him.

However, what I can say for certain and with great emotion is that his conversations with the Lord are not about the allegations which surrounded his life, but rather about how he treated himself and dealt with the magic he received as a gift from God.

Everyone in the Great Mausoleum was sad to see Michael go, and it was as if no one wanted to say a final farewell. He was a good man, a kind man. But he had a tough time dealing with the simplest things involving just living with people - like the most basic elements of greed and jealousy.

Michael and I talked a lot about the controversies. When I said to him that he was never dull, he said me: “It´s a sin to be dull.”

In the evolution of the universe, the supernova creates a shockwave where new stars are formed. I watched the tears from Michael's children when they said their final goodbye to their dad. And I wondered could it be that Prince, Paris and little Blanket are the legacy of a new star formation that the Michael Jackson supernova has left behind?