Did Dr. Murray just make a mistake in killing Michael Jackson? An objective perspective

There has been a lot written in the press, a lot shown on TV, after the devastating death of Michael Jackson. But was this press coverage presenting various hypotheses? Were the investigative reporters digging deep and daring to come forward with the right questions in order to make the public consider what could have happened in reality?

The general impression is no, there was mainly one story touted in the mainstream media, that Michael Jackson accidentally died of an overdose at the hands of an irresponsible doctor.

The fan community was left alone to play the role of investigators and reporters, because it seems they are the only ones who value the truth beyond the hype, the politics and the comfort of simply cherishing Michael's musical legacy.

In science, in order to prove something, you have to refute the "null" hypothesis, meaning the negation of what you believe. And since I started to talk about science, I'll also throw in the law of statistics: the probability of multiple independent events (mistakes) happening at once is a multiplication of individual probabilities, in layman terms, very low.

If what we suspect is that Michael Jackson's death was murder, we have to refute the other theory. So let's look at how the accident theory fares.

First of all, it so happened that before the night of June 25, nobody could intervene to stop the unconventional home therapy administered by Murray.

* His entourage did not ring the alarm bells when they saw heavy duty oxygen tanks coming in and out of the house. Two chefs have come forward to admit they indeed had seen them.
* His bodyguards, charged with keeping Michael safe, apparently had no clue of what was going on with Murray and Michael, thus failing at their job.
* Three days before Michael's tragic death, his driver called nurse Lee in a panic about his boss' health state. Although advised to bring Michael to a hospital, they disregarded this opportunity to possibly save him.
* The same thing happened with the This Is It close collaborators, with whom Michael was rehearsing almost every day for hours. They all sang in unison claiming that they did not see signs of danger, that nobody was in contact with Dr. Murray about Michael's state of health, despite the huge financial stakes hinging on Michael's well being.
* Lastly, Dr. Klein, his dermatologist, whom Michael visited almost every other day, might swear with a straight face that he did not see the tragedy coming.

Come the fatal night of June 25, 2009, and the numerous "mistakes" and suspicious activities of the highly paid Dr. Murray.

Apparently, at 9 am local time, hours before admitting to have given the anesthetic, Murray makes a phone call to his assistants in Texas to remove unidentified objects from a warehouse. Meanwhile, after a long night of continuous sedation with various medicines, Michael Jackson is still alert enough to "demand" propofol in the morning, and convincing enough to make Murray "give in".

Now let us count the "mistakes" the good doctor makes.

Mistake No. 1: Murray gives in and decides to administer the powerful anesthetic propofol, outside a hospital setting, in the late morning. Despite the fact that at that hour, Michael was usually having breakfast and preparing to go to rehearsals.

Mistake No 2: Murray does not use any standard of care monitoring equipment, such as heart monitor, oxygen monitor, infusion pump. Moreover, he does not even use the pulse meter he had in his bag.

Mistake No 3: Murray administers a huge amount of propofol, used for "major surgery", just to put Michael to sleep, after already having injected numerous sedatives.

Mistake No 4: Murray leaves Michael unsupervised to go to the bathroom and to be on the phone for around 45 minutes, before allegedly discovering Michael in distress.

Mistake No 5: Murray discovers Michael is not breathing but does not call for help immediately. More than 30 minutes pass before deciding to do that.

Mistake No 6: Murray, a cardiologist, proceeds to administer CPR on a bed, instead of a hard surface.

Mistake No 7: Murray interrupts CPR to instruct the bodyguard to hide medicines in a bag, in order to clear the scene before calling the ambulance.

Mistake No 8: Murray does not inform the paramedics about the propofol, insists he is still alive despite eye witnesses' opinions to the contrary, and keeps the paramedics at the house for more than 30 minutes, ordering several rounds of resuscitation drugs.

Mistake No 9: At the hospital, Murray does not inform the doctors about propofol

Mistake No 10: Murray disappears from the hospital for many hours before having a brief encounter with the police. According to testimonies, he wanted to go back at the house to hide more evidence.

What is the probability of all these things happening randomly? One has to wonder, after how many "mistakes" can the justice system, the media, and the common sense allow for a murder charge? Do you think Michael Jackson and his orphaned children deserve justice in this life? Because for sure they will get peace and justice in the afterlife.

Source: MJ´s Message

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