Why else would an innocent man settle? Because of Lisa Maria Presley

  by Bonnie Cox on Michael Jackson Justice

October 25, 2010

Today is the 16-month anniversary of the passing away of Michael Jackson. It is also the last day for a while I will be able to put up a blog. To leave it like THIS breaks my heart.

I did what I said I was going to do. I went back over the interview with Oprah and Lisa Marie . . . SEVERAL times. I did what someone else suggested I do and study Lisa the way I did Michael. Well, I did. It not only managed to cement my feelings from my initial post, it added even more dread in the pit of my stomach. I am really starting to become afraid to investigate.

Lisa Marie Presley, in the minds of many of Michael’s fans, was the one true love he had but it never was. At least not on her part. I have tried every which way but loose to see it (even tried loose) and I tried and I tried. I can’t do any more because what I am seeing HURTS. The more I dug the darker I felt inside and if Michael believed there was love there in the beginning, I cannot imagine the pain he was in.

There have been so many fantastic responses from both sides of this issue and a learning experience. I agree that we should be FAIR when investigating all this and I feel that I have been even when attacked, or tried my hardest to be. What is important to remember is that Michael is at the core of all this. This isn’t about Lisa Marie. Michael was the one murdered. Michael’s children are the ones without their father. Lisa Marie has her children, her “new” Michael and her upcoming album.

I’ve looked at this from the angle of a very young girl, sheltered and possibly spoiled not really knowing marriage. But you don’t do the things she has done just out of ignorance or immaturity. She did things to deliberately hurt. The more videos of her I saw, the more my heart fell. Starting from my comment yesterday after viewing a couple of these videos:

“In the Diane Sawyer interview with BOTH LISA MARIE AND MICHAEL . . . they are asked WHO popped the question . . . who brought up marriage?”

“Both say, "Michael". Then Michael continues with this story of how he asked his lawyer THEN JOHN BRANCA if he knew Lisa Marie Presley. MICHEAL THEN SAYS, "John says, well I represent her mother Priscilla".

“Elvis Songs are in the catalog that Michael owned!”

“Now MICHAEL may have believed that it was his idea . . . but lets look at what Lisa has said:”

“She LEFT DANNY FOR MICHAEL . . even with children. Why?”

“She refused to have children with Michael. Why?”

“She still maintains family with Danny and fought with Michael over her vacationing with her ex husband. Why? Who iced who out?”

“She says she left the marriage but then she follows him around and writes him letters afterwards . . . why? Because she loved him or because he still owned the Elvis songs? “

“She didn't seem to care that Debbie was going to give him children before they split. After they split then she chases him down. Michael may have entertained her (because of her children), but I think he was quite done or they would have been back together.”

“I do not believe the 2005 conversation happened. I believe that was said for the benefit of fans and to maybe throw out a jab for anyone close to Michael who was listening.”

“In the Schmuley interviews, Michael also talks about how manipulative women are. He wasn't around his brothers long enough to see all this happening although he could have, but what if he were talking about LMP?”

Branca, according to Michael, is the connecting factor to Priscilla Presley if not Lisa Marie. Source

Above, Michael talks about John Branca, asking him about Lisa Marie and Branca’s response that he represented Priscilla. Let’s look at these claims.

John Branca’s own website mentions nothing about either Priscilla Presley or the Presley Estate (I was told it was once on there, but now it is off). He may have represented Priscilla . . . she was an actress. But I dont' see him anywhere involved in the estate:

Elvis Presley Estate has been removed as a client AS HAS JACKSON ESTATE IS NO LONGER THERE.

John Branca His client list is here. Notice that the “Cobain Estate” the one reportedly handled by Howard Weitzman (not of Branca’s firm) is now credited to Branca. Cobain’s estate also went through a lawsuit until Courtney Love suddenly withdrew the complaint.
Still listed on this page though - John Branca

Did Branca lie to Michael? Where his wheels spinning when Michael mentioned an interest in Lisa Marie? Michael said he said this to Branca when Lisa Marie was about eighteen years old. Michael would have been 28 years old. So circa 1986 to 1987. This is a year or so after Michael purchased the catalog. Branca knew it contained Elvis songs, he’s the one that did the deal.
Could Branca have found a way to contact Priscilla (assuming that he lied to Michael about representing her when Michael asked about LMP), Priscilla Presley appears nowhere on John Branca’s Dossier of artists represented.

I did searches on links for the Presley Estate and guess what . . . Neither Branca nor his firm are listed for either Presley Estate, Presley Trust or the newer formed Elvis Presley Enterprises:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_Presley_Enterprises Here also, no mention of Branca or his firm. But he's not connected with the estate and neither is his firm. The only place I have seen this is on Branca's web site and Branca could have put it on there because he worked with PRISCILLA, which would be disingenuous at best.

Branca - He wasn't a lawyer all that long before he started representing Michael and he was still a relative newbie. This is who represented and handled the Presley Trust - http://www.elvis.com/elvisology/history/elvis_estate.asp Branca is only a few years older than Michael. I don't see Branca mentioned anywhere in there.

However, I found this, Lisa Marie sold 85% of her father’s estate for $100 milllion (not counting Graceland) in 2005, announcement was made in December of the previous year Source. Why was this done? Aside from Graceland, that is control of trademarks, licensing, film rights, merchandising. She still owns 15% but that is not controlling share. She got according to the article a little over $50 million cash out of the deal, $25 million in debts paid off and where the other $25 million went is not mentioned. What was going on in 2005? Michael’s trial. December of 2004 it was reported on as being in the works. Right over the trial . . . why? Any connection to that?

Some other issues I looked into from my comment on that post yesterday:

“Michael owns Elvis songs that maybe Priscilla believes should be in the Graceland Library. Maybe LMP believes that too.” – Branca has known since 1985 at least what was in that ATV catalog. Michael said he asked Branca about Lisa Marie when she was eighteen (he would have been 28) making it circa 1986 or 1987, one to one and a half years after the purchase. Maybe owning the Elvis songs reminded Michael of Lisa and he began inquiring?

Michael says that John Branca would laugh and say, “I’ll do my best”, Michael asked “any luck” when he saw Branca again and Branca would say “Nothing yet.” Either John Branca didn’t bother, John Branca didn’t really represent Priscilla like he told Michael he did, or . . . Branca was a bit consumed with other plans and getting Michael hooked up with a girlfriend was the least of them.

Lisa Marie in that same video, which Michael corroborates, that they dated for four months before they got married or before Michael asked her. Since Michael hadn’t “crumbled” during the first allegations, the humiliating search and seizure of person and property, criminal harassment via pictures of his anatomy with lawyers and doctors on both sides present, the pursuit of “victims” across continents hadn’t done him in emotionally, he was still performing heart stopping concerts. Isn’t the timing immaculate that John could finally get Michael hooked up with Lisa Marie? Good for Lisa Marie . . . she comes out from under cover, Michael promises record deals for her but it never materializes because, that is not in the plan.

So Lisa spends most of their marriage fighting with Michael about having children, about going on vacations with her ex-boyfriend, about her children flocking to Michael instead of her, about his friends, about the time he spends with OTHER children and whatever else.

She leaves Danny for Michael (she says) even though they have children.

She continues to vacation with Danny - with her children - without Michael.

She refuses to give Michael children after luring him into marriage with false hope of him having children (coached?)

She makes Michael's life miserable, jealous of her own children getting attention from Michael, etc....

Finally Michael tells her Debbie Rowe offered to have children for him. She doesn't seem to care until AFTER they are divorced.

Who left who? There was a "dear John" letter passed around the the internet said to be a divorce letter from Michael to Lisa. I did find this when looking:

“Btw, that leech, Henry Vaccaro (the guy who got MJ's storage warehouse of personal belongings), stated that one of the things in storage was a handwritten note from Michael to Lisa explaining why he wanted an annulment. I find this very interesting. This guy also claimed to have a copy of a letter from Katherine Jackson to the Jehovah's Witness with harsh words since they expelled MJ . I think Lisa Marie really thought MJ loved her and after the divorce felt she was used by him.”

Let’s look at Lisa’s behavior over the years in interviews. This interview below is after she and Michael divorced.

Lisa Marie with Diane Sawyer WITHOUT Michael -

This interview is with Oprah some twelve years after the divorce.

She was 36 in this video according to her own timeline (12 years ago from the time she married Michael at 24 or 25 years of age). The first couple of minutes was enough to turn my stomach. Loving? Mocking . . . can’t get any further apart than that. She doesn’t look nervous. She looks vindictive and Oprah is a disgrace.

At 1.50 Lisa Marie says that someone convinced her that she should meet Michael because it was “good manners”. I wonder who THAT person was? (Branca maybe?) Especially since she went ahead and plugged her “demo” and that Michael wanted to “sign her”. So someone had to convince her to meet Michael. She goes on to explain that Michael had to “disillusion” her and “loop” her into changing her mind about what she may have thought about him previously (she then emphasizes “used to”). At 7:30 Lisa Marie says she did NOT know Michael was going to kiss her on the awards show and that Michael was the one that “used her” not the other way around.

So we heard what Lisa had to say about Michael in various interviews. What did Michael have to say about Lisa Marie?

Michael talks on the Schmuley tapes about "manipulative women" and also discusses women who are in 'competition with their own children" . . . Lisa Marie.

According to Michael, Lisa Marie DID try to get back with him in the early months after their divorce (job not done yet? Doesn't have catalog yet?) but Michael refuses. Lisa then uses her children to try to get back with Michael . . . Michael entertains Lisa because of her children NOT because of her.

Throught these YEARS that Lisa Marie says she flew all around the world with Michael, her and her mother are trashing Michael in interviews. Michael never, ever trashed Lisa Marie . . . never. For someone who "didn't know any better" as Lisa put it, Michael has let the guilty walk themselves into their own, self-created lies.

2005, she was nowhere to be found for the trial. Debbie Rowe was. Even Frank DiLeo showed up for Michael´s trial. Lisa was busy mocking him on Larry King. She laughs and says she´s benign?

She says Michael called HER in 2005. I don't believe this. After what we’ve seen, can YOU believe it? Michael would not have wanted her back after what she did. Michael was not devoid of intelligence, he avoided her during her attempts to get him back. Why? Maybe he saw those interviews too? There is over ten years spanned in these interviews in which Lisa treats Michael as a joke and we’re expected to believe her sudden “maturity” after he dies? Worse, yet, she wants us to believe that after all that, MICHAEL calls her and wants her back after being treated as a joke by her? And to top all that off with sugary bullpuckies, we’re expected to believe a long conversation ensued while making him cry by telling him she was indifferent. Who is it that has the drug problem here?

She mentions the catalog and Michael saying people wanted to kill him but does so in an offhanded manner . . . maybe to make fans believe that the conversation took place. She mentions Michael crying when she says she's indifferent. If this really happened and she EVER loved him, where is the emotion on her face?

She fidgets through this whole interview, cannot hold a gaze unless Oprah is asking HER a question or doing the talking. And the reaction to the question about what she was thinking when she looked down at the casket. Take a close look at that again. She LAUGHS then quickly composes herself and gives this broken, scratching the head “that uh . . . ummm that, took me . . . another six months to recover from.”

Sure Lisa . . . we believe you. And I have a number one album coming out too. It’s titled “Try it with ONE Face”.

Lady Acquarius shared this on the previous blog

“THANK YOU!!! (Big hugz too.) You have just echoed my entire reasoning for why this recent interview has made me heartsick. In soooo many ways, I feel that Michael's proverbial "last straw" in the trust department when it came to women can certainly be directly pointed in Lisa Marie's direction. Even worse, because like I'd stated earlier, Michael was NOT one to allow his heart to override his head, it IS extremely likely that this is also the source of LMP's true bitterness. Not only did Michael "ice" her out, he NEVER let her back in either!”

“I have trouble believing the legitimacy of the supposed 2005 phone conversation too. Why? I remember LaToya having stated in a past interview where she was asked about LMP and Michael, that the ONLY reason why LMP was still allowed to accompany Michael here and there was due to their appearances being booked (via appointments) prior to their divorce.”

“But, also noteworthy... LaToya had also claimed that there marriage was NOT for love. Rather...it was a business agreement, in return LMP would be helped launch her own career. I don't know what to think of that part though. LaToya HAS been known to stretch truths and tell "whoppers", so I don't know if that part can be believed. I believe this interview is still on YT somewhere.”

“In any case, what if Michael had believed his relationship was "real" but LMP was only going along with things due to a contract with Branca and/or Sony??? Worse... did Michael eventually "catch on" to the BS??? Hmm...”

“One more thing, the Michael tapes, Michael also states, "Lisa knows her own mind." He says little else about her. He seemed more emotionally animated while discussing Brooke Shields than he did LMP! WHY, if there was oh so much love between them? Hmm...”

From Anapassionheart posted by Truthbtold -

“That aired on 10/10/2006. Lisa and her husband Michael flew to Graceland from Hawaii just to open Graceland for a private Oprah tour and gave her what seemed to be complete access to all Elvis' vaulted private collection. It's location is so secret that Lisa Marie would not allow the camera to show us where it was. But Oprah and her crew can know. She lays out a big buffet of Elvis' favorite foods for Oprah. They sit around Elvis' table where nobody but family has eaten since he died. Oprah reveals that it really is true that her grandmother was a Presley.”

Posted by SandyK found on AllForLove Blog–

“Interviews like this, in which family members and people close to him like Lisa Marie, continue to feed into the “drug addict” line, can ultimately affect the trial’s outcome if enough people come to believe that Murray was simply a pawn in Michael’s own addiction and downward spiral. And yes, interviews like this can be entered as evidence, if the defense requests it and the judge grants it!"

Lisa Marie and Oprah Oprah gets the Graceland Tour

Lisa Marie with David Letterman

Lisa Marie on Channeling her father. Part 3 of the Larry King Interview

Lisa Marie laughs toward the end of this when asked if she can feel her father’s spirit. Lisa Marie laughs and says they are getting into controversial territory, then says she doesn’t want to answer.

Oddly enough, someone whom I really don’t consider the epitome of honesty either, emails someone in 2007 about her experiences with Lisa Marie.

Conversations on Lisa Marie, pro and con here – They are also posting links to You tube videos. Source

Far be it from me to trust Karen Faye at this point, after defending the stalkers, but if it were not for Michael saying this himself on the Schmuley tapes (he doesn’t name Lisa Marie, only refers to a woman who is jealous of her own children, and manipulative women). At the source is a copy of an email supposedly sent to someone by Karen Faye in April of 2007. Source

Lady Acquarius, on top of this one, also posted this:

This is regarding my previous posting about what Karen Faye had written in an email about LMP. Unfortunately, this is what happens when Karen Faye gets caught in her own BS stew...

@wingheart Karen, there has been some HATEFUL comments that you've made about LMP going around, can you confirm if you wrote them or not? about 5 hours ago via web

@wingheart Alright, but can you confirm if you wrote this or not? about 4 hours ago via web in reply to wingheart

@wingheart Well, can you confirm it? about 4 hours ago via web in reply to wingheart

@wingheart The hateful comments you've made about LMP have been going around since 2007...it'd be great if you'd finally confirm/deny them.. about 4 hours ago via web in reply to wingheart

@wingheart Yes, but when I read those comments, they just make you look like a huge hypocrite. (no offense) about 4 hours ago via web in reply to wingheart

@wingheart Okay, but is it true that you hated LMP at one point? Going as far as saying "Lisa Marie is a very evil little girl." (excerpt) about 4 hours ago via web in reply to wingheart

@wingheart The excerpts also said MJ was the most miserable man ever when he was married to LMP & she was horrible to him. Is THAT true? about 4 hours ago via web<

@wingheart Oh my goodness, I'd just like a nice yes or no. Not a game at all, why are you becoming so defensive? So, they must be true then? about 4 hours ago via web in reply to wingheart


Karen's responses...

@InfinityFusion I did say things I believed to be true. But once LMP and I spoke & shared info, we came to understand things more clearly about 5 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion

@InfinityFusion no I can't, I have not read what is being passed around. I do not intend to either. I am not interested in this fan game. about 4 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion

@InfinityFusion LMP and I are clear, and that is what is important to me. We have made our peace &through understanding, became close about 4 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion

@InfinityFusion People change when they can open up and see the bigger picture. If you call that hypocritical, I really don't care. about 4 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion<

@InfinityFusion I call it "enlightened" about 4 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion

@InfinityFusion I am a better person now, and so is LMP, because we each have grown and learned. Neither of us is perfect yet ;) about 4 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion

@InfinityFusion what part don't you understand about: I AM NOT GOING TO PLAY YOUR FAN GAME about 4 hours ago via TweetList! in reply to InfinityFusion


These are the links to the screen shots in case that “twitlonger” post disappears. Thank you again Ladyaquarius.

KF about LMP_Oct 24 2010.jpg

Kf about LMP_Oct 24 2010_Pt 2.jpg

Kf about LMP_Oct 24 2010_Pt 3.jpg

Another interview in “Rolling Stone” compliments of Johanna’s link posted by Ladyacquarius. Source

It is important to read the comments on this blog here Michael Jackson Interpreting Lisa Marie because there are some very good links there, discussion on Michael’s licensing of an Elvis song in a Viagra commercial and more. This blog update is now eight Word pages. I have to move and I will not be able to post another blog update probably until we are moved in and that will not be until next week.

I may do a short one on the issue of Branca not paying Katherine Jackson since that was also brought to my attention but my husband’s patience is wearing thin and we are starting to bark at each other. Thank God we can look each other in the face and laugh when we realize what we are doing. I am lucky.

I wish Michael had been. It hurts to know he was not.

Lisa Marie, I honestly do not know what to say to you. I had hoped you were a friend. I had hoped you had loved Michael . . . as much as you could. And I did try lady, but I saw no evidence that you even know what that is, even now with four children. You have spent the majority of your time bashing Michael in the media. In the process you have leveled yourself with the likes of Taraborrelli, Friedman, Sawyer, Bashir and any number of tabloids out there.

Did it make you feel better? Was mocking him during the most painful and frightful time of his life fulfilling of your need for satisfaction? Is it your style to kick someone when they are down and crawling on their knees in the process of getting up?

Know Lisa Marie, that this is ONLY my opinion based on everything I have seen in your interviews and heard come out of your mouth. I was once your ally, but my opinion of you has crashed completely through the floor.

I don’t expect you to pay any attention or care about what I think. After all, you cared not how one of the most giving, gracious and loving men I have ever studied thought about your actions, why should you care about mine?

A tip for you . . . free. Michael sold records because he didn’t have to go on talk shows, bashing ex-spouses for attention. Michael sold records because people love him. People LOVE him because his actions spoke much louder than his words. It’s the heart that comes through and yours my friend, needs a lot of work. I tried finding heart in you. I wanted you to have been a good person. I wanted for ONCE to know that someone loved Michael back. Unfortunately for Michael, it wasn’t you.

I am glad this is the last blog for a while because this one about killed me. When the truth comes out . . . if it ever does in my lifetime, I hope Michael’s children never have to hear the things Lisa Marie said about their father. And I hope Lisa Marie’s children never hear it either, since they seemed to adore him as much as Michael’s fans.

Karin said:

They met at Brett Livingstone's house - he introduced them. I'm attaching a source: 1993-1999-lisa-marie-presley

and it's a good read but I have read Brett's side of the story before and he went as far as stating that she pursued Michael vigorously. This flies in the face of all of her claims that he manipulated her into the relationship. She wanted Michael and this was at a time when Michael was only her career mentor. Read the part of this blog that starts with: "November 1992, They met at Brett Livingstone's house; Excerpt from Child Bride by Suzanne Finstad".