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Charles Thomson:

Evan Chandler is finally brought to justice, by Charles Thomson

Charles Thomson is a rare journalist who speaks the truth about Michael Jackson and stands out of all the usual dirt and lies told by the media. In a succinct article this UK journalist puts together the main facts on the Chandler 1993 case and the common bias accompanying it. This excellent piece deserves an honorable place in our MJ vindication memorabilia:
Chandler suicide highlights media bias against Jackson

Charles speaks about the myths around the 1993 case and the character assassination of Michael Jackson done on a scale we´ve never seen before: Part 1

About race issues and the Arvizo trial which “would be hilarious if it weren´t that tragic” and about two thousand journalists who were covering the trial while they were not even in the courtroom: Part 2

About humiliation of the media on hearing the non-guilty verdict in 2005 and the phenomenal sums spent by the prosecution on investigation of Michael Jackson´s case. And about Tom Mesereau, Jackson´s lawyer, who said that “the police force spent more money and put more resources into trying to convict Michael Jackson than have ever been put into catching any serial killer”: Part 3

About the publishers who wouldn´t publish anything postive about Michael Jackson even from a best-selling writer like Aphrodite Jones and a book deal offered to Tom Mesereau by every major publishing agency for saying something nasty about Michael Jackson (only to be retracted when he refused to do so). Also on how good an autobiography can be if it is written in 2 weeks only: Part 4

About the positive response to his Huffington Post article from the general public which is a clear message to the media on what people want from it but don´t get. And about militant Jackson detractors who put themselves all over the Internet to discredit anything which is pro-Jackson (´what went so tragically wrong in their lives that they´ve got nothing better to be doing with their time?´): Part 5

About speculations that James Brown´s body has been moved and the lazy media who don´t do their basic fact-checking: Part 6

FBI files support Jackson's innocence; Media reports otherwise


The Footage You Were Never Meant to See:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Michael Jackson´s Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones

Michael Jackson: The Shocking truth in the FBI files - January 13, 2010

Michael Jackson: his lead guitarist Jennifer Batten gives a rare insight - March 5, 2010

Michael Jackson´s “This is it” principal dancer recalls Michael´s last days - March 13, 2010

Michael Jackson´s Skin: You need to SEE the truth

Reflections on the Dance

A million trees for Michael

Dancing the Dream

Fans Comments on the Open/Letter Project

Inner Michael - Barbara Kaufmann´s blog site

Tina Doelitzsch's blog site

Vindication for Michael Jackson

The Silent Truth about Michael Jackson

Article written by Rabbi Michael Sternfield from Chicago Sinai Congregation about Michael Jackson'´s '“rabbi” - September 19, 2009

Boycott the "“The Michael Jackson Tapes"” book

Matt Semino: CELEBRITY SCALES Michael Jackson, the Wounded Messenger: Star Studded Legal Commentary for the Celebrity Obsessed

Interview with Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle - July 08, 2009

Was Michael Jackson Framed? by Mary A. Fischer GQ magazine

What is Tabloid Television?

THE CORRUPT HISTORY of District Attorney TOM SNEDDON by Aphrodite Jones

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

Drawings created by Michael Jackson

Nate Giorgio, extraordinary painter who has been Michael´s personal artist

Lisa Marie Presley blog

Michael Jackson: Always In Our Hearts, Forever

L´actualite vue par Carma sur

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