Letter from a fan

Michael's MESSAGE is so simple....L.O.V.E.!!! HEAL THE WORLD!!! Respect and protect the planet, the life, the children and each other!!! Although he was mocked, humiliated and deeply injured by many people, he NEVER LOST HIS FAITH IN PEOPLE AND IN THE STRENGTH OF LOVE. Michael, taught us, through his example, to dare to smile and dream, to hope, believe and fight for a better tomorrow. He also taught us to never give up the fight, even if many problems and difficulties appear in our way. He taught us the importance to be optimist and strong, he taught us to keep the faith, self motivate, have self confidence and self esteem. He reminded us over and over again to put our hand out and indicate through our acts to the people, to the children all over the world (who are the future of the mankind), to our neighbours and mother earth, that we love them and care for them, because just offering and sending our love have the power to heal. He also explained to us that If we want to find a solution to the problems of our society, we have to stop pretending we cannot see, we have to lay down the fear, the hating and the prejudice, we have to take a stand and do all we can in order to change our world and save our home (planet Earth) and consequently our lives, before it's too late.

He helped us realize that a change can only come when we stand together and raise our force and voice as one. Pretending that someone, somewhere will soon make a change and waiting from the others and the government t? do something to heal the world, it's not a solution. Everyone has the DUTY to contribute, in his small way, to our world so as it can be healed and changed. As he said in his songs: "we are the world", "cry", "man in the mirror" and "in our small way", maybe you and I can't do great things by ourselves and can't change the world in one day, but everyone must make a change starting first of all with himself, with the person in the mirror. There's nothing that can't be done If we are united, respect each other, protect and help our fellow human beings regardless of age and racial, religious, social and every kind of discriminations, because we are one, we are brothers in the big global family of God and that's why we have to live together with LOVE and PEACE.

As he had been victim of the media's exploitation and slander, he advised us innumerable times to be suspicious, skeptical and have critical thought, when we listen to the news foisted to us as true by the media, because just the fact that we read something in a news paper or see it on the TV screen, don't make it actual and real. On the contrary most often behind the tabloid's lies and behind the half truths, the twisted facts and the sensationalism of the media, there are the hidden purposes, interests and agenda of those who are controlling them.

In other words Michael gave us valuable life lessons, as he taught us through his music, his songs and especially through his life, his example and his acts of kindness how to become better people thanks to the power of LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, DREAM, FREEDOM and WORLD PEACE. LET'S MAKE HIS DREAM COME TRUE. LET'S DO IT FOR HIM, FOR US, FOR THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!!!