Is Klein Preparing For A Possible Defense?

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Something is up with Arnie Klein, and has been for a while. I´ll share with you all some information that was passed on to me by a reader, here, Kathy, and let you draw your own conclusions. I´ll insert my own comments (in boldface) where info either needs to be clarified or updated (since some of this is from several months ago) and afterwards.

Suzy says: (Apparently this was a comment made by a reader to an article about Klein):

August 25th, 2009 at 10:16 pm
I have always had the feeling Klein is the major player in this, not Murray. Don´t get me wrong Murray has to be punished. But he was there only for the last month of Michael´s life and his drug prublems didn´t start there. However Klein was there for the last 20-25 years. I have the feeling he is also responsible for messing up Michael´s face (although he claims he was trying to “rebuild” it, of course he would say that). Anything for the money.

Klein became suspect to me already when he and his friends came out with all these messy stories about Michael in the tabloids. First Klein himself suggesting this BS about him being the bio father of Michael´s kids. Then he even issued a statement in which he voiced his concern about the kids and said he would like to stay in touch with them and emphasized how they have spent holidays together and how he loved those kids. That was a strange statment. If he is genuinely concerned for the kids, why to make a public statment about it? My suspicion was that the reason why issued that statment was that it was part of his defence that he is already planning. We have all seen the photos about Klein and his friends (who BTW were also his employees) spending Christmas and holidays together with Michael. To me it´s a bit odd why would somebody spend his holidays with his doctor and his employees? IMO before Murray there was Klein. He and his employees were there to supply him with drugs.

One of those guys, Jason Pfeiffer, who is the CEO of Klein´s medical center came out recently with another tabloid story claiming he was Michael´s “gay lover” for his last year or so.

My suspicion is that these guys are simply planning their defence. They certainly will be asked about why they spent so much time with Michael, why Michael made so many visits to Klein´s medical center and so on. So Klein´s defense will be that they were “very close friends”, or that he even believed (even if it´s not true, he can say he believed so) that he was the father of the kids. (Klein basically helped to kill him, what a friend!) And Pfeiffer´s defence will be that they were “lovers”.

And there was another tabloid story by one of Klein´s ex-gay-lovers who made the claim Michael´s balls were destroyed when he was a teenager by his father who kicked him sterile. Interestingly this claim was made at the time when Klein was making hints about him being the father….
The Mystery Woman Who Ratted Out Jackson´s Doc

As of this week, Arnie Klein has, I´m sure, destroyed any chance he EVER had of getting anywhere within 100 feet of those kids! So I definitely do not buy that he has any concern for the kids. Also, we know for sure that Klein and his friends have lied about Michael before. It is evidenced in the above quote. It was one of Klein´s ex-gay lovers who made the claim that Michael was sterile and “his balls destroyed” after being kicked by Joseph. That statement was made before the official autopsy report,which has since discredited this rumor. Michael was completely intact and producing sperm. If these people will lie about one fact, how are they to be trusted with anything?

The truth is, Klein has been linked to the Michael Jackson death investigation from the get-go. And his office has been the subject of scrutiny and investigation for some time.

Now, I will admit that before all of this, I never really thought anything suspicious about the inordinate amount of time Klein spent with Michael. Sure, it was not your typical doctor-patient relationship. But I just figured, hey, after knowing each other all these years (over 25 years, in fact) and with Michael even having married his assistant and having kids by her, that they simply had a familial bond. I still think that was part of it. But for some reason, Klein seems to have a very guilty conscience about something. I believe he knows that he is going to end up implicated in the death investigation before it´s all over. By saying that Michael and Jason were lovers, it gives him a convenient alibi.

Here’s more:

Second Pharmacy Raided In Jackson Probe

Authorities investigating MICHAEL JACKSON´s death have raided a Beverly Hills pharmacy located in the same building as the offices of his dermatologist DR. ARNOLD KLEIN.

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) served a warrant to search the Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill on Friday (21Aug09) to investigate if prescription pills were improperly dispensed, according to a spokesperson.

The search of the premises lasted five hours before agents left with one box of medical records

Second Pharmacy Raided In Jackson Probe

Authorities investigating MICHAEL JACKSON’s death have raided a Beverly Hills pharmacy located in the same building as the offices of his dermatologist DR. ARNOLD KLEIN.

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) served a warrant to search the Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill on Friday (21Aug09) to investigate if prescription pills were improperly dispensed, according to a spokesperson.

The search of the premises lasted five hours before agents left with one box of medical records
Michael Jackson - Second Pharmacy Raided In Jackson Probe


Michael Jackson´s “supposed” gay lover: he was saying goodbyes the week before passing
Talk Entertainment — 22nd Aug 2009

A chubby clinic worker, Jason Pfeiffer, 35, who works for Jacko´s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, said they shared “a short romantic love story that ended in tragedy”. “He completely changed in the final two weeks. Michael was overly religious, overly dramatic, exhausting and exhausted. He was saying goodbyes the week before passing. Everyone was creeped out by it.

MJ ´gay lover´: I lost a soulmate. - The Sun - 08/22/2009


Cops Descend on Dr. Klein´s Block
Posted Aug 28th 2009 11:00AM by TMZ Staff

It looked like a major development in Michael Jackson´s death … A few minutes ago, a Beverly Hills Crime Lab truck pulls up near Dr. Arnold Klein´s building. A short time later, a Beverly Hills patrol car arrives.

We´re told when agents raided Dr. Murray´s Houston storage unit, they specifically asked the manager if she knew “Stacey” and whether she was a manager at Dr. Murray´s office.

It was just reported on Headline News, the Nancy Grace show that the faxes found in Murray´s office from Stacey Howe have been linked back to Dr. Arnold Klein. Stacey Howe is Dr. Klein´s office manager back in LA.

Dr. Arnold Klein | TMZ.comdr. arnold klein. We got hold of the affidavit for the search warrant that allowed the DEA to raid Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills — the pharmacy Dr. … – Cached


Michael Jackson´s Doc — Ex-Employee Dies
Posted Dec 30th 2009 12:50PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Dr. Arnold Klein, who treated Michael Jackson for decades, had an office employee who just died … an employee who had a history of drug abuse, even while working for Dr. Klein.

Bruce Ayers, who worked for three years as Dr. Klein´s research assistant and confidant, was found dead on a sidewalk on December 18 in Los Angeles.

Dr. Klein tells TMZ he fired the 44-year-old Ayers in February, after learning Ayers was allegedly stealing drugs and money from Klein´s office.

We´re told Dr. Klein stored certain drugs at a pharmacy he used to fill prescriptions for patients. When the drugs would expire, there was a protocol for destroying them. But Klein says Ayers would go to the pharmacy and get expired Demerol for his own use — and the pharmacy gave it to him. Klein says the pharmacy violated protocol.

We´re told Dr. Klein knew Ayers was a drug addict when he hired him but at the time Ayers was on the wagon. Klein says it became painfully obvious at the beginning of 2009 that Ayers´ drug problem had resurfaced. Several members of Klein´s staff told the Dr. they would quit unless he fired Ayers.

And, we´re told, after Ayers was fired, Klein´s staff realized 100 Percocet pills were missing.


Here is about Klein getting busted for selling drugs in residency.

Shelley told them separately that Klein’s residency had been terminated because he had sold prescription meds to other students. The Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, Shelley told them, agreed not to turn the information over to local authorities in return for Klein leaving the school.
The Daily Beast´s Gerald Posner has learned.

One thing´s for sure: Klein has a shady past, and has proven that he´s not above doing some very underhanded things. He has also allowed his employees and acquaintances to lie about Michael in the past. And he has also contradicted himself numerous times, first of all by saying he was the biological father of Prince and Paris, then saying months later that he didn´t know.

Just watch. In a few weeks to a few months, he won´t know anything about Michael and Jason, either. He´ll weasel out, backpedal, and leave Jason to fend for himself. I guarantee it.

As for all the death threats they claim to be getting, I do not under any circumstances condone violence against anyone. However, you can´t tell me they weren´t aware of the reaction they would get. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples who give all Michael Jackson fans a bad name. But I can understand the frustration. We´ve simply had enough. And most are asking the same question: What the heck is the POINT of all of this? What purpose is it serving?

I also read an interesting comment where someone said how do we know these people weren´t purposely and intentionally keeping Michael in an incapacited state, for their own benefit? Granted, I don´t believe for a minute that Michael was some spaced-out drug addict incapable of his own free will. I think he always knew exactly what was going on, even if albeit he made some bad choices along the way. But I do believe he was surrounded by enablers who took advantage of him-I´ve always believed that. Michael himself admitted there were times when he was incapacitated and made decisions (even signed papers) that he knew, looking back, were not in his best interests. Watch what he says here, when being grilled by an interviewer about signing a document he doesn´t recall even signing:

Unfortunately, Michael was always surrounded by too many vultures in his life, and I’m coming to the conclusion that Klein was one of the worst. I think this guy milked Michael for every penny he could get out of him when he was alive (and possibly took advantage of him in other ways as well) and now that he looks to be in hot water, is continuing the damage by slandering him in death.

So, is it possible that the “gay lover” story is a made-up alibi to cover Klein’s ass in the event of a far more damning and damaging charge in the future? I don’t know for sure. But I certainly wouldn’t be too quick to rule it out.

.........Klein is too deeply and too suspiciously embedded in the circumstances of Michael’s death, and I think he knows it.

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