Time flies when you´re living off of Michael Jackson´s money

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Michael Jackson with Jordan Chandler, his half sister Lily and mother June (whom, by judging by her testimony during the 2003 trial, seemed to be someone he liked. Of course, she failed in her attempt in try and make it seem like he was interested in her son, but that´s for another entry altogether…).

Chandler (left) is seen here next to Brett Barnes. I had no idea they knew each other/hanged out. I think its logical that they would friends. I wonder now, how did had Brett felt during the 1993 hoopla? I know he, Wade [Robson], Macaulay [Culkin] and them were testifying (not in court obviously) among other children that nothing happened, I remember watching that particular video and I’ll never forget it.

Some 10 years later, we have the same exact thing going on, with all three maintaining their defense, all grown men now. Its an amazing sight to see. Its unexplainable, I can’t put it into words. Deja Vu maybe? All the same people involved coming back out of their personal lives to defend the man again. I remember watching [aforementioned] it.

                           Chandler with a fan allegedly.


I do feel sorry for Jordie and to a much much much lesser extent, Gavin [Arvizo] … Still, neither one of them stood up and speak the truth and said THIS IS WRONG. As we all know, he was 13 yrs old in 1993. It’s 2010 now,which makes him 30 years old. Chandler is a grown man now, capable of thorough thought. Still, there is potential sympathy I have for him somewhere in my system. Even though I could argue I did not like what “he” did, I really think he was brainwashed by his father — the recent filing of abuse from his father [Evan] further proves this. Even before this, being drugged to believe he was molested, providing pictures of his son to a stranger who wrote a fictional telling of his “Diaries” (which was eventually banned, thankfully) speaking about Jackson as his lover!

What sort of act from God will it take for someone to just fess up already? They’ve got nothing to lose. But if they choose to live with a guilty conscience knowing in their mind they put an innocent man through turmoil and permanent public scrutiny that will remain for the rest of his life and as how he will be remembered, more power to them. That is something he will have to live with.

Now, to play devil’s advocate.

If he did speak up, he himself would get into a lot of trouble. For one, all that money he received and spent on for the past decade? Imagine how long would it take to undo all that, for one. I guess he may feel like, why bother? Its too messy. Who knows? The general public already made up their minds anyway. You know how they’d respond if he actually ever went on national television and explained everything. To hear him say that Michael Jackson never molested him may have done wonders for Michael’s heart, to tell all those detractors that “THE BOY” in 1993 said MJ never touched him. A lot of the hate mongers harp on that still…


At the World Music Awards with sister Lily (curly head with the glasses) and his mother June (in white blazar). I wonder where the hell was she was at during all of this? Curious to how she looks like now. How shes doing? Did Evan try to murder her too? Well, at least the money hungry gene didn’t pass on to their children right? Apparently she hasn’t seen her son in 11 years, and neither has his uncle apparently. Something like that.

Evan clearly has some issues (him being Jewish, I’d make a Jew joke, but I’m bigger than that … and it defeats the purpose of this discussion). Never saw a clear picture of June until now. I knew she was Black and Asian [Chinese, or Philippa]. Just one of the many facts people don’t even know about (ironically, its the cocky ones who think they know it all). People keep portraying ‘the boy’ as a white, blond hair and blue eyed child. Nonsense.



It seems like he is living a happy life, God bless him. Well I mean, without his father trying to kill him. I wish all the best for him then?



   His girlfriend, apparently. Good luck to you sir.