A Modern Day Public Stoning - By Micheline James

A Modern Day Public Stoning

By Micheline James

Michael's "friends" were nowhere to be found when he found himself so alone,..and INNOCENT! Feeling the incredible love and adulation coming from just one audience is something we have seen hundreds of times. This kind of affection is not bestowed on someone who deserved to be shunned by society. Michael was the most beautiful human being in the world, and the vulgar and psychotic media machine knew it all along.

The dredges and scum of Hollywood have many friends. It's easier for society and the media to embrace a lower standard of behavior than to embrace the level of Michael's greatness. It's a form of "reverse projection" by painting Michael as sinister, when in reality those who judged him did so from a very dark place in their own psyche. We witnessed the most horrific example of what the politics of personal destruction can do do a precious life. To have lost the greatest ambassador of global love and healing to this kind of pornographic feeding frenzy is beyond comprehension. Yes, what the media did to Michael was journalistic pornography!

Michael's beautiful soul held up the ultimate mirror to society, and the souls looking into that mirror have a lot to answer for. I have people telling me that I need to move on from Michael's death. But his death alone is not where this agony comes from. It's the agony of not being able to right the horrible wrong that human nature played in taking his life. In death you can't stop nature from taking its natural course. But "human nature" in modern "civilized" society is conscious and voluntary - and in that regard, Michael's death could have been avoided. His was a death by "stoning" of another kind. I cannot move on from this knowing our sweet angel will never see another sunrise or sunset. If there is a letter still left inside me to write, I will write it...for as long as it takes.