When Michael Jacson was alive, media didnt allow him peace

By Joginder Tuteja

Michael Jackson's magic was such that every film maker from present or a generation earlier was inspired by his work. While making films, they have at least once been inspired by the genius' work and incorporated a move or two of his in their songs.

They come together to mourn the loss the King who has left a vast repertoire of work behind him that would be remembered forever.

Madhur Bhandarkar - When he was alive, media hounded him day in and night out and didn't allow him peace. There were issues being raised all over and his life was miserable. Today, we all are collectively praying for his soul to rest in peace. Isn't that ironical? We have grown on his music. Who can forget his contribution over such a long period of time? He has truly been an iconic figure.

Sujoy Ghosh - In the 80s, I have actually seen normal people on the streets trying to moon walk. Now in 2009, I have a 'moon walk' in my film. Post Presley, Michael Jackson was and is the only icon.

Vivek Agnihotri - For my generation, we haven't warmed up to anyone else but Jackson who moon walked. No one influenced us more than him. I have been to his concert and I must admit, I have never experienced anything more ecstatic than that. Nothing and no one can beat it. A phenomenon ended on 25th June.

Milan Luthria - Legend and tragedy often go hand in hand.

Kunal Shivdasani - Michael Jackson is a legend and legends are never 'no more'. They are for eternity and anyone who thinks otherwise can just BEAT IT!

Raksha Mistry - We lost one of the most original icons of this century. He was truly one of the pioneers for blacks in the music industry.

Sangeeth Sivan - Michael Jackson's demise means the end of an ultimate performer!

Louis Wilson - Michael Jackson - The guy who recorded songs on hearts and not on tapes!

Anurag Basu - People of my generation have grown up on his music. Who can forget 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller' and so many other blockbusters that he gave? In fact I remember how around a year back, in October 2008, he happened to come to the place where we were shooting for 'Kites' in USA.

He was there for some work of his own but when he got to know that a film from India was being shot there, he became curious. Hrithik and he also chatted for a while there was a mini mayhem as my crew went berserk with his presence. Such is the power of the man!

Suparn Verma - The King is dead. Long live the King. My generation has grown up to the music of the genius. He was a true showman. I was lucky enough to watch him perform LIVE in concert. It was such a spectacle whose memory I will take to my grave. He had mastered his craft and his genius will live on for decades through his work. Michael, thank you for the music!

Vivek Sharma - He was the real immortal King of music. He taught us entertainment in the form of stage shows and videos. He will always exist in us. I saw his show in Mumbai and I am proud of the fact that I stood in queue for him for five hours! He will always remain our hearts forever!

Anubhav Sinha - It's a gamut of such varied emotions that I am feeling right now. Such people never die. They live on forever. He was a unique form of art that has abruptly ended.

Rohit Jugraj - I was really shocked and pained by Michael Jackson's sudden death. It felt as if an era has come to an end. He was a true superstar if there ever was one. May God bless him! And may God bless this world.

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