Making up for the wrongs done, by Helena from

 Vindicating Michael Jackson

After reading and watching whatever there is to read and watch about Michael I fully side with those who think him to be a completely innocent man. But let me say it point blank — even those who don´t believe those crazy stories about him still seem to be a little uneasy about why he would take anyone into his bed.

WHY would he?

Let me word the question in a slightly different way — and why does everyone think it was HIM who took those children into his bed? Why do they rule out the possibility of THEM pleading with Michael for a unique opportunity to stay somewhere around him and crawl into his bed whenever there was a chance — while he (as he always said in his interviews) slept on the floor in the same room?

For many Michael´s fans it would be their most cherished dream come true if they were allowed to stay beside their idol day and night — remember that those boys and girls were his die-hard FANS, who were head over heals in love with their man. Just imagine your own shrill at the opportunity of staying beside someone you adore, let us say Marilyn Monroe or Brad Pitt…

Knowing that Michael allowed the children who came to his ranch — many of whom were gravely or terminally ill — to do whatever they liked there, it is easy to imagine all the nagging, wailing and pleading he must have constantly faced from them: ´Oh, Michael, please!´ Let us stay another hour, pleeeease! It is so much fun! Why can´t we?´ The kind and gentle guy, who often admitted he couldn´t say ´no´ to anyone, surely didn´t have the heart to refuse them. Being a pure and innocent soul and a true believer in God he really didn´t see any harm in those camp-like parties and sharing his stately quarters with others in such a youth-hostel manner. When someone is really innocent it does not even enter his mind to think of something foul— the way it is usual with us and our crooked and dirty minds…

Children know someone´s heart much better than the grown-ups and it was no wonder that they followed Michael in crowds everywhere he went. Lisa Maria Presley complained that children crawled into every corner of their house and would not leave him alone even if he went to the bathroom. I don´t doubt her word at all — firstly she is not that kind of a woman and secondly I remember Michael´s concerts and what was going on there with the audience. ADULT audience by the way…

I´ve read that Michael changed his mind about cancelling a concert in Moscow and agreed to give a show in the pouring rain because of a small blind girl who had taken great pains to draw his portrait and begged him to sign it before the concert. And Michael just couldn´t say no to a child — especially if the child was handicapped or ill (as was the case with his last accuser). Can you imagine him shutting the door in the face of a sick child pleading for his help? I can´t…And what if it is the child´s dying wish?

The impact of Michael´s innocence and purity, and the true admiration for him on the part of the others were of such a scale and magnitude that the parents of those children actually gave their permission for the ´sleepovers´ and sometimes took part in the event too. OK, so now that we see that there was absolutely no way to cope with the problem for any of the sides another question arises — could Michael take advantage of all the adulation and use it for some of his mean purposes?

Despite all the pressure from the prosecutor and the media there were absolutely no facts to prove those child molestation suspicions — if a single bit of fact had been found Michael would never have been acquitted — so the outcome of the court hearings is naturally a point in favour of Michael.

But as some people seem to have no respect for the factual side of things or hold no belief in the American judicial system we´ll have to look into the problem on the basis of what was said only — and this brings us to MICHAEL´S WORD against THE WORD OF HIS ACCUSERS. To make this equation more accurate we´ll have to deduct from the accusers´ part the fact that hundreds of children refuted all allegations against Michael and never gave their testimonies against him. Or should we rather add this point to Michael´s part of the equation instead?

Now that we no longer have a chance to listen to Michael´s side of the story, the only thing we can really do is listen to the lyrics of his songs, his speeches and numerous poems as well as some of his reflections put down on paper on various issues and occasions. This is quite a big legacy and any scholar studying these materials will tell you that a thinker or writer with such a wealth of ´testimonials´ left behind him must surely have dropped here and there an unwitting mark of his innermost self which was intentionally hidden from the public eye (or unintentionally closed even from himself).

You can always find these signs either between the lines of someone´s writings or in a much straighter way like we see it in Nabokov´s ´Lolita´ (stating flatly an old man´s desire for a 12 year-old girl) or Shakespeare´s sonnets which are simply embarrassing to read as they reveal the author´s clear passion not only for a woman but a man too…

However after reading as much as I´ve read of Michael´s lyrics and his other written ´evidence´ since the moment he died (I wasn´t a fan of Michael Jackson before that) I can testify on the Bible now that there is not a single line in his works that can give rise to a slightest suspicion.

No, it is just the other way round. The more you read of him, the surer the terrible guess is — he was completely INNOCENT… to an extent we can´t even imagine…. What a shame on all our heads… it´s almost like some 2000 years ago with that old story repeating itself… Nothing learned, nothing changed…. how could we… is there a way we can ever make up for that?

The guess of an awful MISTAKE made turned with me into a clear conviction after reading Michael´s speech at Oxford University which made me burst into a never-ending torrent of bitter and guilty tears: Oxford University speech March 2001, by Michael Jackson

His graceful essay on the true faith in God and the miraculous role of children in their parents´ lives was no better in terms of tears and covering my head with dust: Dec. 07, 2000: My Childhood, My Sabbath, My Freedom…

What an incredible surprise it was to find a pure and noble soul and a deep thinker armored with phenomenal wisdom, infinite kindness and an almost divine spirit in a man you used to think to be a dancer and singer only! And whom you once suspected of unspeakable crimes too…

What an astonishment it was to see such a powerful nucleus in this soft-spoken man whose words of love and forgiveness were capable of creating an almost instant miracle over a 55-year-old like you!

What a shock and anger it was to realize that this beautiful person had to die for us to finally realize how shamelessly we had been fooled all this time by the unscrupulous somebody who didn´t give a damn for what they were doing to a completely innocent man! Crucifying him for some 15 years so that we could have a good laugh while drinking your morning coffee….and never taking the trouble to really find out what they were talking about… What a SHAME…. what an unspeakable shame….

There are so many lies around us that we risk never be able to learn the real truth unless we reach out for it ourselves and find it by peeling off bias after bias, using our own brains (and not someone else´s). And by listening to what our heart tells us when the brain completely fails us. Actually this is what Michael was always saying — listen to what your heart tells you before ever trying to pass judgment.

One day each of us will stand before God and answer for what we have or haven´t done in our lives. Before that moment comes we should try and make up for the wrongs we´ve done.

And this is the only reason for this blog.