PHANTOM ´VICTIMS´ of Michael Jackson

  by Helena on

June 21, 2010


NOVEMBER 19, 2003. The PRESS CONFERENCE of County District Sheriff Tom Sneddon and County Sheriff Jim Anderson.

Short information about the press-conference first: Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Anderson says there that an arrest warrant for Mr. Jackson has been issued on multiple counts of child molestation. The previous day approximately 70 investigators raided Neverland ranch from 8:30 in the morning to 11:00 p.m. The bail amount on the warrant has been set at $3million dollars. Mr. Jackson is given an opportunity to surrender himself to the custody of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department within a specified period of time.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Thomas Sneddon compares the present case with the 1993 one and says there is a big difference between the two: “Number one, it is different because the law in California has changed, and it was changed specifically because of the 1993-94 Michael Jackson investigation. The law in California at that time provided that a child victim could not be forced to testify in a child molest proceeding without their permission and consent and cooperation. As a result of the Michael Jackson case, the legislature changed that law, and that is no longer the law in California”.

“Secondly, as you all know, or most of you know, either from being involved, or knowing about that investigation, there were never any charges brought in that investigation. No warrant issued” (I am quoting it just in case someone forgot that Michael was never charged in 1993).

So Michael Jackson was arrested on November 20, 2003 but there were still no charges brought against him. Despite the arrest the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services made an official conclusion on November 26, 2003, that the accusations made by the Arvizo family were ‘unfounded’. The official memo issued by DCFS was based on their 2-week long probe conducted jointly by the DCFS and the police in February the same year and quoted the mother saying that Michael was ‘like a father to the children’, that ‘none of them ever shared a bed’ with him (he always slept on the floor) and the sister had ‘never seen anything inappropriate’ between the brothers and the entertainer.

The Smoking Gun says: ” The joint probe by DCFS and the Los Angeles Police Department ran from February 14-27 and, the memo states, the “investigation by the Sensitive Case Unit concluded the allegations of neglect and sexual abuse to be unfounded both by the LAPD-Wilshire Division and the Department.”

“When an investigation is closed, child welfare officials can summarize their findings in one of three ways. If evidence is found to support abuse charges, the case is marked “substantiated.” A case is termed “not substantiated” when evidence discovered is not sufficient to support allegations (though the charges may, in fact, be true). Finally, a matter is branded “unfounded” when officials determine there is no merit to the allegations.”

The full story about the Department of Children & Family Services: The smoking gun

Tom Sneddon confirms at the November 19, 2003 conference that there are still no charges: “There is a warrant outstanding and I can assure you that within a very short period of time, there will be charges filed against Mr. Jackson. Multiple counts. That’s different” (from the 1993 case).

The press conference is magnificent in many ways: it has been put off for several weeks to fit the time of the release of Michael’s new album because “of all the visitors who had come up here for the Halloween”, Tom Sneddon is in a great mood, making jokes about Michael, and finally says there could be other possible victims. Sheriff Jim Andersons invites all the people to participate: “…we would encourage the public to come forward if they have any information whatsoever that would lead us to believe there are other victims in the community…to contact us so that we can follow up on that information”.

Now that the ‘victims’ are encouraged to come in and the public is invited to take part in the witch hunt, let’s see if anyone has heard the trumpet call.


On November 25, 2003 LARRY KING interviews Velez-Mitchell who says that Michael Jackson has already been “booked, fingerprinted, arrested and released on bail” and Nancy Grace of Court TV who says “I found it peculiar when I first heard of it, but after we learned that the sheriff had issued a public statement asking any potential victims to come forward, it’s my understanding there are report they have received many, may dozens of phone calls. Are they legitimate, don’t know. But I think the district attorney and the sheriff have to filter through them and determine if there are any other charges that should be coupled with this young boy”.

So Tom Sneddon is desperately in need of self-declared victims to support his flimsy Arvizo case and is waiting for the public to help the prosecution


Here we go with the first one. Among those ‘dozens’ of callers mentioned by Nancy Grace there was surely a certain Terry George, a British businessman, who owns a telephone sex company.

Our correspondent Suzy says about him: “I remember Terry George, selling a story to the British Tabloids. He claimed Michael forced him to “phone sex” when he was 13 and Michael was 19. How do you force somebody to phone sex? Anyway, the guy was an obsessed fan, IMO. There are photos of the two posing like MJ would pose with any fan. On that the guy looks about 17-18 and Michael is about 23-24.

Terry told the tabloids that after this MJ rejected him and he was trying to get to him in hotels or wherever he was but he just cut him off. Now, the twist is that Terry is gay man and IMO this is exactly the reason why Michael cut him off! Not that he had a problem with gay people, but I think this guy was trying to make moves on him and Michael was disturbed by it, because he was not gay.

“Funny”, how Mr Terry George only remembered this “molestation story” and sold it to tabloids after the Chandler case broke. Another twist to the story is that he owns a phone sex company….. And “funny” how despite of being “molested” by Michael as a boy he was running after him all around the world trying to get to his hotels when he was 17-18. Of course, tabloids pay cash for stories like this”.

Following Suzy I decided to look up Terry George and found his website where he claims he was summoned to the 2005 trial as a witness for the prosecution. However even the link itself disproves his own story as it adds WRONG at the very end of the claim: Terry George, 40, will appear at Jackson's trial; (WRONG!) .

Well, it seems that Tom Sneddon wasn’t terribly happy with this witness - the joyous guy practically imposed himself as a molestation victim on the prosecution side but the chief prosecutor was still not impressed or interested… By the way this Terry George was the one mentioned in the FBI files (there was nothing but a newspaper cut about him there and no further action was taken by the FBI ). Judging by Terry’s later professional interests I wonder which of the two young men wanted to rape the other over the telephone back in the 70s… no wonder Michael avoided him like plague after that…


In mid-April 2004 the allegations were made by Daniel Kapon. It was the very midst of the investigation, so the timing of this law-suit against Michael Jackson is telling half the story (the press reported the case in June 2004). This is what our correspondent DAVID says about the guy: “On June 1st, 2004, Daniel Kapon sold a videotaped story of where he said he was “molested” by MJ from ages 3 to 9 years old to British Tabloid “News Of The World” for $500k. In addition to molestation, he also accused Jackson of forcing him to “take drugs and drink alcohol”, as well as making him undergo “cosmetic surgery”, and falsely “imprisoning” him.

And, (worst of all!) Kapon goes on to allege Jackson plagiarized him, stealing song ideas from him for 10 years from 1987 to 1997. At age 9, he all of a sudden “forgot” about his 6 years of molestations and plastic surgeries, only to have the repressed memories “recovered” under the treatment of notorious MJ hater Carole LIE-berman. Kapon also hired – you guessed it! – Gloria Allred to represent him in a CIVIL TRIAL! Lieberman reported it to the cops, as she’s required to do by law, and of course they completely dismissed this baseless claim!

But what’s really disturbing about this is the fact that his false claims were ENABLED and ENCOURAGED by Carole Lieberman and Gloria Allred! These two money hungry, attention loving quacks would have immediately dismissed such baseless claims if they were thrown at anyone else other than MJ”.

Interesting. Let’s have a closer look at this guy:

Daniel Kapon Sold Half-Hour Taped Account Of Abuse To U.K. Tabloid

By Jennifer Vineyard

“Michael Jackson and his camp are dismissing as “malicious” and “false” claims by an 18-year-old man who has sold his story of abuse to a British tabloid.

News of the World
purchased Daniel Kapon’s half-hour videotape, on which he alleges Jackson had drugged, molested and videotaped him during trips to the Jackson family home in Encino, California, as well as at Neverland Ranch. Kapon claims the abuse started when he was 3 and continued for six years. A Jackson spokesperson said the tape was being offered for nearly a half a million dollars when it first surfaced a month and a half ago.

“This appears to be a malicious attempt to undermine Mr. Jackson’s right to a fair hearing on the charges presently pending,” Jackson’s lawyers said in a statement. “We have to question the timing and purpose of this false allegation being raised at this time. We believe that this smear campaign is driven by money-hungry lawyers seeking to capitalize on Mr. Jackson’s current legal situation.”

Kapon claims his allegations were prompted by a repressed memory that was recovered while under a psychiatrist’s care. That psychiatrist is said to be Dr. Carole Lieberman, and Kapon’s lawyer is said to be Gloria Allred. Lieberman and Allred previously filed complaints against Jackson with the Department of Children and Family Services following his infamous baby-dangling incident (see “Michael Jackson Tells Attorney To ‘Go To Hell’ “). Lieberman declined to comment, and Allred was unavailable for comment”.

Another source, “THE THAINDIAN NEWS portal” reported in January 2008 a different version of the molestation period (now extended from 6 years to 12 years) as Kapon claimed that “Jackson started molesting him when he was 2 years old and sexually assaulted him up to the age of 14?. Jackson “forced him into drugs and alcohol and subjected him to unnecessary cosmetic surgery, burned, tortured and beating”. Kapon also accused the 49-year-old singer of stealing his song ideas”, says the news portal.

“In his deposition, he said that Jackson had him ejaculate into a jar and later used his semen to impregnate ex-wife Debbie Rowe.”

“He was obsessed with geniuses and blood lines and he told me that he wanted to continue my blood line, which he believed to be related to the Rothschilds,” said Kapon.

Well, if you think that the crazy allegations were dismissed the next day they were made sometime in 2004 you are completely wrong about it. The court needed ANOTHER FOUR YEARS to sort through all this madness and take it to a trial stage. The lawsuit was dismissed only in 2008 and only after the applicant … failed to show up for the commencement of the trial.

Here is what the Thaindian News says about it:


January 15th, 2008

Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): A lawsuit filed against pop star Michael Jackson by a 22-year-old man has been dismissed after the applicant failed to show up for the commencement of the trial. Daniel Kapon had filed a lawsuit against the pop star, stating that Jackson had molested and sexually assaulted him for 12 years. The case however was dismissed after he failed to show up.

“I think the judge realized how crazy the lawsuit was,” E!News quoted Jacksons attorney Thomas C. Mundell, as saying.

In the original lawsuit filed in January 2006 in Orange County, and then refiled in Los Angeles in March, Kapon accused Jackson of a litany of sins, including child molestation, assault, battery, false imprisonment, plagiarism and fraud.

However, Jacksons lawyer claimed, “These are not good-faith deposition answers. They are the ravings of an unbalanced celebrity stalker.”

(For another source of information on the same episode please see here.)


THE USA TODAY (AP) reported n April 18, 2006 that in “a December 2005 motion asking for dismissal” Jackson’s lawyers spoke about a certain Bartucci.

Who is Bartucci and what do Jackson’s lawyers have to do with him? Why did they ask in December 2005 for his ‘dismissal’? Evidently because Tom Sneddon wanted him to testify (the timing perfectly fits in with the trial) and Jackson’s lawyers did not agree to his presence?

Bartucci is the mysterious 1984 ‘victim’ to whom Michael’s haters often refer as an ‘early case of molestation’. This guy claimed that he had been kidnapped by the pop star and molested for nine days in 1984 in New Orleans. The awful details include being forced into a white limousine, held at gunpoint there and cut with steel wire and a razor blade.

Nothing but sheer horror, I would say – however a minor obstacle to the case is that ALL THIS TIME Michael Jackson was in California which was a fact proved by his lawyers. Well, firstly he was rehearsing for his Victory tour with every hour being well documented by various appointments and secondly, he couldn’t leave California because he was receiving an award from President Reagan at the time.

Despite this controversy the accuser claimed emotional and physical trauma which he recalled only when he saw a Court TV show about child molestation charges brought against Jackson in 2003. His lawsuit was filed in 2004 (naturally sometime around the 2005 trial), but the judge agreed with Jackson’s lawyers that Bartucci was a “professional litigator.” The lawyers proved that Bartucci had been involved in 18 civil and criminal suits over the previous 17 years and included four damage suits filed by Bartucci, with at least one of them raising allegations of sexual abuse against a minister”.


As a result of the worldwide search for additional victims Tom Sneddon finally came up with a package of FIVE of them which the Smoking gun ironically calls “the Jackson 5?.

However the ‘victims’ weren’t as closely knit as the Jackson 5 – out of the five of them three turned out to be witnesses for the DEFENSE – Macauley Culkin, Wade Robson and Brett Barnes who vehemently denied any abuse.

Only one and a half turned out to be witnesses for the PROSECUTION – Jordan Chandler was the ‘half’ as he never agreed to testify and his mother June Chandler took the stand instead. Jordan had been approached by the police but flatly refused to testify saying ‘he had done his part’ and ‘would sue them’ if they insisted on his going to court. The other victim was Jason Francia who said he remembered being tickled on 3 occasions and who managed to recall the events only after the prosecution had repeatedly talked to him…

Now that we’ve searched the whole world and scraped all those ‘victims’ together, the question is - WERE THEY WORTH THE 15 YEARS OF MICHAEL’S BRUTAL HARASSMENT?

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!