Peretti´s film about Michael Jackson. What REALLY happened. A visit to Monaco in 1993

  by Helena on

September 16, 2010

I’ve heard that Michael Jackson said he was dreaming of a time when lies told by his detractors would become a means to disprove these same lies.

This is exactly the method we are using here and in order to restore the picture of what really happened in Michael’s life we need to first collect lies from his life-long haters like Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez and compare them with other stories obtained from other Michael’s ‘friends’ – like Bob Jones (Michael’s former publicist), for example, or Jordan’s mother June Chandler.

Jacques Peretti’s horror documentary about Michael Jackson describes Bob Jones as Michael’s right hand and as a person who supposedly knew Michael Jackson very well – the film says ‘he had been on every tour and stayed at every hotel’ with his boss. His work ‘entailed dealing with the tabloids, dealing with the fan magazines, dealing with the fanatics who are his fans and they are fanatical…”. Well, given Bob Jones’ opinion about Michael’s fans I wonder whether he was capable of doing his work properly at all – but this is not the point. The point is whether he really knew Michael so well that he could be regarded as an ultimate source of information about the man.

Surprisingly Bob Jones says he met Jackson seldom and tried to distance himself from his boss. He speaks about it among other things during his testimony on April 11, 2005

QUESTIONS BY MR. AUCHINCLOSS TO BOB JONES: 11 Q. What did you do for Michael Jackson?

12 A. I was vice-president of communications and

13 community relations.

14 Q. And when did you begin working in that

15 capacity for Mr. Jackson?

16 A. 1987.

17 Q. Can you tell me a little bit about what that

18 title involves in terms of work?

19 A. Dealing with the media, and the community,

20 and various other assignments.

21 Q. Such as?

22 A. Whatever came up. Getting — arranging to

23 get awards, arranging for coverage in newspapers,

24 magazines. Assisting in the — with the fan clubs,

25 et cetera.

26 Q. All right. Would it be fair to say that you

27 were the man in charge of public relations –

28 A. Yes. 5522

1 Q. — for Michael Jackson?

2 A. Yes.

3 Q. And how many years did you work for Mr.

4 Jackson?

5 A. 16 and a half.

6 Q. And how did your employment come to an end?

7 A. I received a letter one day saying that,

8 “Thank you for your services. They’re no longer

9 needed.”

10 Q. Did you ever receive any explanation as to

11 why you were being terminated?

12 A. That, “We were restructuring” –

13 MR. MESEREAU: Objection; hearsay.

14 THE WITNESS: — “and going in a different

15 direction.” That was in the letter.

23 Q. BY MR. AUCHINCLOSS: All right. As far as

24 your understanding as to why you were being

25 terminated, can you tell us what you believe to be

26 the reason why you were being terminated?

27 A. Well, I can only cite the letter that I

28 received. 5523

18 “All right. So you were never given an explanation

19 as to why you were being terminated?” Is that true?

20 THE WITNESS: The letter, yes. The letter.

21 That’s all I can say.

4 So I believe you testified you were

5 terminated late in 2004; is that correct?

6 A. Yes.

7 Q. And since that time have you had any

8 employment?

9 A. No.

10 Q. Have you been involved in any activity at

11 this time concerning — during that period of time

12 since your termination that concerns your years of

13 employment with Michael Jackson?

14 A. Yes.

15 Q. What is that?

16 A. I went to the State of California and filed

17 a complaint for my vacation pay.

18 Q. All right. Other than that, have you been

19 involved in the writing of any memoirs of your years

20 with Michael Jackson?

25 A. Yes.

26 Q. And can you

27 specifically tell me what you’ve been doing in terms

28 of writing those memoirs? 5525

1 A. Preparing a book.

2 Q. Preparing a book?

3 A. Yes.

4 Q. And what is the subject matter of that book?

5 A. My — well, my years and — my years with

6 Michael Jackson.

7 Q. During your years of working with Michael

8 Jackson, did you have occasion to spend time with

9 him personally?

10 A. Seldom.

15 Q. And did you ever travel with him?

16 A. Yes.

17 Q. On how many occasions?

18 A. I think on three tours, and perhaps on

19 special occasions for events that I had arranged,

20 such as the World Music Awards.

21 Q. Where was the World Music Awards?

22 A. Monaco.

1 Q. How often would you see Mr. Jackson during

2 that trip?

3 A. Well, I would say, doo-doo-doo-doo, in Monte

4 Carlo maybe I saw them three or four times.


17 Q. Okay. Now, when did you say your work was

18 terminated?

19 A. June 9th, 2004.

20 Q. Okay. And where was your office at the

21 time?

22 A. In my home.

23 Q. You indicated in response to the

24 prosecutor’s question that you didn’t see Michael

25 very often, right?

26 A. No.

27 Q. And why was that?

28 A. This was — this was Michael Jackson’s modus 5549

1 operandi from the very beginning. I saw Michael

2 mostly if we were on a tour that my presence — if I

3 may explain. I have worked in the entertainment

4 industry prior to working with Michael Jackson for

5 17 and a half years, and I know familiarity breeds

6 contempt. And the further you stay away from

7 artists, the better off you are.

8 Q. And for that reason, did you not go to

9 Neverland very much?

10 A. I went to Neverland when I brought groups

11 up, such as the Challengers Boys & Girls Club. Such

12 as the First AME Church, et cetera. I was not a

13 regular visitor at Neverland at all.

20 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: In a typical year, while

21 you were employed, how often would you visit

22 Neverland?

23 A. I haven’t been to Neverland in years. My

24 visits to Neverland were on a more frequent basis

25 about five years ago when I was able to get groups

26 approved to go to Neverland.

27 Q. Okay. And you had an office located where?

28 A. Before we closed the offices, we were at

1 9255 Sunset Boulevard.

So Bob Jones wasn’t a regular visitor at Neverland, worked in his home office, went only on three tours with Michael Jackson within his 16 and a half years of employment, saw his boss seldom and thought that “the further you stay away from artists, the better off you are”?

But from Peretti’s film I gathered that Bob Jones was somewhat offended by the fact that he always had to stay in a suite (!) on a different floor from his boss? And now we find out that it was actually Bob Jones’ own choice? And how much can this person know about Jackson as a human being if he was never really close to him?

It is clear that Bob Jones’ story about Monaco is so much edited that even its redacted version shows that what he said was not exactly what they later made out of it. However Jacques Peretti, Victor Gutierrez and Diane Dimond sqeeze as much horror as it is possible out of the little Bob Jones did say:

“He pushed it to the edge in Monaco. It was their honeymoon. The most intense things occurred during their honeymoon. He gave the mother of the boy his credit card and she went shopping with Jordan and Michael being alone in that room. Jackson is in the suite with Jordie. He was having a relationship with Jordie and it was intensifying. So why did no one stop him, not the police, not Jordie’s mother, not Jackson’s manager?

Peretti: Jordie and Michael were with the flu?

Bob Jones: Supposedly. I got the doctor to come. They said they had the flu. The mother and daughter went out shopping to Italy (?). They were in the suite with the flu.

Peretti: For how long?

Bob Jones: All day. But they were in the bedroom at night too. (long silence)

Peretti (pertrified): What do you think was going on?

Bob Jones: I have no idea. (long silence)

Peretti (knowingly): I think you do.

Bob Jones: Oh, you do?

Peretti: I could make a guess. (meaningful silence)

Bob Jones: Whatever, you know. I wasn’t in there. I had a suite on a different floor. I always stayed on a different floor than my boss. Familiarity breeds contempt.
Peretti’s voiceover: Only Michael and Jordie can know what really happened in that room. All we know for sure is that while the ceremony continued Jackson and Jordie remained in the suite.

Diane Dimond:
He was sitting on his lap next to the prince of Monaco. His mother and sister sat behind. It was so embarrassing that one of his aides said Jordie should go and sit in the back but he wouldn’t hear about it.

Bob Jones: You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink it. When you see somebody doing wrong you can tell the person he shouldn’t do that…

Peretti: What was he saying to the world?

Bob Jones: I can do what I want to.

Oh, how meaningful those silences are! They are evidently meant to imply that Bob Jones didn’t believe they had the flu and that it was only a pretext for them to stay alone the whole day. But why didn’t they use those pauses instead for explaining why Michael and Jordan would call a doctor at all if they were not ill? Isn’t it too much troublesome to call a doctor first and then explain to him that it was only a joke?

Actually it is no other than June Chandler who confirms that they were really ill that day:

96-97: 15 Q. Okay. When you were in Monaco with Michael

16 Jackson, what did you do?

17 A. We went to an awards ceremony. We — well,
18 Jordie and Michael — Jordie and Michael were sick,

19 so Lily and I went shopping and drove around. We

20 were driven around.

3 Q. Now, you indicated that at one point Jordie

4 and Michael had the flu, right?

5 A. Correct.

6 Q. And where did you find out they had the flu?

7 A. In the hotel room.


14 Q. And do you recall what you bought with

15 Michael Jackson’s credit card?

16 A. I know I — I think two handbags.

17 Q. Anything else?

18 A. Not that I recall, no.

From what I know about the flu it is not only a sore throat and a running nose (which are more associated with a cold), but a bad headache and a high temperature too. And why would it look unnatural to anyone if those ill with the flu would stay in the hotel room and sleep the whole day? Or possibly watch TV or videos from time to time? And I am NOT sure at all that people with the flu and a high temperature like taking baths as Jordan allegedly later described it…. And why are they fussing so much about the children sitting in the first row? Why did Bob Jones ask Michael to let the children sit in the back and why wouldn’t Michael want to hear about it? Was Michael really defiantly demonstrating to the world that ‘molesting a child in front of everyone’ was what he was keen on?

June Chandler’s testimony is no help to us here as she doesn’t’ even mention the ceremony and (surprisingly) never tells the story of a rare chance of meeting the royalty through Michael, however this time it is Bob Jones himself who clarifies the situation in his testimony on April 11, 2005

Q. Where was Michael Jackson sitting in that event?

BJ: He was seated on the front row next to Prince Albert of Monaco, and — on one side, and Linda Evans, the actress, on the other side. And I attempted to get — I had arranged for the Chandlers to sit directly behind Mr. Jackson because I did not feel that the royalty wanted to be bothered with those guests. But he insisted that they sit with him, so I left it alone.

Q. Now, you indicated at the music awards, the World Music Awards, that at one point you saw Jordie on Michael Jackson’s lap and his sister on Michael Jackson’s lap together, right?

10 A. That is correct.

Q. Did the mother sit with Michael Jackson as well?

A. Behind.

Q. Okay. So when you saw the brother and sister sitting on Michael Jackson’s lap in the first row, the mother was right behind, correct?

A. Correct.

Q. So this is the first row in full view of everyone at the awards show, correct?

A. That is correct.

Q. There was no effort to hide anything at any time?

A. No.

Q. At some point, did you see the children with their mother behind where Michael Jackson was


A. When I brought them in to their seats, they were seated behind Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson moved them up front.

Q. Okay. Did — when you say he moved them up front, did he move them into seats up front?

A. He moved them into his seat.

Q. Okay. So the children moved into his seat to sit with him?

A. With him.

Q. And the mother still stayed sitting behind?

A. That is correct.

Q. And at some point did you see the children go back with their mother or did they always stay with Michael?

A. No, they stayed up there.

Q. Please tell the jury what the World Music Awards show is.

A. The World Music Awards show is a show that’s given annually in Monte Carlo for the best worldwide record sales. And we had gone there for that particular purpose, for him to be honored by the World Music Awards. And to be seen around the world. And I attempted, because perception is 90 percent of what the public thinks, to get those people off of his lap.

Q. Did the Chandler family seem to remain during the entire show sitting with Michael?

A. Oh, of course. Yes.

Q. Okay. And were there other stops on that trip?

A. To Paris. We flew from Los Angeles to Paris, and Paris to Nice, and we helicoptered to

Monte Carlo.

Q. Okay. Do you recall attending any other events with Mr. Jackson on the trip to Monaco?

A. Of course, His Royal Highness Prince Albert hosted a reception for visiting dignitaries, and he had an event — when you go there, they have an event each night for visiting dignitaries. And there was only one event that Mr. Jackson attended.

Q. And do you recall whether or not the Chandler family were at that event?

A. They were with him.

Q. And that was because Michael insisted that the Chandler family go?

A. I don’t know whether he insisted whether they attend or not.

Q. Okay.

A. But all of his guests were invited.

Q. Okay. Were there any other guests of Michael Jackson that you haven’t named?

A. No, just the Chandler family.

So Michael not only insisted that ordinary children should sit next to the Prince of Monaco, but that an ordinary family should attend the reception for visiting dignitaries and be treated there as such too? Isn’t it bringing a new perspective into the whole story? Most pop stars would leave their companions at the hotel while they make their dazzling appearance at a royal ceremony and reception all by themselves – but not Michael Jackson…

Diane Dimond described the scene of Jordan sitting on Michael’s lap during the awards ceremony as something completely revolting: “He was bouncing Jordan up and down on his lap. His nickname for the boy was Rubber. He was whispering Rubber, Rubber…” My God, how could she know about Michael whispering anything to anyone? Did she ask the Prince of Monaco about it? And did he honor her with a gossip answer?

Well, I also had a look at that video of the ceremony and the primary things attracting my attention were the following:

1) Jordan was NOT sitting in Michael’s lap and Michael was NOT bouncing him at all. If you look at Michael moving with the rhythm you’ll notice that Jordan is completely static, which means that he is sitting on Michael’s seat and not on Michael’s lap (See the video at 3:30)

2) Half the time it was Jordan’s sister LILY who was really sitting on Michael’s lap (see 2:06, 2:30, 4:15 and 4:44 where you can see it clearly). In fact the ceremony must have been long and the children were evidently tired and so they shuffled from Michael Jackson to Linda Evans and back. See for yourselves:

And it is no surprise that Bob Jones didn’t understand what was going on there in the first row – he was sitting some 20 feet away from them and couldn’t see or understand what Michael was doing:

19 Q. Now, going to the music awards, what was the

20 nature of the physical contact that you saw with

21 them at the World Music Awards?

22 A. Jordie sat on his lap.

23 Q. Where were you seated?

24 A. I sat a distance away from June, her

25 daughter, and Jordie and Michael.

26 Q. How many feet away were you when you were

27 observing Mr. Jackson and Mr. Chandler together?

28 A. Oh, I would say approximately 20 feet.

Has any of us ever asked a question if Michael could do without the Chandlers at the awards-giving ceremony in Monaco at all?

I have wondered about it and my answer is EASILY – he could have easily left them at the hotel to watch the ceremony on TV. Then WHY did he take all the Chandlers to the ceremony instead?

It is because Michael wanted the children to have an experience they could remember for the rest of their lives. That is why he made a gesture very much characteristic of him – he moved them to the front row next to the Prince of Monaco thus showing that the children deserved only the very best in life.

Bob Jones evidently didn’t think so and that is why all the seats were already assigned by him and other officials to other dignitaries in the first row excluding the children, so Michael had to seat them where he could - Jordan on the edge of his own seat and Lily on his lap.

Would he have done that if there was any ‘molestation’ really taking place? I doubt it very much indeed – only a perverse mind like DD’s could come up with a highly perverse idea like that.

And would Jordan have looked that happy if only half an hour before that things ‘had gone out of hand’ as June and Jordan later described it? What a crazy idea…

A photo taken in Nice of Michael and his guests the Chandlers after the World Music Awards. I think he appears as if he was equally as fond of Lily as he was of Jordan

But why would Michael give so much attention to someone else’s children?

Let me refer you to some short quotes from Michael’s testimonial tapes with Rabbi Shmuley – they do give an insight into Michael’s inner world and show that it was SO much different from that of Diane Dimond’s, Victor Gutierrez’ and Jacques Peretti’s that they are like those parallels which, as you know, never cross each other:

…I think, children worship fun, love, they worship attention. They want a fun-filled day. Things that, when you experience it with them you have a special place in their heart forever. It changes who they become and what our world becomes, the totality of what happens in this universe becomes. It is the future.

…When I see children I see helpless little puppies. They are so sweet. How can anyone hurt them? All children are our children. I see beauty in all children and I love them all – equally. I used to have arguments about it with people who didn’t agree with me. They say you should love your own more.

… I’m not easy and I know I’m not easy. Because I give all my time to someone else. I give it to children, I give it to somebody sick somewhere, to the music…

P.S. The Veritas Project says that Ray Chandler’s book provides Michael’s note to Jordan which in Ray’s opionion means something awful. I’ve read it and to me it is just another proof of Michael’s belief in Jordan and his great future in entertainment industry – his dance was indeed so awesome that he stopped people in the street at the age of 8 (according to Ray Chandler).

The note also shows Michael’s affection for the whole family and his particular fondness for Lily and her mother June.

It is also sadly clear that at the time he thought the family was very much like him and it was a spirit of kinship that was making them as one:

“[Boy's name], you’re not only my cousin but also my best friend. I can’t stop loving your mother and sister. I have found true love in all of you. If more people were like us the world would change instantly. I have such golden dreams for you. I want you to be a giant in the industry. You are my new inspiration. I love you. Doo doo head. Applehead. Disneyland soon. Love, doo doo. Call soon, bye, doo doo head. Tell Mom I love her.”

Tell Mom I love her …

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!