Fact Checking the Documentary “Michael Jackson: What Really Happened” by Jacques Peretti

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September 01, 2010

Thanks to our special correspondent Dialdancer, I was alerted to the re-broadcast of the shameful documentary “Michael Jackson: What Really Happened”, which was produced by a self-proclaimed “lifelong Jackson fan” Jacques Peretti. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it before, but never in its entirety, until now! A few months ago someone finally uploaded it to youtube, and after watching it I can honestly conclude that this is the third worst MJ documentary ever made, behind Martin Bashir’s “Living With Michael Jackson” and his lesser known “Michael Jackson’s Secret World” of course! As if I had to tell you that!

I was so disgusted by it that I decided to put my other projects on hold and write a report debunking the numerous misrepresentations, rumors and opinions that were presented as “facts” by Peretti.

Here are my critiques of the program:

Part 1:

#1: @ 1:07 Peretti states that what he heard from Diane Dimond, Victor Guiterrez, J. Randy Taraborreli, and Bob Jones “changed his view on Jackson forever”. Well Peretti, if you’re that gullible to take them at face value, and you choose to not be a fan anymore, then good riddance! Maybe if you had included Tom Mesereau for more than the two minutes that he was allotted, then maybe your view of MJ would have been more balanced!

#2: @ 3:37 Peretti states that MJ was booed off the stage at the 2006 World Music Awards “before he could sing a note”. Pulleaazzzeee!! Watch the performance of “We Are The World” below and you’ll see that at NO POINT WHATSOEVER was he ever booed! He was treated like royalty! In fact, you see a few fans actually crying upon seeing him!

#3: @ 4:40 Peretti refers to Bob Jones as MJ’s manager, when in fact he was MJ’s publicist! There is a difference between a manager and a publicist, and once Jones started to describe what his job duties entailed, that should have been obvious to Peretti. According to Jones, he was responsible for “dealing with the tabloids, the fan magazines, and the fanatics” (which he used as a derogatory slur towards the fans). He then goes on to lie and say that he invented the title “King of Pop, Rock, & Soul”, when in fact it was Elizabeth Taylor who coined the phrase in 1989 when she and Eddie Murphy presented him with the Heritage & Sammy Davis Jr. Awards!!

Here is Taylor herself confirming that she came up with the title!!

Here is MJ also confirming that Liz taylor said it first (@ 4:30), and then the fans started to label him “King of Pop” for short:

Part 2:

@ 1:30 Taraborrelli states that MJ transformed himself into a monster in “Thriller’ because he really felt like a monster inside, and that he was sexually confused. Well gee Randy, if you felt he was a monster, then why did you write that 900+ page book about him, and profit off of that “monster”? And if he was so sexually confused, then how do you explain the vast amounts of heterosexual pornography that he collected from 1991 through 2003? Peretti goes on to state that the video for “Thriller” was a “cry for help”. No it wasn’t! It was a cry to the fans to go out and buy the damn record! And obviously the fans heeded MJ’s cry, as Thriller became the biggest selling album of all time!

@ 2:35 Peretti said MJ invented the award given by Reagan in 1987? First of all, it was on May 14th, 1984 when MJ was given the Presidential Humanitarian Award by President Reagan in recognition of MJ’s contribution of the song “Beat It” to the government’s campaign against drunk driving among teens. Secondly, MJ certainly did NOT “invent” the award! It was President Reagan’s idea to give it to MJ!

@ 5:35 Diane Dimond insists that MJ was only interested in boys. Well, here are a few stories to debunk that trash:

Here are the stories about Nisha Kataria, a female protégé of MJ who was supposed to perform with him during his “This Is It’ concerts, and Lottie Rose, one of MJ’s hairstylists. Nisha and her family moved into Neverland in 2003, shortly before the allegations, and Lottie allowed her daughter to sleep in MJ’s room on numerous occasions when they visited throughout the years.


In this article, there is a video of a young girl and her family on the Oprah, just prior to her interview with MJ. She describes how nice MJ is to her, and Oprah interviews her parents as well. (The girl and her family can be seen in part 5):


Finally, here is an excerpt from Ian Halperin’s “Unmasked”, where he interviews Allison Smith about her time at Neverland. From page 78:

During the course of my investigation, I found four of these girls. One of them, Allison V. Smith, is now a world-renowned photographer who has shot photos for The New York Times, Esquire, and The New Yorker, among others. She is also an heiress to the Neiman Marcus luxury department store fortune as the granddaughter of the late retail legend, Stanley Marcus.

“During the trial, they kept talking about all the boys who slept in his bed. Well, I’m a girl and I slept in his bed when I was a kid. The prosecutor must know that there were girls around, but he never mentioned it”, she says, adding that her friendship with Jackson was “a lot of fun” but that she doesn’t like talking about it publicly.

“I was tempted to offer myself up as a defense witness,” she recalls, “but I didn’t relish the media circus.”

Part 3:

@ At the beginning, Dimond describes how Evan Chandler walked in on MJ and Jordie spooning in bed. She also says that Jordie bathed with MJ (which is what he also claimed in his interview with Dr. Gardner). Peretti conveniently leaves out exactly how Evan literally “extracted” the confession out of Jordie! And the icing on the cake is when he says that Jordie’s description matched! Well, anyone who knows me by now knows how I like to “cross-examine” Ray & Evan Chandler’s “All That Glitters” because they were never cross examined in a court of law, so here is Evan’s version of how he became suspicious of MJ, from pages 46-49:

I’ll be there in a minute”. Evan said, and as Jordie turned to leave, added, “Hey Jordie, are you and Michael doin’ it?”

That’s disgusting!” Jordie reacted. “I’m not into that!”

“Just kidding.”

Evan explained it this way. “It was crude, but I was so anxious, I decided on the spur of the moment to say it because I figured it would elicit an unplanned response.” Jordie’s repulsion brought Evan great relief. So much so, that he felt quite chipper as he walked down the hall to check on Michael.

The singer was walking in circles, holding his head. “I didn’t sleep all night,” he complained. “I’ve got a bad headache. I get them all the time.”

“Do you know what causes them?” Evan asked.

“Yeah, I’ve had them ever since my hair caught fire. They said it’s from the surgery.”

Evan offered the standard remedies, aspirin and Tylenol, but Michael insisted they had no effect on him and that his doctor usually gave him a shot of something, he didn’t know what. When Evan suggested that the call his doctor, Michael refused. He didn’t want to bother the man on a holiday weekend. Instead, he asked Evan if he could give him something stronger.

Evan rattled off a list of drugs to see if he could find out what Michael’s doctor used. When he mentioned Demerol, Michael said that sounded familiar. Evan did not use Demerol in his practice, so he called Mark Torbiner for advice. The anesthesiologist suggested an injection of Toradol, a non-narcotic equivalent to Demerol, and offered to pick some up at Evan’s office and bring it to his house.

Evan injected 30mg, half the maximum dose, into Michael’s gluteus
. But one hour later the star claimed he was still in a lot of pain, so Evan administered the remaining half and instructed him to lie down and try to relax.

“Keep an eye on him,” Evan told Jordie. “It’ll take a few minutes to kick in. I’ll be right back.”

“When I went back to check on him, maybe ten minutes later,” Evan recalled, “He was acting weird, babbling incoherently and slurring is speech. Toradol is pretty safe drug, and I thought that either he was having a rare reaction or had taken another drug and was having a combination reaction.”

Other than the drunk-like symptoms, Michael’s pulse and respirations were normal and he appeared to be in no real danger. So Evan took no further action.

But Jordie was scared. He had seen his friend “acting strange” before, but never like this.

“Don’t worry,” Evan assured his son, “Right now Michael’s the happiest person in the world. All we need to do is keep him awake and talking until the drug wears off.”

Four hours and a serious case of cottonmouth later, Michael began to sober up. While Jordie was downstairs fetching water, Evan decided to take advantage of Michael’s still uninhibited but somewhat coherent condition. “Hey, Mike, I was just wondering….I mean, I don’t care either way, but I know some of your closest people are gay, and I was wondering if you’re gay too?”

“You’d be surprised about a lot of people in this town,” Michael mumbled, as he rattled off the names of a few prominent Hollywood players who were still in the closet.

Evan tried to get back on track before Jordie returned. He stroked Michael’s hair and reassured him, “I don’t care if you’re gay, Mike. I just want you to know you can tell me if you are.”

“Uh-uh”, Michael slurred. “Not me.”

Given Michael’s willingness to talk openly about everyone else’s sexuality, his consistent denial about being gay reinforced Evan’s belief that the singer was asexual.

Michael remained in bed all day, with Jordie sitting by his side on the edge of the single bed. Cody joined them about ten, and by ten-thirty the three boys were fast asleep.

Evan was tired, too, but the thought that Michael might awake during the night and take more drugs caused him to get up several times to check on the star. On his third visit, around 3am, Evan found the boys still fast asleep. But Jordie was now in Michael’s bed, spooning, with Michael’s arm wrapped tightly around the boy, his hand resting on the boy’s crotch on the outside of the covers.

Ever so gently, Evan picked up Michael’s arm and moved it to the side, then slowly pulled back the covers. Thank God! They were both fully clothed.

Evan dozed off at dawn, but he and Monique were awakened shortly thereafter by Cody crawling into their bed. “What’s the matter, Honey?” Monique asked.

“Is it OKAY for two men to get married?” the boy asked. Evan and Monique were stunned. They asked why he wanted to know, but the child was in no mood to reveal his thoughts, only to cuddle up and cling to his mother.

In the weeks that followed, Evan and Monique tried again to find out what Cody had seen or heard. But the boy remained secretive and depressed. Three months later, during dinner one night, Cody turned to his parents and announced, “Michael Jackson is bad. He did bad things to Jordie.” After that release the little boy began to perk up.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the sight of his son in bed with Michael finally made it clear to Evan that he must end their relationship. Even if there is no sex, Jordie’s personality had been seriously altered. As he morphed day by day into a pint-sized clone of Michael, he withdrew further and further from his family and friends.

Evan’s initial reaction was to separate them then and there, but he and Monique talked it over and agreed that a sudden split could be traumatic and might cause Jordie to bond even deeper with…..his lover?

On a more practical level, June had legal custody of Jordie and controlled his daily routine. They would need to coordinate with her for a separation to have any effect.

Monique insisted, however, and Evan agreed, that Michael must be told that day that he could not move in with them. Not wanting to arouse the star’s suspicion, lest he assert even more control over Jordie, Evan lied.

“You know, Mike, I checked with the building department and they said we’re not zoned for an addition. I guess we’ll just have to forget”

“Then we’ll build a new house,” the superstar vowed, as if it were already a done deal. “Just don’t tell anyone I paid for it, okay? It’ll create problems.”

Notice how Evan claims that he offered MJ Tylenol and other over the counter remedies, but MJ refused them because he wanted something stronger. I think its total BS!!! What doctor would offer Demerol, or anything similar to that, just for a headache??!!! My gosh, Evan gave MJ 60mg of Toradol!!! I think it’s more plausible that he gave MJ sodium amytal, since he asked him specifically if he was gay. Our co-admin Lynette, who works as a nurse full time, gave us this great description of Toradol:

First Toradol is a potent Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug ( think Aleve) and does not have the sort of effect that they are describing. They said he started acting really weird and was slurring his words and stuff. Also when he came out of it he was ok but had a serious case of cotton mouth. Well not from Toradol he didn’t. You guys I use this every day, we don’t even tell people they can’t drive home. Second when he is describing it in ATG he says how he decided that he would take advantage of the situation and ask him if he was gay because he was so concerned that he was gay. Michael denied being gay but given Mark Torbiner’s penchant for using sodium amytal my guess is that is what they gave Michael and he was questioning him trying to find information he could use to blackmail him. When he didn’t give him the information he wanted he went in another direction. I mean if you step back and think about that why would you even get this man that was at your house for the first time a drug for his headache beyond tylenol? It was right after that that Michael stopped talking to Evan he talks about how he didn’t talk to him anymore on that tape. I mean their story is so screwed up about the use of the Toradol and the sodium amytal from my standpoint that alone discredits their entire story. You know don’t you that if one part of their story is a lie so is the rest of it. It is way too farfetched that’s it. I mean come on “my son needed a baby tooth out and requested anesthesia”. I say “give me a break.” That’s a perfect example, I had a 10 year old with a broken radius today and he took the needle full of lidocaine and setting it without so much as a flinch. Kids are alot more scared to be put to sleep than they are 20 second of having their tooth pulled.

Also, did you notice how Evan said that it wasn’t until the third time that he checked on MJ that he caught them spooning? That means the previous two times, Jordie was not in the bed with MJ, but according to Evan, Jordie must have gotten in bed. That would mean that MJ must have awoken after Evan’s second checkup, and then woke Jordie up and asked him to sleep with him. Does this even make sense? Of course not!

Regarding Peretti’s claim that Jordie’s description “matched”, here a few descriptive articles that show otherwise:

Was it a match or a total mismatch?

The Telltale Splotch missing from the Smoking Gun

All you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask. Part 1.

All you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask. Part 2

All you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask. Part 3

(The following article describes how Chandler’s attorney Larry Feldman wanted the photo’s of MJ’s penis excluded from the civil case. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because they didn’t match?)

Boy´s Lawyer Seeks Photos of Michael Jackson´s Body

@ 6:45 Peretti falsely states that Evan “asked” Jordie is there was a sexual element, and Jordie says “yes” (and of course he doesn’t elaborate further about the specific details of Jordie’s “confession”). He also does not specify exactly how the scandal went public. So let’s go to Evan Chandler to get his side of the story.

Here is how Evan got Jordie to confess. From Dimond’s “Be Careful Who You Love”, page 60:

When Jordie came out of the sedation I asked him to tell me about Michael and him. I (falsely told) him that I had bugged his bedroom and I knew everything anyway and that I just wanted to hear it from him. I told him not to be embarrassed….”I know about the kissing and the jerking off and the blow jobs.” This isn’t about me finding anything out. It’s about lying – If you lie then I’m going to take him (Jackson) down.

According the Evan’s diary, Jordie contemplated how to answer the question for about an hour, and then Evan tried again:

“I’m going to make it very easy for you. I’m going to ask you one question. All you have to do is say yes or no”.

Jordie spoke his first words, “Promise?”

I said, “Jordie, did I ever lie to you in your whole life?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “Well, I never will.”

He said, “You won’t hurt Michael, right?”

I said, “I promise.”

He said, “I don’t want anyone else ever to know. Promise me you won’t ever tell anyone.”

“I promise,” I said.

So he said, “What’s the question?”

I asked, “Did Michael Jackson ever touch your penis?”

Unbelievably, he still hesitated. The longest couple of seconds of my life went be and then finally he answered in an almost inaudible whisper, “Yes.”

From “All That Glitters”, pages 119-121, here is how the scandal became public after Evan found out that June and her lawyer Michael Freeman filed the court order to get custody of Jordie on August 17th, 1993:

In a phone conversation the night before Freeman’s request was to be heard in court, Barry counseled Evan that unless he was willing to walk into the courtroom and accuse Michael of molesting Jordie, he didn’t have a prayer of winning; June had legal custody and that was all she needed to get Jordie back.

“How long will I have?” Evan asked.

“One, maybe two days.”

“What if I refuse to give him back?”

“If you don’t give him back the sheriff will come take him. And he may arrest you, too.”

Accusing Michael of molestation was a can of worms Evan did not want to open. He doubted anyone would take Jordie’s word over Michael’s, especially If June took Michael’s side. And she’d have to; otherwise she’d be implicating herself. But it was Jordie’s fears over the prospect of going to court that weighted heaviest on Evan’s mind.

At the same time, Evan knew that as soon as June had Jordie back in her clutches she’d be on a plane to join Michael, who was already out of the country. Evan believed with absolute certainty that if Jordie went on tour with Michael he’d suffer severe psychological damage.

“I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t,” Evan lamented to Barry. “What if I take him out of California and hide for a while? Maybe that’ll buy you some time to come up with the necessary appeals.”

“Appeals!” the attorney exclaimed. “Are you nuts! You’ll be a fugitive in the eyes of the law. You’ll end up in jail and guarantee June permanent custody. You can forget about any appeals.”

Confused and saddened, Evan thanked Barry for all his help and hung up.

“What’s the matter, Pops?” Jordie asked. He’d been standing next to his father while he talked to Barry.

“They’re going to make you go back tomorrow, Jordie. Barry says we have no choice.”

“Uh-uh! No way! I’ll run away first.”

Buoyed by his son’s feistiness, Evan made him a promise. “If that’s the way you feel, then I’m with you. But we’ve got one move left. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll go.”

For the past six weeks the two sides had gone back and forth, each trying to outmaneuver the other in what Evan called “the chess game from hell.” Now he found himself checkmated. “They left me no choice. The only move I had left was to kick over the table before they took the king.”

Evan dialed the number. “Do you remember me?” he asked. “I’m the one who came to your office and told you about my son.”

“Yes,” Dr. Abrams replied. “I remember very well.:

It was the one thing Evan had tried so desperately to avoid. Once he supplied the names, the psychiatrist would have no choice but to file a report with the authorities, who would then assume full control.

“The thought of placing Jordie in the hands of a government agency was frightening,” Evan commented. “Almost as frightening as returning him to June and Michael.”

Evan took a few seconds to think before embarking into the unknown; then he took a deep breath. “My name is Evan Chandler. My son’s name is Jordie Chandler. The adult male is Michael Jackson. Can you help me? Please!”

Other than the knowledge that Michael had touched Jordie’s penis, Evan had never asked his son about the sex. But Dr. Abrams would, and Evan hoped he would be convinced of the truth and be willing to appear at the court hearing the following morning as an expert witness. “I’m sorry,” Dr. Abrams said. “I can’t see him today. But don’t worry; bring him in first thing in the morning.”

Evan and Jordie arrived at the psychiatrists’ office at nine the next morning. Dr. Abrams began by advising Jordie that their discussion could become embarrassing and that it was his choice as to whether he wanted his father to remain in the room. Evan shuffled out and took a seat in the waiting room.

An hour later, anxious and bored, Evan idled his way down to the coffee shop in the lobby, ate breakfast and went back upstairs to wait. Another hour and another trip to the coffee shop. Eleven o’clock. Walking the halls. Back downstairs. Around the block. Back to the waiting room. “What the hell are they doing in there?” Evan wondered. “I could have told my whole life story now.”

Ten minutes after noon, Jordie finally emerged. “Hey, dad, can we get something to eat?” His favorite question.

Evan was startled. He expected Jordie to come out heavy-hearted, but the boy seemed exuberated, almost whimsical. “Are you okay?” Evan asked, wrapping his arms around the boy.

“Yeah, pops. Let’s go, I’m starved.”

“He was a different boy,” Evan recalled, “and I knew immediately that no matter how long a road might lie ahead, he was going to be okay.” Holding back the tears, Evan thanks Dr. Abrams profusely.

So what do we do now?” he asked.

“You’ll have to wait,” the doctor replied. “Under the law, I can’t tell you anymore.”

“Can you at least tell me if you believe him?”

“Oh yes. There’s no doubt.”

Father and son went to eat, but never talked about the interview. Except once. “You know, Dad,” Jordie said, briefly lifting his mug from a plate of French fries, “I’m really glad I talked to Dr. Abrams.”

And so was Evan. Because two hours earlier, while Jordie was still relating his lurid tale to the good doctor, the court ordered the boy returned to June within forty-eight hours. Barry ‘s associate, who attended the hearing, assured the judge her client would comply.

@ 8:05 Peretti and Jones begin to insinuate that MJ’s bedroom alarms were installed as a means of helping him know when an adult was approaching the bedroom so that he’d know when to stop molesting kids. MJ haters have always used that as a sign of obvious guilt. Well, sorry to disappoint you MJ haters, but those alarms helped exonerate him!

Star Arvizo claimed that he witnessed MJ molest Gavin on several occasions by walking in on the act, but wouldn’t MJ have known that Star was approaching when he heard the alarms? Sneddon argued that the volume of the alarm was turned down during that period of time, and thus MJ wasn’t able to hear it. But defense witness Larry Nimmer (a professional videographer who was hired to film Neverland after Judge Melville refused to allow jurors to tour the property) totally debunked that theory by performing a test where he placed his camera in MJ’s upper chamber (where the molestation allegedly happened), and he had a maid activate the alarm by entering MJ’s living quarters, and by doing this he demonstrated how loud and audible the alarm was, thus destroying Sneddon’s claim. Nimmer included this test in his documentary “The Untold Story of Neverland”, which is available on the DVD that I purchased, but is mysteriously missing from the shortened version that is available on youtube (otherwise, I would have surely included it here! If anyone finds it, please let us know!)

Both Nimmer and Maria Gomez (the maid) explained their test on the witness stand, and for more details please read the following article:

Defense Proves Welfare Fraud, Explains Alarm

Another person who defended the bedroom alarms was, ironically, Adrian McManus, one of the “Neverland 5” who lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit against MJ and to this day owes him $1.4 million dollars. She was fired from Neverland for theft prior to the allegations, and then sold lies to the tabloids about witnessing MJ molest young boys, including Macaulay Culkin. Former employee Francine Contreras testified against McManus’ character by describing the display at McManus’ home of pilfered items from Neverland, including toys that were meant to be given to needy children. (Have you no shame, Adrian? How low can you go?)

During her cross examination, she was presented with a transcript of her 1994 deposition, where she defended the bedroom alarms by stating the following: “When you’re a celebrity, you lead a difficult life. People kill celebrities. That little sensor benefits him for his life.” That quote and others made by McManus can be seen @ 4:36 in the following video which is part of the series “What did happen to Michael Jackson” by a diehard MJ fan with the youtube username “LunaJo67?, which I highly recommend everyone watch.

@ 9:17 Bob Jones suggests that MJ’s settlement was a sign of guilt that confirmed that everything Jordie alleged was true. This is so absurd that I won’t even address it here. I will be posting another article in a few days that will thoroughly address the settlement once and for all!

Part 4:

@ .15, Taraborelli shows his true colors by suggesting that the settlement gave MJ a sense that he could “get out of anything”, and that it “emboldened” him. Well, if MJ felt “emboldened”, and that he could “get away with anything”, then why weren’t there any additional victims that testified against him in 2005, huh Randy? Wait a minute, let me guess………..it’s because MJ paid them off, right?

@ 1:58 Peretti unleashed the ultimate ad hominem attack on MJ by showing a clip of Latoya Jackson’s 1993 press conference declaring MJ’s guilt, but of course he didn’t mention the fact that Latoya recanted her statements years later when she divorced her abusive ex-husband Jack Gordon, who she claimed forced her to say those statements in order to cash in with the tabloids. This is totally consistent with Jack’s character, as he also tried to extort millions from the Jackson family in exchange for Latoya’s agreement not to publish her “tell all” book claiming abuse and dysfunction in the family. The fact that the book was released in 1991 should tell you that the family didn’t give in to his extortion claims!

Here is a report on the press conference:

Here is the press conference in it’s entirety (or most of it anyway): http://www.itnsource.com/shotlist//RTV/1993/12/08/605020115/

Here, beginning at 1:50, Latoya recants and explains why she did it in the first place. Whether or not you believe her reasons for doing it, she recanted and the family forgave her, so that’s all that matters.

@ 2:10 Peretti claimed that “after the Chandler payoff, MJ’s sense of power went beyond anything that he had ever did before”. He then uses the “Stalin-ist statues” of MJ as “proof” that MJ had lost his marbles! But those statues had nothing whatsoever to do with an inflated ego! They were part of a multi-million dollar promotional campaign for the “HIStory” album! I’m surprised that Peretti didn’t also claim that this video trailer was also a sign of his out of control ego!!

@ 4:26 Peretti claimed that he had never even heard of the 2001 concert, which MJ agreed to do because he was at an all-time low. Well, if he was at an “all-time low”, then why did he sell out Madison Square Garden twice? He could have sold out a thousand shows at MSG! “All-time low” my ass!! He did the concerts to help support his upcoming album “Invincible”!!

@ 7:16 Peretti calls Tom Mesereau “the sharpest defense lawyer that money could buy”, implying that he only works with rich celebrities. Oh really? Well, why don’t you ask some of the poor & underprivileged clients who have benefited from his 25 years of pro bono work, such as Terry Bonner Fox news or Wesley Quik http://www.publiccounsel.org/news/2003/feb2603.htm? What about the thousands of poor blacks that he has helped through his free legal clinics in South Central Los Angeles? Mesereau Free Legal Clinic

Another example of Mesereau’s commitment to community service (and to MJ’s innocence) can be found in this article, where he states how he cancelled his membership and free legal clinic at one church and reinstated it at another church when the first church refused to allow their child members to visit Neverland before the trial started. Mesereau's Fame Doesn't Alter Focus

If you want to hear Mesereau wax poetic about his pro bono work (as well as the corruption of the legal system by crooked, overzealous prosecutors), you can listen to the ENTIRE 2005 Harvard Law Seminar by opening the following link and downloading it using RealPlayer: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1RGF48PN

@ 9:06. Taraborrelli suggested that Sneddon could have won due to “strong evidence”, but the strong evidence was overshadowed by weak evidence. For him to claim that Sneddon “could have won” (thus implying that MJ “could have been guilty”) is inexcusable. He should have been more specific (such as naming Sneddon’s “strong evidence”), instead of being so vague. However, although Taraborrelli didn’t use the best choice of words in that interview, he has been a staunch supporter of MJ’s innocence for many years, even if the fans don’t always agree with his other comments. If Taraborrelli had said the following, it would have made him sound less ambiguous as to whether or not he felt MJ was truly guilty in that particular interview.

“Sneddon literally threw everything he had at MJ, including the kitchen sink, and if some of the jurors (like Ray Hultman or Eleanor Cook) had let their prejudices override their judgement, then MJ would have been convicted.”

Part 5:

@ 2:52 Bob Jones complains about not getting any severance upon his termination, and suing for his vacation pay, which influenced him to write his tell all book “The Man Behind the Mask”. Let’s look at Bob Jones’ background:

Bob Jones was one of many disgruntled ex-employees called by Sneddon to testify against MJ in 2005, and his testimony was absolutely pathetic, along with everyone else who testified against MJ. He was fired because he first thought of writing his book in January 2004 because he was “broke, and needed to make some money” (according to the testimony of Stacey Brown, his co-author), and when MJ found out he was obviously furious! (He and Brown actually began to write it after he was terminated, but the point is that his desire to write it began while he was still employed by MJ. And by the way, as a longtime employee and family friend, he never had to sign a confidentiality agreement.) Jones testified for prosecutors as they presented testimony about Jackson’s alleged pattern of seduction and inappropriate behavior with boys under California Evidence Code §1108.

However, Jones was not the prosecution’s strongest witness, as he initially said he “did not remember” seeing MJ lick a boy’s head during a flight from Paris to Los Angeles in the early 1990s. Jones only conceded that the incident must have happened after prosecutors showed him an e-mail he wrote to a co-writer. Here is a brief excerpt of his cross-examination:

5541 23 Q. Well, in response to the prosecutor’s
24 questions, you said you had reservations about that
25 statement

26 A. Yes.
27 Q. — correct?
28 And what are your reservations about that

5542 1 statement?
2 A. That I just don’t recall exactly seeing
3 that. I truly don’t.

4 Q. And would you agree when you’re working with
5 a co-writer and a publisher to prepare a book about
6 Michael Jackson, there’s pressure to make things
7 sensational when you can, right?

8 A. Yes.
9 Q. And your publisher and others want a book
10 that can sell, correct?
11 A. My co-writer. The publisher wasn’t involved
12 in that particular end of it.

13 Q. Okay. And certainly, having worked with
14 Michael all those years, you’ve seen numerous
15 attempts by numerous people to sensationalize
16 aspects of Michael’s life, right?>
17 A. Correct.

For more info on Jones and his testimony, please read the articles below:

ABC news

Cross-exam of Bob Jones, Stacy Brown, & June Chandler

Cross-examination: Bob Jones + Stacy Brown

And the final nail in Jones’ coffin that will utterly destroy his credibility is the fact that he wrote the forward for Lisa D. Campbell’s 1994 book “The King Of Pop’s Darkest Hour”, which completely exonerated him! Here’s his forward, from page 9: The King of Pop's Darkest Hour

“Michael Jackson first became aware of Lisa Campbell’s work with the publication of Michael Jackson: The King of Pop, in 1993, when he received a copy of the book at my office. He is impressed with her work and greatly appreciates the painstaking measures taken for accuracy. We are equally pleased to now have the opportunity to contribute this Foreword for this new volume.

Lisa has presented here a fair overview of the events that took place when Michael became the victim of false and cruel allegations, and the irresponsible persecution he suffered at the hands of the media. We have long been the victims of rumors and lies through the media but nothing could have prepared us for that to which he was recently subjected.

Michael experienced pain and humiliation to a depth he never realized existed. The tremendous distress he suffered during this period had profound effects on him both emotionally and physically. He has now overcome those difficulties with knowledge of his complete innocence and his deep faith in God.
Michael has come through the experience a stronger person due largely to his faith and the incredible amount of support received from his friends and fans throughout the world. The underlying love and support he received from the fans and their refusal to believe the worst truly touched his heart.

His goal is to spread pure and simple love around the world. Children are his greatest source of joy. That is a part of him which will never change.

Michael knows that his fans suffered with him and shared his pain. He is deeply grateful for all of the love he has received.

He loves you all.

Bob Jones,
Vice President
Michael J. Jackson Productions

So when he’s employed with a cushy, high paying job, MJ is innocent. But as soon as he’s let go, all of a sudden MJ is guilty? I hope that blood money was worth it, Bob Jones!!

Well, that’s my 2 cents on this worthless documentary! But I’ll top it off with an interesting revelation about World of Wonder Productions, the company that produced this piece of garbage. Did you guys ever wonder how the hell Peretti was able to get an interview with Victor Guiterrez? I sure did! Let’s look at a comment by our co-admin Lynette regarding the connection between Peretti, Gutierrez, and World of Wonder Productions:

“Oh yeah I did a little research myself and lo and behold it was produced by World Of Wonder Productions. The same company that Victor Gutierrez wanted to make a movie special about his book MJWML. World of wonder Productions is a subsidiary of The Guardian UK. No surprises there. I found out a lot about the underworld of the tabloid press by reading the book Tabloid Baby by Burt Kearns. If you want to refute them you have to know how they work. I know I said this before but in California in 1993 a freelance journalist was a papparazzi plain and simple. You know don’t you that they got a lot of their information from Norma Salinas, the Chandler’s maid. She was also an immigrant from El Salvador. Sounds like someone else we know doesn’t it? Like Blanca Francia. I think the connection between these people is uncanny and too coincidental to be a coincidence don’t you?”

Michael Jackson Was My Amante? /

Boy! Birds of a feather really do stick together, don’t they! For that company to even consider filming a movie about Gutierrez’s book “Michael Jackson Was My Lover” truly shows what low standards they have. I’m sure that they pressured Peretti to make his documentary as biased against MJ as possible, or else they wouldn’t finance and air it. How else do you explain Mesereau only getting about 2 minutes worth of airtime? Or Peretti not giving you the complete background of Gutierrez or Dimond? How much did they pay Taraborrelli to contradict himself and say that Sneddon “could have won” his case? Maybe Peretti really wanted to do a decent documentary but caved in to the pressure to sensationalize it.

Well, for those of you who are interested in seeing more of Peretti’s work (which I’m sure most of you aren’t!), here is his fairly decent documentary about MJ’s last days called “Michael Jackson’s Last Days: What Really Happened?”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The rebuttals I made against this documentary should be used as examples of why MJ fans need to know all of the facts of the allegations backwards and forwards so that we can challenge these sleazy journalists who try to disguise tabloid trash as objective journalism, whether it’s an individual like Jacques Peretti, or a corporation like NBC!!

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!