Michael Jackson´s deposition in Mexico in 1993

  by Helena on vindicatemj.wordpress.com

Below are the tapes showing the state Michael was in the midst of the Chandler scandal, in November 1993 when he made a several-day deposition in Mexico. It was a copyright infringement suit which he had to face along with Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton and Joseph Jackson. The lawsuit came after three songwriters alleged that the pop star and his fellow defendants had plagiarized the hits “The Girl Is Mine”, “Thriller” and “We Are the World”. Following the testimony, a nine-member jury found the defendants innocent of plagiarism.

Immediately after that Michael went to a rehabilitation centre to London. Although the media hunted him like crazy Michael´s whereabouts were kept in secret. The hunt went as far as making an announcement in the press of a 50 000 pound-reward to the one who found him first.

See how the voice behind the screen insists that they don´t see any instances of Michael having an addiction problem here. “Does he look or sound like a drug addict? Or is he faking addiction to escape the heat of the terrible charges?”, demands the angry voice. Yes, Michael was never able to please the media — being an addict was no good, but not being an addict was no better, or probably even worse if we believe the angry voice…. Funny how the media change their tune depending on the immediate goal they pursue in respect of Michael Jackson. The deposition is no fun though:

November 8, 1993:

He can hardly keep his eyes open and threatens to collapse in every moment. The deposition lasted for seven hours. It is a torture to see this humiliation and him answering all those endless and pointless questions:

“Who wrote this song?” — “I wrote that”

“Released?” — “Never released”

November 10, 1993 — is it the third day of it? Will you ever find an artist who was treated THAT disrespectfully? Why are they putting him through this? After all there were only 3 songs in dispute — why interrogate him over each of his songs and treat him like a criminal?

OMG, I´ve just remembered that Michael was giving shows at the time — below are the dates which are impossibly close to each other. Now it is clear that all this deposition nonsense was a deliberate attempt to crush him. Otherwise why this timing? Couldn´t they wait until he came back?

Nov 7 Mexico Mexico Aztec Stadium (100,000 people attended)

Nov 9 Mexico Mexico Aztec Stadium (100,000)

Nov 11 Mexico Mexico Aztec Stadium (100,000)

This last show was the next day after the deposition — after which he went to London for treatment. He didn´t know yet that the further humiliation of a strip search was still to come… HOW COULD HE SURVIVE IT ALL?

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!