Victor “The Toad” Gutierrez: British GQ, Another Nail In Their Coffin

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October 12, 2010

I have been searching for the entire article from the May 2006 issue for a while and when David finally found it for me I was very excited. When you read this I hope you will see this as I did: The final nail in this man’s coffin. He is an exemplary stalker our Victor is, he says in this article that yes, he befriended the employees of Neverland due to his Latin connection and invites them to a delightful dish of revenge called civil extortion. He proudly exposes himself as a P.** sympathizer if not actually one of the repulsive creatures by proclaiming that he “infiltrated” the top secret society called NAMBLA. This ladies and gentlemen is the person that started the scandal by befriending Evan and Nathalie Chandler’s maid and invading the mind of Evan Chandler.


I would like to question this: if Victor “The Toad” Gutierrez had been sent in undercover for the LAPD to infiltrate the top secret society called NAMBLA why weren’t these people ever arrested? They do promote criminal activity and it would seem to me that if the LAPD had known about the meeting they would have just busted them, but that’s logic for you, it never quite works in fairytales and that is what Victor was writing, his fairytale version of an uber stars life.

I will add something which will seem minimal right now but Neverland had 2 guest units with 2 bedrooms each. The main house had five bedrooms if you count the loft in Michael’s bedroom. The “Secret Room” was part of the original plans and built by Mr. William Bone in 1982. He was a golf course entrepreneur that had originally thought he would like to turn the property into a golf course. A storage safe that is climate controlled is not that unusual to find in a wealthy persons home, they had things back then that required special storage called fur coats that were made from real animal skin, what I can say they were barbarians. I know this because my grandmother had one. It did not have a nefarious purpose when Mr. Bone had it in his plans and Michael Jackson couldn’t help that it was part of his house when he bought it but, it was a good place to keep valuables like demo tapes or working tapes of his music and films. See the original floor plan below.

First Floor of Neverland

Second Floor of Neverland

Here is a link to the Architectural Digest that the above images were found. I have the magazine and that is where the floor plan is from.
Inside Michael Jackson’s Private Kingdom

I know you a thinking Lyn is getting a little sidetracked here what is the point. Well that so called secret room has bugged me since forever so allow me to take a moment of your time so I can clear this misconception up with our new readers then I will leave Neverland and get back to the real world. I remember the original furor over this “secret room” and it was of course painted as some type of P. torture chamber. It amazes me the multitude of seemingly intelligent people that bought a story from a tabloid TV show called Extra. They have the secret room confused with Michaels sleeping loft. That doesn’t surprise me, they were what they were I guess, but considering the damage that this room did to Michael it should be addressed and corrected. Here is Extra’s interpretation of the secret room which is actually a climate controlled closet.


Wooden Door in Singer’s Closet Seemingly Leads to “Secret” Room
(Burbank, CA -November 19, 2003) – It has its own zoo and amusement park and now, “Extra” has obtained footage of an alleged secret room in Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch!

The never-before-seen footage obtained by “Extra” may provide insight into the world of the 45-year-old singer. The footage, more than fifteen minutes long, shows the king of pop’s bedroom boasting oversized red velvet and gold throne plus the four-post bed seen in Martin Bashir’s documentary on the singer. The footage also shows Jackson’s 10ft. walk-in closet packed with a bizarre collection of childish novelties, pictures of children, books and mementoes. Prominently displayed on a shelf was an autographed photo by “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin inscribed with “Don’t leave me alone in the house,” reportedly a reference to the youngster’s 1990 film.

The most astonishing portion of the footage is a small, windowless bedroom that appears to be accessible only through a secret door located in the back of Jackson’s closet. The footage shows the wooden door from two perspectives. First, it shows the door seemingly hidden behind a clothing rail holding an assortment of military-style costumes. The second perspective shows the same door from a reverse angle – what looks to be from within the “secret” room. Rag dolls line the stairs leading into the “secret” room, which is adorned with a bed draped in Peter Pan bedding, a chair and a Mickey Mouse telephone.

“Extra” will air excerpts of the footage in a multi-part report beginning Thursday, November 20th (check local listings for exact times).

So now you see what the problem is.What it is,is shoddy editing done just to tell a story that simply isn’t true. In reality Michaels Bed would not have fit in that closet they are talking about. Let me show you the actual “secret” room on a tour with Matt Lauer on Today last year.

Well Matt I would think it was something smaller than that bed wouldn’t you? Maybe he locked up young boys in there why don’t you ask Adrian McManus that was part of her story to a London tabloid. Does this little demonstration help at all to dispel yet another MJ myth of the secret room? And of course there is the slight exaggeration by Victor “The toad” that there were 36 bedrooms for his guests to choose from. If you look at the floor plan it didn’t even have enough bedrooms for his family and the nanny. Now back to “The Toad”.


I almost choked when I read this please tell me the police DID NOT USE THIS MANS INFORMATION FOR A SOURCE IN A POLICE INVESTIGATION! Yes he had a very valuable source inside the house, the Chandler’s maid. He befriended her and the disgruntled former employee’s and built a case about Michael Jackson based on his sick fantasy. I would like to think that if Anthony Pellicano had “visited” Victor he would never have been around to write his book that is for sure.

As for the police and most likely Tom Sneddon who may have been encouraged by Diane Dimond believing this man I just have to ask where their brains went in this case? It is evident though in Sneddon’s Petition to allow 1108 or prior bad acts that he was indeed their source. I just can’t tell you how stupid I think the police and prosecutors were in this case. I have no words to describe that level of ignorance. I have links to Sneddon’s Motion to permit evidence of prior bad acts and another link for an article by Roger Friedman about the fact that every single “abused boy” and witnesses are from a “Porn” book by Victor Gutierrez. The entire allegation and the 1993 case could have been blown wide open with this information. Can you believe that this man created what he did?

Jacko´s Former Flack Won´t Lie

Sneddon prior bad acts.pdf


It is also the book. I am sure that Michael Jackson’s lawyers covered all forms of media in the slander suit against this guy just like the settlement covered every kind of media known at the time. As for being involved in Martin Bashir’s documentary all I can say is WHAT? I have not been able to find him in the credits but really? Did those 2 actually know each other before the documentary or is Victor “The Toad” just bragging? I have to add that there was another Documentary made by either Martin Bashir or ITV the original network in the UK that aired his nasty piece of rubbish. I hope someone can find it for me so I can add it here.

It certainly is sad for Victor that he didn’t get the recognition he so deserved and think of having to watch your lifes work being plagarized like he did. What a shame. I wonder who would have done that? I for one would LOVE to see you get the credit you SOOOOOOOOOOO DESERVE. All I can say is 2 BAD or let’s let Michael say it for us shall we?

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!