Victor Gutierrez is a link to NAMBLA and REAL pedophiles. Was it a big P.Plan?

  by Helena on

October 07, 2010

SUZY translated into English the German article found by LOUISE and is now presenting it in the blog:

It is a real bombshell! It seems Lynette was right and our gut feelings about Victor Gutierrez being a p. were right. Although Gutierrez claims he is heterosexual, but even if that’s true he is certainly paid well by NAMBLA! Look at him advocating p-ia here! I have no doubt about that now!

The plot is thickening. The portrayal of MJ as a p. and his persecution really was a big p-le master plan! It started in 1986, as you will see from this article:

The article dates back to April 2005, so during the trial. The title is „It was love” (makes me puke and such things are which make me suspect VG is a p.).

It’s about Victor Guiterrez releasing „Jordan Chandler’s Diary” (which we know is fake). The article starts with claiming that allegedly Jordan , „who got a 25 million dollar settlement”, would too testify at the trial. (We since know both claims to be untrue – the settlement wasn’t about 25 million dollars but 15 million and Jordan did not testify).

„Michael Jackson is a p., without doubt” – Gutierrez is quoted. The paper met him in the Hollywood Hilton Hotel. The 40-year-old journalist wore a black jacket, jeans and glasses.

„He puts a book on the table before us. There are only few copies left of it. On Amazon they cost 300 to 1000 dollars. The title: ’Michael Jackson was my lover’.

Gutierrez has researched the subject since the 80s. “He came dangerously close to the truth” (please notice I’m quoting). Jackson’s much feared „private investigator” Anthony Pellicano issued him death threats. He had to spend long years outside of the USA. (Notice the spin here – he didn’t „have to” spend long years outside of the USA. He could have maybe paid the money he was ordered to pay by the court and then he could have stayed in the US.)

„The 90s were very difficult for me” – says Gutierrez.” (cry me a river)

He says the photo on the cover of his book about Michael in his pyjamas was shot by Jordan Chandler in his (Jordan’s) room during the time he stayed there. The article also claims Gutierrez’s book is greatly based on the diary of the then 13-year-old Jordie. Quote again: „The content of the 215-page book is very explicit, very intimate. It says that between February and July 1993 Michael Jackson and Jordie Chandler were a couple. And they had sex.”

Then the article goes on to say how it’s a „turning point” in the MJ trial that Judge Rodney Melville allowed in the „alleged prior sexual crimes” evidence and it speculates how names like Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Sean Lennon, Wade Robson, Albert von Thurn and Taxis, Jimmy Safechuck, Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, Cory Feldman, Edward and Frank Cascio, Jordie Chandler, could come up there.

Quote: „They were all little boys between the age of 10 and 13. They were all very pretty. They were all close to Michael Jackson. And now they become very dangerous to him.” The article speculates how it could make the trial be dragged on maybe until even the autumn and says: „Jackson’s chances for an acquittal will sink dramatically every day”. (It’s not explained why. Wishful thinking, I guess.)

And this is where it starts to be interesting! The next chapter is titled „Jackson: Hero of the p-les”

First they introduce Gutierrez. They say he grew up in Chile. He works for a paper in Santiago where he writes about politics and human rights (really? what rights does he advocate? p. “rights” maybe?). He first came to the USA in 1984 as a photographer for the Olympic Games in LA. He didn’t go back to his land where Pinochet ruled. „The American Dream was too attractive”, he says. He finds a job at a Spanish paper in LA and becomes a crime reporter.

In 1986 he reports from a congress of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). NAMBLA was founded in the 70s. It „supports relationships between generations”. It was supported by prominent names like Gore Vidal and Allen Ginsberg. It got quickly isolated from the rest of the gay movement. Gutierrez claims he heard at this congress for the first time that „Michael is one of us.” He says: „Jackson was treated like an idol there, as a hope for social acceptance.”

Guiterrez quit his job at the newspaper and started talking to employees of Jackson and interviewed the first boys. He was soon out of money, he sold his car, he tried to save money on food.

Quote: „He learns: there are several types of p-les. P-lia is as old as the human race (it reminds me of those professors who recommended Carl Tom’s book and who advocate the same idea and teach their students ped-lia in Ancient Greece as a regular subject). Not every game they play is a terrible crime. Victor Gutierrez says: ’In the five months of their relationship Michael Jackson and Jordie Chandler were happy. It was love.’” (If this is not p. propaganda, then what is?)

Then the article describes „D-Day”, 23. August 1993, when the first news of the allegations against Michael broke. How Michael’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman called Michael, who was in Thailand, and broke the bad news to him. Michael denies the allegations, he throws vases to the wall and stops eating.

The next chapter is titled „The parents earn good with it”

It introduces Jordan: he was born on 11, January, 1980. A skinny, dark haired boy, whose parents are divorced since he was five. The article claims that divorced parents are a constant feature by almost all of Jackson’s young friends. (I don’t think it’s true.) Jordan’s parents are described as greedy who were after money and fame. (Guess this is the problem of Ray Chandler with Gutierrez.) Gutierrez says: „In America I learnt what „stage parents” are.” Parents who send their children to singing competitions and constantly look to get near stars.

The article claims that for expensive goods, money and travels Jordan’s parents overlook that a man, who is almost three times as old as him, sleeps in the room of their 13-year-old son. The article says the situation escalated when Jackson wasn’t willing to buy the screenplays written by Chandler’s father, who then got mad and informed the authorities and filed civil charges.

The article claims that as Jackson finds out about the existence of the diary he makes a bizarre contract with Jordie which should stop him from releasing it. (LOL, it’s the first time I hear the settlement was because of Jordan’s diary.). Again it’s claimed it was 25 million dollars (it was 15 million), which Michael paid in annuities, and the parents got one million dollars each too. If Jordan breaks his silence, claims the article, he has to pay back the money. The old lie about Jordan’s description of Michael’s genitals matching is repeated.

Victor Gutierrez answers all questions, just not one: how did he get the diary. “Although on the first page of the book it says: ‘For Jordie. Thanks for your courage’.” The article writes about Jordan then, that he is 25 and hiding from the media. Last year he lived together with his friend, an investment banker, in New York. (I don’t know if it’s an attempt to suggest a gay relationship. I have this feeling. But Jordan is not gay, as far as I know.)

Gutierrez: “Jordie was at the time very intelligent for his age. He was clever and sensible.” Quote: “It was Jackson’s most intense relationship. ‘At the beginning Michael didn’t know what’s up with him. He only got to know more about p-les in the 90s through the Internet’, says Gutierrez.”

It’s asked why don’t more boys speak out. Gutierrez: “’They are all afraid.’ Not of Michael and his power but of public opinion. ‘It’s about homosexuality’, says Gutierrez, ‘Nobody wants to be the gay Jackson boy.’ His theory: if Madonna had a relationship with a minor that wouldn’t be such a big scandal. On the schoolyard the boy would be a hero. But as Jackson’s lover he would be a faggot.”

’In a hundred years maybe such relationships will be socially accepted’, says Gutierrez. (remember he introduced the same idea in Jacques Peretti’s film?) The story reminds him of Oscar Wilde and his young lover Bosi. As Gutierrez, a hererosexual himself (if that’s true, I guess NAMBLA pays him well), was looking for a publisher for his book in 1995 he heard people say he glamourizes p-les. (I wonder where people got that idea from. LOL.) He released a Spanish version of his book in Chile. He ships the English version to small book shops in LA himself. Michael Jackson never sued him for his book. His employees buy up all copies those they get hold of..“

Then the 1995 lawsuit of Michael against Gutierrez is mentioned. It says Gutierrez “made a mistake”. This chapter is at least correctly described. That Gutierrez made a claim he couldn’t prove and the mother said Michael never molested his son and Gutierrez could never prove the existence of the tape. Jackson wins the case, Gutierrez is ordered to pay him 2.7 million dollars, but flees to Chile instead.

“He is back in L.A. since 2003 and for the first time he earns money with the story. NBC employs him as an advisor. The company “Rituale World of Wonder” got an option of publishing his book (when Googling this name the only one link that comes up is the link to this very article – does this company exist at all?).

Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, who made the documentary “Inside Deep Throat” and before that the Macaulay Culkin comeback „Party Monster”, are working on a Screenplay from Gutierrez’s book in which Danny de Vito should play Gutierrez. (I sense another VG fairy tale here.).

P.S. by Suzy additionally to the article:

There are certainly signs in Gutierrez’s book which tell us he WAS in contact with the Chandlers and up until a point they were supportive of his book. Otherwise they wouldn’t have given him pictures of Michael those were shot by Jordan and also private pictures of Jordan himself.

What made them turn on each other?
Probably that Gutierrez had a different agenda than them. His story is not that of a victim. His story is a “love story” (as much as I want to puke from this idea) that was ruined by the “evil prejudice” of society and the greed of the parents. Gutierrez used them and then went with his own agenda. They didn’t like that.

It’s my impression that the journalist is probably a p. too. He seems to be sympathetic to VG and his “case”.

I will search for more on that website. At the end of the article it says: “Tomorrow: Jordie Chandler and Michael Jackson: the story of an abused love”. It’s a very suspicious title again. Suspicious of more p. propaganda….

SUZY AND LOUISE, THANKS A LOT FOR THIS FIND (though it does look like opening a can of worms)!

Here is the link to the original article:

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!