They are firing their fury at an innocent man AGAIN

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David Edwards has sent us an urgent message concerning a group called ROAD TO RECOVERY, which is planning to disrupt Michael Jackson´s induction into the National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame (in Sarasota Springs, New York on August 15th.)

The founder of the group, Rev. Bob Hoatson is a clergy abuse survivor. His first cousin James Craig Hoatson was also abused by a clergyman and killed himself as a result. The group of Bob Hoatson is ´the only non-profit organization in the United States that offers compassionate counseling and referral services to survivors of clergy sexual abuse´, according to their site.

I am sure that all of us have a deep sympathy for the people who were molested in their childhood. And the anti-pedophile cause this group is working for is fully in line with what every Michael Jackson´s follower would whole-heartedly support as children´s wellbeing and their right to a joyful and innocent childhood were the matters of Michael´s primary concern throughout his life.

But since the action undertaken by this group is not targeted at real pedophiles but is aimed at a completely innocent person who was never found guilty of this despicable crime and who fought tooth and nail for the right to never be associated with these people, we need to speak to this group and try to shatter their concrete-stone views on Jackson formed under the effect of media lies and vicious defamatory campaigns.

Though David Edwards has already tried to approach Rev. Hoatson with a request to refrain from any anti-Jackson activities his communication with the priest has not been very successful yet. I´ve also prepared a letter to him (see the comments) and will make another attempt, though I do realize it that the chances that the people who were abused in their childhood and were brainwashed by the media will see reason are close to a nil. However the hope is always there…

In the meantime please read what DAVID has to tell us about his interaction with Rev. Hoatson. David provides invaluable links and great arguments which speak or even scream in the defense of Michael Jackson:

Since Road to Recovery appeared to be a legitimate advocacy group (unlike those Westboro Baptist Church lunatics who picketed outside of MJ´s memorial last year (Phelps Westboro Baptist Church targets Michael Jackson memorial ), I assumed that if I contacted them, I could reason with them. With all of the biased, pro-prosecution media coverage of MJ´s trial, I wouldn´t blame anyone for assuming that MJ was guilty. But if you´re an advocacy group who wants to label someone as being a molester, then you had BETTER do some serious research to make sure you´re correct! Not only has this group not done any research, but they REFUSE to do any research!

I emailed Rev. Bob Hoatson, one of the founders, and I sent him some basic info that is the foundation for MJ´s innocence (Charles Thomson´s article, Matt Drudge´s radio commentary from the trial, and confirmation that MJ´s insurance carrier paid the settlement), and he completely IGNORED it all! He knows that he can´t prove MJ was guilty, so he´s now using MJ´s “bed sharing” as an excuse to call him a molester because to him “a grown man sharing a bed is in and of itself molestation”!

He also condescendingly claimed that I wasn´t with MJ 24/7 so I can´t know if he´s innocent, and of course I replied to him that neither was he, so he can´t say he´s guilty!! And he continues to use the $20 million dollar settlement with the Chandlers as an automatic and absolute sign of guilt!

I tried my best to reason with him, but he seems dead set on protesting MJ just for the sake of protesting. Please post an update on all of your sites that MJ fans need to bombard Road to Recovery with complaints, and to also SUPPORT the National Museum of Dance and encourage them NOT TO BACK DOWN!

One last thing: in my second email to him, you´ll notice that I included a story about a priest who was accused of molestation, and his Archdiocese paid a $1.4 million dollar settlement to the victim. Subsequently, the priest filed a defamation lawsuit against the victim. Very interesting!

Here is the contact info for Road to Recovery :Contact Road to Recovery

and the Dance Museum: National Museum of Dance

Here is the invitation for the induction event. Tickets start at $50 dollars, and you should encourage MJ fans to go there and show their support: Tickets


From: David Edwards
Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 8:43 PM
Subject: Michael Jackson protest

Dear Rev. Hoatson,

My name is David Edwards, and I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I’m also a huge fan of organizations like Road To Recovery that help TRUE victims of child abuse, and I respect all of the fine work that you do.

I recently read an article about a protest that your organization plans to do at Michael Jackson’s induction into the Dance Hall of Fame. I’m sure that you have only the most noble intentions, but I would like to respectfully inform you that your assertions that Michael Jackson is a child molester are woefully wrong.

In this article, you are quoted as saying the following:
Contact Michael Jackson museum induction to be hit by protests

“Most often a not-guilty verdict means a wealthy defendant had enough money to buy a verdict of ‘reasonable doubt’,’ wrote John Aretakis and the Reverend Robert Hoatson of the group, Road to Recovery Inc, in a letter to the museum.

We know your Hall of Fame may do good work and is trying to secure state and national notoriety, media coverage and significant donations. However, to do so on the backs of childhood survivors of sexual abuse by honoring a pedophile is not a good business decision.”

Rev. Hoatson, I can assure you that in this case, not guilty equals innocent! Michael Jackson was the victim of a cruel extortion attempt carried out by a family that he had a falling out with, and whose lies were enabled and encouraged by a corrupt district attorney and a vicious media that was hungry to see Michael Jackson in prison in order to generate ratings.

Now, I don’t want to sit here and regurgitate each and every facet of the trial, because if I did this email would be at least 20 pages long. But I will respectfully ask you to please read the following article, and watch the following you tube videos to help educate yourself with the facts of the case.

1. This is the link to an article that was written (by Charles Thomson) a few weeks ago to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s rightful acquittal in 2005. It discusses the facts of the case, and most importantly, how the media deliberately tried to manufacture a guilty verdict by convicting Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion by showing a pro-prosecution bias in their reporting:
Michael Jackson museum induction to be hit by protests

2. Another example of someone who accurately reported on the Michael Jackson trial, and brutally criticized the media for their biased coverage, is conservative commentator Matt Drudge, who runs the Drudge Report. He provided some commentary on the trial to his viewers, and called it exactly how he saw it. His commentary is part of a youtube series that is dedicated to vindicating Michael Jackson, and obviously I don’t expect you to watch all 60+ videos in the series, but I would definitely appreciate it if you watched the following 4 videos. To make it easier for you, I included the time segments that include Drudge’s commentary, which is around 17 minutes dispersed over the 4 videos.

Part 45, Drudge’s commentary is from 1:20 to 6:30:

Part 52, Drudge’s commentary is from 7:16 to the end:

Part 53, Drudge’s commentary is from the beginning to 6:49, and from 8:10 to the end

Part 54, Drudge’s commentary is from the beginning to 3:29

3. Lastly, I would like to debunk the myth that Michael Jackson “bought the silence” of the family that accused him of child molestation on 1993. That is a lie that the media has peddled for years, and continues to do so. The family filed a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson, after the police started their criminal investigation. The judge initially ruled that the civil lawsuit could proceed to trial before the criminal investigation was complete, and he denied Michael Jackson’s request to delay the civil lawsuit until AFTER the criminal trial was over. As a result, Michael Jackson’s legal defense insurance carrier negotiated and paid the $20 million (some $15,7 mln. to be exact) dollar settlement without Michael Jackson’s approval (similar to how your car insurance company will settle a lawsuit without your consent, if it is more expedient to do so. Or how an insurance carrier will settle a medical malpractice claim without the doctor’s approval.)

The reason that Michael Jackson’s insurance carrier paid the settlement is because they didn’t want to negative coverage of Michael Jackson going through back-to-back civil & criminal trials, they were worried about the toll it would have on his health, and they didn’t want to expose their defense strategy to the prosecution before the criminal trial.

The terms of the settlement included a confidentiality agreement that prevented the family from discussing the matter in public (i.e. interviews, book deals, etc.). However, the family was permitted to testify against Michael Jackson IN COURT! In fact, it is illegal to obstruct justice by forbidding a victim from cooperating with police in a criminal investigation.

After the family received the money, they REFUSED to testify against Michael Jackson in criminal court, in both 1994 & 2005. What kind of family chooses money over justice? If someone molested my child, I would fight tooth & nail to get that person put in jail!

In 2005, the prosecution requested to the judge that they be allowed to present the terms of the settlement in 1994 to the jury as a sign of guilt. Jackson’s defense team submitted a request to deny it, because Jackson DID NOT pay or approve of the settlement, and the settlement explicitly said that the payment was not an admission of guilt.

Please pay attention to the following:

“Because the insurance companies were the source of the settlement amounts, and the insurance companies make the payments based on their contractual rights to settle the proceeding without Mr. Jackson’s permission, the settlement does not constitute an admission [of guilt]”

“The settlement agreement was for global claims of negligence and the lawsuit was defended by Mr. Jackson’s insurance carrier. The insurance carrier negotiated and paid the settlement, over the protests of Mr. Jackson and her personal legal counsel. It is general practice for a insurer to be entitled to control settlement negotiations and the insured is precluded from any interference.[] An insurance carrier has the right to settle claims covered by insurance when it decides settlement is expedient and the insured may not interfere with nor prevent such settlements.”

“No admission against interest nor acknowledgement of criminality can be inferred regarding Mr. Jackson from the act of the insurance carrier in settling the litigating.”

And about the criminal investigation going on even AFTER the settlement agreement:

“Although Jordan Chandler was interviewed ‘thereafter’ by detectives seeking evidence to offer in a child molestation prosecution against Michael Jackson, “no criminal charges were filed as a result of that interview.

In other words, Jordan Chandler’s statements were not sufficient even at the earlier time, to support child molestation charges against Michael Jackson, and to now permit the suggestion of a settlement agreement for some improper act is not only irrelevant, but also a speculative violation of the statute of limitations.”
Source: (

In closing, I would just like to say that I respect you and your organization, and I understand why you think Michael Jackson “got away with it like OJ Simpson”. You have been bamboozled by the mainstream media, and you’ve probably never taken the time to thoroughly investigate the facts, so I am here to help you do so. Please evaluate all of the information that I have presented here to you, and hopefully after doing so you will reconsider your decision to protest Michael Jackson’s induction into the Dance Hall of Fame.


David Edwards

From: bob hoatson []
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 7:42 AM
To: David M Edwards
Subject: RE: Michael Jackson protest David:

Thank you for your email and thank you for being a fan of Road to Recovery. While I respect your admiration for Michael Jackson as an artist, I cannot agree with you that “in this case, not guilty equals innocent.” For the sake of brevity, I have two observations/questions that I believe will speak to the heart of the issue:

1) unless you monitored Michael Jackson’s behavior with your own eyes 24/7, including his sleeping arrangements. I don’t know how you can conclude that nothing ever happened between Michael and minor children. First-hand information is what proves or disproves these allegations, and there is plenty of evidence to indicate that he slept frequently with underage children….that’s child abuse.

2) agreeing to give someone a $20 million settlement is more than a “here is some money to get rid of the case” arrangement. That family was given 20 million dollars to keep quiet.

Bob Hoatson

From: David Edwards
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 3:11 PM
To: ‘bob hoatson’
Subject: RE: Michael Jackson protest

Good afternoon Rev. Hoatson,

Thank you for your quick response! I truly hope that this can be the start of a respectful and constructive dialogue between us about the allegations against MJ.

I will start off by saying this: with all due respect, did you even bother to read the information that I sent you? Did you read the article, or listen to Matt Drudge’s commentary on the trial? Did you read that legal document? I assume the answer to all three of those questions is no, based on the short reply that you sent me “for the sake of brevity”.

This is a very serious issue, and the facts of the case cannot be taken skimmed over “for the sake of brevity”. If you and your organization are going to take the time and effort to protest MJ’s induction, then you should do some research and objectively look at all of the facts before jumping to conclusions that MJ was guilty but “got away with it like OJ Simpson”. (That excuse is typically used by people who are too prejudiced or too lazy to do any research.)

Sir, we all know that the justice system isn’t perfect, and guilty people are acquitted and innocent people are convicted all the time. But in this case, justice was served! If MJ had been convicted, you’d be saying that the justice system is “perfect”, because the conviction would have coincided with your pre-judgments about MJ.

Personally, I’m confused as to why you’re protesting. In the article, you implied that you felt MJ was guilty, but in your reply you implied that even if MJ never molested anyone, the fact that he slept in the same bed with kids was “in and of itself” child abuse, and that seems to be the foundation of your argument. You also said that I can’t know for sure that MJ was innocent because I wasn’t around him 24/7, well in that case you can’t know for sure that he’s guilty because YOU weren’t around him 24/7 either! Now, here is my response to the two points that you mentioned:

1. You also mentioned that “first-hand information is what proves or disproves these allegations”, well I’m about to give you some first-hand information.

In the following three clips, MJ’s defense attorney Tom Mesereau, Elizabeth Taylor, and Macaulay Culkin each explain and defend MJ’s sleepovers.

MJ did not sneak in little boys to sleep with him; in fact, ENTIRE FAMILIES often slept in MJ’s room! And to call it a “room” would be a gross understatement, because it was actually a duplex that was 2 stories high and had 3 bathrooms! If it had a kitchen, you could literally live inside of his room!

MJ would invite entire families to visit, and when they spent the night, many times they stayed in his room because they always wanted to be around him. Kids were required to get their parents’ permission, and oftentimes the parents were in the room with them. During both molestation investigations, there were no corroborating witnesses (i.e., nobody else claimed to have been molested, despite being pressured by police during their rough interrogations).

There were only two scumbag parents who concocted the allegations after they had a falling out with MJ over money in 1993 & 2003. Each of the following interviews are only a few minutes long, so PLEASE open your mind and hear them explain what really happened.

Attorney Mesereau’s interview with Jay Leno from June 2005:

Elizabeth Taylor’s interview with Larry King from 2006:

Macaulay Culkin´s interview with Larry King from 2004:

2. Let me reiterate myself: that $20 (or 15,7) million dollar payment was NOT “hush money”!!! The family filed a civil lawsuit against MJ before the criminal investigation was even completed. MJ’s legal defense insurance company negotiated and paid the settlement without MJ’s approval! They did so in order to avoid the negative publicity of MJ having to have two back to back trials (civil and then criminal). I already explained this in my first email to you, and it’s clear that didn’t even read that far into it.

If MJ had attempted to pay hush money, he would have been immediately arrested and charged with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Besides, if he was guilty, don’t you think he would have paid “hush money” BEFORE the allegations went public, and BEFORE he had to endure the humiliating strip search.

By the way, the boy’s said MJ’s penis was circumcised, when in fact it was NOT circumcised! This was confirmed in MJ’s autopsy report, and this is proves the boy was lying and hence MJ was NEVER arrested and charged in 1994.

Why would anyone PUBLICLY announce to the world that they were paying “hush money”? Hush money is ILLEGAL. PLEASE skim over the document that I sent you.

You used that as a sign of guilt, when it didn’t even happen like that. Now let’s reverse the equation, and look at the family. Since they ACCEPTED the money, and REFUSED to testify against MJ in both 1993 and 2005, what does that say about the validity of their accusation?

How come NOBODY ever vilifies that family for not testifying! Why are they sooooooooo afraid of being cross-examined in a court of law? If somebody molested your children, you would fight tooth & nail to put the perpetrator behind bars! You would go straight to the police with your complaint, not to a civil attorney to file a lawsuit!

Rev. Hoatson, if you are truly open minded and willing to have a respectful and constructive dialogue, then we can continue with these emails. But if you have already convicted MJ of some HYPOTHETICAL molestation that you ASSUMED happened, and nothing is going to change your mind, then let me know now and I won’t waste your time anymore.

I decided to write you because I respect what your organization stands for, and I thought that I could reason with you (unlike those Westboro Baptist Church lunatics who protest gay rights at military funerals). I thought that perhaps you were just misled about the allegations due to media distortions, and that I could prove to you that MJ was truly innocent.

It’s truly sad when children are abused, and it’s equally as sad when INNOCENT people are falsely accused!

Below is an article from earlier this year about a priest who was FALSELY accused of molestation in 2006 (the “victim” claimed that the molestation occurred in the 1980’s). Despite his claims of innocence, his Archdiocese paid a $1.4 million dollar settlement to the victim. (Do you think they paid it because they thought the priest was guilty? According to your logic, the Archdiocese paid the settlement as “hush money”.) The priest has since filed a lawsuit against the victim for defamation and malicious prosecution. Now, since you’re a priest, I’m sure you have some compassion for what the priest in this article went through, and I would only ask that you extend that same compassion to Michael Jackson. Thank you!

Priest sues accusers after abuse suit dismissed on technicality


Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!