Evan Chandler was a PSYCHIATRIC CASE

  by Helena on vindicatemj.wordpress.com

The comment from Lex who mentioned that Evan Chandler had a BIPOLAR DISORDER is putting everything in its place now.

This psychiatric disorder which swings the man between two poles – the exalted mania and extreme depression which may (and did) result in a suicide in Evan’s case – explains his delusions about Michael Jackson, his fixed idea about the man’s alleged guilt and his mania to harass him even after the settlement agreement.

It explains why despite all his concern for Jordan’s well-being the father was relentless in telling degrading stories about his son through various books sold under other people’s names and why he made an attempt on Jordan’s life which estranged from each other forever. It explains innumerable other things each of which struck me as slightly inadequate when taken separately – but when brought together under the name of Bipolar disorder form a complete picture of a distorted and ill mind now proven by the psychiatric diagnosis.

How do we know that Evan Chandler did have this disorder?

The most surprising thing about it is that it was Diane Dimond who disclosed Evan Chandler’s secret in the Weekly Trust article. Though it is mentioned there somewhat in passing, now she can claim that she did report the truth and it is all our fault that we didn’t notice it! Here is the article:


Written by Luchina Fisher
21 November 2009

The suicide of the father of one of Michael Jackson’s alleged molestation victims was not related to Jackson’s recent death but most likely stemmed from his longtime debilitating illness, according to sources close to the family. Evan Chandler, 65, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head, according to Jersey City, N.J., police who found him in his luxury waterfront apartment on Nov. 5.

A onetime Beverly Hills dentist, Chandler was the father of Jordie Chandler, now 29, who was paid a reported $20 million ($15,3 to be exact) by Jackson to stop speaking about his claims that he was abused during sleepovers with the King of Pop in 1992, when Jordie was 12. His parents reportedly received $1.5 million each as part of the settlement, according to Diane Dimond, author of “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case.” Dimond told ABCNews.com that Chandler was suffering from a rare metabolic disorder called Gaucher disease, a hereditary condition most prevalent in the Ashkenazi Jewish population.

The disease causes a slow, painful deterioration and if left untreated can be excruciating. Dimond said Chandler, who was also bipolar, did not take care of his condition. Moreover, Chandler was estranged from Jordie, his two ex-wives, his children from his second marriage, and his two brothers. “He had pushed everybody away,” Dimond said. “He was very sick. He needed crutches to get around. He couldn’t earn money on his own. He had spent all his money. All he had was a monthly stipend from the son (Jordie) who wouldn’t talk to him.”

Dimond said the cop who responded to Chandler’s apartment found medication and medical paraphernalia all over the room, indicating that Chandler was a “very ill man in a lot of pain.” Chandler’s troubles began years earlier, even before Jordie met Jackson, according to Victor Gutierrez, author of “Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary of Jordan Chandler.”

“This family did not fall apart right after the settlement,” Gutierrez told ABCnews.com. “This family was dysfunctional way before.”

Source: Father of Michael Jackson acccuser ended life alone, in pain

Though I do not believe a single word said by Diane Dimond and especially Victor Gutierrez who is a nightmare of a liar, I am sure that their present revelations about Evan Chandler’s life and painful illnesses are genuine enough as both authors have dedicated their lives to defaming Michael’s name and cannot be suspected of any pro-Jackson (or anti-Chandler) sentiment.

If Diane Dimond says Evan Chandler had a bipolar disorder, it means that he did have it and probably in its gravest form too, or he probably suffered from some more cruel mental illness for that matter.

If Victor Gutierrez says that the Chandler family was dysfunctional way before the settlement, it means it had already fallen apart before Michael Jackson had the ill fate to enter their lives and that everything Evan Chandler said about Michael breaking up his family was just one of his innumerable delusions…

Many of us have been impressed by Evan Chandler’s genuine emotions recorded in his taped conversation with David Schwartz and have somewhat illogically taken these emotions for reasons to suspect Michael of some wrongdoing. Well, if someone is raging about someone else it does not necessarily mean that the other person is at fault – even genuine emotions and suspicions may be totally wrong (as is the case of those husbands who deny their wives all freedom because of their incessant jealousy).

But if we have to do with the emotions of a man whose mind is hampered by a psychiatric illness, GOD SAVE US from our life path being crossed by a man like that… It becomes clear now why Evan Chandler divorced both of his wives and was estranged from all his children, including those by his second marriage… and why he complained to David in that tape that he had been cheated by every single girl he had gone out with, from the first to the last one… and why he said that if he didn’t have a chance to talk with his then wife Monique about his fears (that she was coming home late) he would probably shoot her or divorce her … and that if he were married to Mother Teresa he’d have the same feelings… and why he accused Michael of wanting Evan ‘out of the way to such an extent that he wouldn’t take his phone calls’ and why he said “Just because I am paranoid, it doesn’t mean somebody isn’t”…

Goodness gracious! And it was this man that Michael was supposed to sit down to talk to and answer his phone call each time Evan Chandler demanded it?

Here is what Randy Taraborralli wrote about some of his experiences with Evan Chandler (text provided by Lex, thank you!):

“I met him several times in the 1990s. I had lots of secret meetings with Evan Chandler, trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. I was pretty young, sort of green and wish I had my present level of expertise to be able to have applied back then. I have stories about that guy that I have never even published. He was about as inconsistent as they come. He was so determined to get me on his side, I thought he was just a tad scary. If you read my book you sort of get how I felt — feel — about him. When it came out, he called me screaming at me for not just buying his story 100%.

He actually threatened me, and I thought… okay, pal, now I know who you really are. I wish it had all been handed differently. To be honest, I wish MJ had never settled, and I told Michael that several times. But… he felt he had to save his life, and I understood that, too. He really was in bad shape. However, I wish it had gone to trial so we could have had real evidence presented in a court of law – like the Arvizo nonsense — and then really been able to sort through it and come to some real decisions. It all seems so useless now, though, doesn’t it? And such a shame.”

Here is another glimpse of how Evan Chandler lived his life after the settlement with Michael Jackson:


By Tim Perone, Linda Stasi and David K. LI

Posted: November 18, 2009

A tormented New Jersey dad, who spent nearly two decades grappling with his son’s sensational molestation claims against Michael Jackson, finally ended his pain with a gunshot to the head, authorities said yesterday.

The body of Evan Chandler, 65, the father of Jordan “Jordy” Chandler, was found in his luxury Jersey City apartment on Nov. 5 — still holding his .38-caliber revolver as he lay in bed, officials said yesterday.

There were five different prescription drugs in the home. No suicide note was found.

Chandler died a broken man, gravely ill and estranged from his entire family, loved ones said, living out his days in sad isolation 17 years after Jackson first infected his world.

Once a stunningly handsome and prominent Beverly Hills dentist, Chandler saw his life turned upside down by his son’s claims — enduring the collapse of his practice and physical assaults, and driven to disguise himself with repeated plastic surgeries to avoid abuse from rabid Jacko fans.

Jackson was never charged with a crime, paying Jordan a staggering $20 million to end the probe into allegations he had molested the boy at Neverland Ranch and various other LA locations.

The accusations initially tore Jordan, now 29, apart from his mom, June Chandler, who was blamed for getting him mixed up with Jackson.

But in recent years, that changed, with Jordan reconnecting with his mother at the same time he cut off ties with his father, family sources said.

Jordan claimed his dad attacked him with a dumbbell and got a restraining order against him in fall 2006. They never spoke to each other again.

“Over the years, [Evan] began to develop tremendous mood swings. He was always depressed,” a family member said.

“He stopped coming to family events because he was afraid of being recognized, like anyone in the family would care. That eventually turned into permanent estrangement from his family.”

Chandler’s son was 12 when he first met the King of Pop in 1992, after Jackson’s car broke down near the Los Angeles rental-car agency owned by the boy’s stepfather. His parents had long been divorced.

From the outset, Chandler was suspicious of MJ’s relationship with his son, who often stayed in the boy’s bedroom during creepy sleepovers.

Then a Beverly Hills dentist, Chandler put Jordan under anesthesia to remove a tooth — and that’s when Jordan first admitted Jackson had touched him inappropriately.

The youngster later repeated those claims to a psychologist, launching the massive probe in LA and Santa Barbara.

Chandler and his son remained tight for years after the settlement, and lived together as recently as 2006 in New Jersey before becoming estranged.

As much as Chandler loathed Jackson, the dad ended up going down the same freaky plastic-surgery path as Jackson, his family said.

Over the years, Chandler subjected himself to a series of cosmetic procedures, satisfying his own vanity and paranoia that Jackson’s fans were coming after him, family sources said.

Years of nips and tucks rendered Chandler virtually unrecognizable from the way he looked in the ’90s.

Chandler regularly self-administered Botox and cosmetic facial fillers.

“He was a handsomer version of Rob Lowe, that’s how drop-dead handsome he was,” a loved one said. “Since he was such a handsome guy, as he got older, he became more obsessive-compulsive about his looks.”

Former Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas, who was in office when Jackson was investigated for touching Jordan, said he never held it against the family for taking the money.

Thomas said he feels bad for everyone in Chandler’s family.

“I don’t know that anybody came out of this in a better way,” he said.

Family members said Chandler owned at least one gun — and feared the weapon he used to kill himself was the firearm he purchased after being beaten up in a Southern California parking garage in the 1990s.

The family always suspected Jackson fans were responsible for the beatdown.

More recently, Chandler was a patient at the Colanta Hematology & Oncology Center in Bayonne, NJ.

The day he was found dead, Chandler had missed an appointment there, prompting doctors to call his apartment at Liberty Towers.

A concierge let himself into Chandler’s unit and found his body in the master bedroom, police said.

Chandler was suffering from a serious illness and had at least five different prescription medications in his home, sources said.

Doctors and cops declined to elaborate on Chandler’s ailment”.

Source: Jacko molest-rap dad kills himself

Sure they did – otherwise they would have had to admit that Evan Chandler was a PSYCHIATRIC CASE. To give you some idea of what Bipolar Disorder is all about here is the opinion of a medical professional who happens to be one of Michael’s supporters:

Lynande: “I still work 2 days a week in a psychiatric ward. I think he had what is called Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder. In the tapes with Dave Schwartz you can hear it if you listen closely. Several times in the tape he even admits that he is wasted. That is a very common feeling for a person with this disorder. By wasted they mean that their thoughts are not connecting anymore, nothing is making sense to him anymore.

He wasn’t sleeping and he said that his second wife was urging him to do this because she could not deal with him anymore. I think he had a positive symptom of delusions. Some of these are called fixed delusions which means that no matter what their particular delusion is he believes it no medication can get rid of it. He had convinced himself that Michael had molested his son and once he got the letter from the psychiatrist it was all the confirmation he needed.

People were afraid of him, violence is very common, Dave Schwartz was – that was why he taped him. They even got in a fight in Barry Rothman’s office and one other time he hit him until he lost consciousness. He was continuing to sue every one involved. The accusations that angry Michael Jackon fans beat him in front of his house, the dead rat on their front door. Michael’s fans aren’t always darlings but he demonized them more than they are capable of.

He tried to kill the very son that he had been so concerned about. Those are indicators of his paranoia. The fact that he alienated his entire family is very common with this mental illness because they are afraid of them and just can’t deal with them. When ever his ” brother” related the story it was filled with uneccesary details related to him not Jordan. This is called circumstantiality excessive and irrelevent detail in description with the person eventually making their point. When he killed himself it was not guilt it was his mental illness”.

Yes, all those unnecessary details about Evan here, Evan there seem to be betraying the real author standing behind those horrifying books written under the names of Ray Chandler or Victor Gutierrez which are filled with imaginary ‘evidence’ against Michael and delusional pictures of Jordan’s molestation….

So Diane Dimond said that Evan Chandler was suffering from BIPOLAR disease. We’ve also now heard another opinion that it could be SCHIZOAFFECTIVE Bipolar disorder. Let us have a look at what the internet says about these borderline cases:


Bipolar or manic–depressive disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders.

These moods are clinically referred to as mania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes. These episodes are usually separated by periods of “normal” mood, but in some individuals, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling.

Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. In serious cases in which there is a risk of harm to oneself or others involuntary commitment may be used; these cases generally involve severe manic episodes with dangerous behavior or depressive episodes with suicidal ideation.

People with bipolar disorder exhibiting psychotic symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia, another serious mental illness.

Diagnosing bipolar disorder is often difficult, even for mental health professionals.

Often bipolar is inconsistent among patients because some people feel depressed more often than not and experience little mania whereas others experience predominantly manic symptoms.

Their behavior may become aggressive, intolerant or intrusive. People may feel out of control or unstoppable. People may feel they have been “chosen,” are “on a special mission,” or other grandiose or delusional ideas.

Sexual drive may increase. At more extreme phases of bipolar, a person in a manic state can begin to experience psychosis, or a break with reality, where thinking is affected along with mood. Many people in a manic state experience severe anxiety and are very irritable (to the point of rage), while others are euphoric and grandiose.

Bipolar disorder has been associated with people involved in the arts but it is an ongoing question as to whether many creative geniuses had bipolar disorder. Some studies have found a significant association between bipolar disorder and creativity, although it is unclear whether both conditions are caused by a third unknown factor; temperament has been hypothesized to be one such factor.

There are several other mental disorders which may involve similar symptoms to bipolar disorder. These include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, drug intoxication, brief drug-induced psychosis, schizophreniform disorder and borderline personality disorder. Both borderline personality and bipolar disorder can involve what are referred to as “mood swings”.

Bipolar disorder can cause suicidal ideation that leads to suicidal , especially during mixed states such as dysphoric mania and agitated depression. Persons suffering from Bipolar have high rates of suicide compared to persons suffering from other mental health conditions…



Some psychiatric disorders are very difficult to diagnose accurately. One of the most confusing conditions is schizoaffective disorder.

This relatively rare disorder is defined as “the presence of psychotic symptoms in the absence of mood changes for at least two weeks in a patient who has a mood disorder.” The diagnosis is used when an individual does not fit diagnostic standards for either schizophrenia or “affective” (mood) disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Some people may have symptoms of both a depressive disorder and schizophrenia at the same time, or they may have symptoms of schizophrenia without mood symptoms.

Many individuals with schizoaffective disorder are originally diagnosed with manic depression. If the person experiences delusions or hallucinations that go away in less than two weeks when the mood is “normal,” bipolar disorder may be the proper diagnosis. Someone who experiences psychosis for three or four weeks while in a manic phase does not have schizoaffective disorder.

However, if delusions or hallucinations continue after the mood has stabilized and are accompanied by other symptoms of schizophrenia such as catatonia, paranoia, bizarre behavior, or thought disorders, a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder may be appropriate. Accurate diagnosis is easier once the acute psychotic episode is under control.

Because schizoaffective disorder is so complicated, misdiagnosis is common. Some people may be misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia. Others may be misdiagnosed as having bipolar disorder. And those diagnosed as having schizoaffective disorder may actually have schizophrenia with prominent mood symptoms. Or they may have a mood disorder with symptoms similar to those of schizophrenia.


Whatever Evan Chandler had – Bipolar disorder, Schizoaffective disorder or Schizophrenia, it does not change the plain fact that he was mentally ill and gravely mentally ill at that.

Diane Dimond knows it, the police know it, Tom Sneddon most probably knows it, and none of them ever disclosed it.

Because if they did they would have to admit that all Evan Chandler’s accusations were the delusions of a near-schizophrenic.


Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!