Evan Chandler—David Schwartz phone talk—full transcript

  by Helena on vindicatemj.wordpress.com

Thanks to an anonymous correspondent of mine I now have a full transcript of the conversation between Evan Chandler (Jordan´s father) and David Schwartz (the boy´s stepfather) secretly taped by Dave Schwartz.

The full transcript is not easy to obtain — usually the text is quoted partially only with a random selection of ´convenient´ passages depending on how friendly or hostile to Michael Jackson the author is. A FRIEND of Michael would focus on Evan admitting he had ´picked the nastiest son of a bitch he could find´ in order to turn it into a ´massacre´ and on how ´irrelevant´ it was whether it helped his son or not (all of which is correct). A HATER of Michael would heatedly argue that Evan was acting in the best interests of the boy as he was genuinely concerned about his well—being (and that is probably correct too as you will see from the text).

Being keen on nothing but the truth I´m not in favor of one—sided opinions. And the opportunity to make an independent study of Evan Chandler´s tape makes me really grateful to my correspondent though I do suspect him to be more of a doubter in Michael´s innocence than a friend. As long as the text is authentic (I hope it is!) the source of it is of no importance at all. If doubters help to establish the truth about Michael Jackson by their involuntary participation in the process, so much the better — the truth often works its way to the surface in most unexpected ways.

I´m sure that a little bit of good still remains even in the worst of Michael´s haters and in the long run none of them want to be guilty of a wrongful accusation of an innocent man (each of us will answer to God for everything we do), so it is really in everyone´s interests if an honest, thorough and accurate research of what really happened in 1993 were finally made (the 2005 is a so nonsense case that it isn´t even worth talking about).

The conversation between Jordan Chandler´s father and stepfather provided below won´t leave any of its readers impassive and unemotional. One question will pile over another resulting in a great deal of doubts, surprises and stunning revelations about the participants´ motives, intentions and way of thinking. Among lots of other things you´ll find that:

1) Evan Chandler was NOT SURE of his suspicions about Michael — he would even speak of his ´imagination that kills´ and the fact that he ´was led´ to believe certain things about Michael. His imagination was indeed so powerful that the whole thing reminded me of the classical tragedy of Othello whose mind was also so heavily poisoned by the scheming Iago that it ended in killing his innocent wife Desdemona, as you probably remember.

2) Evan called Michael ´evil´ not so much because of his molestation suspicions (he actually said ´he had no idea´ what was going on) but because he thought the megastar was BREAKING UP HIS FAMILY. And this despite the fact that there was no family whatsoever — Evan was happy with his new wife and two small kids, and Jordan´s stepfather David who had been raising the boy since the age of 5 or 6 was also separated from the family and for about a year too (since approx. August 92). No wonder the 13—year teenager was yearning for an older male´s company and stuck with someone on the outside whom he really liked….

As regards the intention to break this virtually non—existent family Evan was evidently thinking that Michael had nothing else to do but break up other people´s families. Well, for his father the boy was indeed someone special, but for Michael he was as precious as any other child — let me remind you that there were thousands teenagers like Jordan who were craving for Michael´s attention, and many of them, by the way, were not burdened by any fathers or stepfathers at all…. And if these children did find Michael so irresistible he was not to blame for it — actually it wasn´t his fault at all, but rather his fortune, his misfortune, his message in life or whatever.

Instead of devising plans to break up Evan´s family Michael surely had lots of other things to do — he was probably intent on forming a relationship with Lisa Maria Presley which was only emerging at the time, or was busy with rehearsals for a new leg of Dangerous tour to start soon, or was composing his music, or writing his poetry, or attending to a thousand other matters including charity work or all of these and other things taken together…

3) Evan mentioned he had ´evidence´ to prove his worst suspicions about Michael. The heart of every Michael´s friend misses a beat of course when hearing statements like that, but WAIT A MINUTE… if the evidence was really that damning why don´t we know anything about it even NOW?

Was Evan talking about that evidence which was later scrutinized by TWO grand juries in the criminal investigation of 1993/94 and which wasn´t found significant enough to bring any charges against the poor guy?

Was it that same evidence that was brought up in 2005 again thanks to Tom Sneddon´s efforts and taken to the court of law now — only to be thrown away again as Michael was fully acquitted of all charges after a thorough examination of everything since 1993?

Was it that same evidence which Evan found so incriminating that he never dared take it to court as he was absolutely NOT sure about it at all? And about which neither he nor Jordan ever agreed to testify both in 1993 and 2005?

Was it that same evidence the traces of which were not found in Michael´s behavior and in any of his computers or other belongings even by the FBI which kept him under their strict surveillance for 15 years or more?

So this means that there was actually NOTHING for Evan to fume over in his 1993 conversation with David Schwartz? Oh, my God…

4) But while reading that transcript you will surely feel that Evan was truly concerned about his son´s welfare. Yes, he sounds genuine enough, but even if we do believe that Evan´s ruthless behavior was prompted not by his greed (which came later) but by the desire to protect his son against any possible harm, it will nevertheless break your heart to realize that Evan turned Michael Jackson´s life into a massacre and destroyed it in a most nasty and cruel way possible just FOR NOTHING — as a result of all those groundless suspicions, work of imagination and non-existent ´evidence´ of his…

5) While reading the transcript you will also probably realize that Evan Chandler´s rage was targeted at Michael but was motivated by someone totally different. The way the conversation looked to me it was mostly a cruel family SQUABBLE where a former husband was taking his revenge on his former wife — really cold and heartless — as well as on the man who was incidentally going by and was reckless enough to become their friend.

Have I also started imagining things or did June Chandler put her hand to it TOO by making her own plans about Michael Jackson and working on a way to grab this choicest of all men as her new marriage partner? Hence all this cutting out Evan from her life and telling him to ´go **** himself´ instead? Didn´t she have a more important and romantic business to attend to rather than listening to her nuisance of a husband who was clearly in the way to her new and glamorous life?

Remember all those invitations she made to Michael to spend several days running at her home with family dinners and so on? Everyone thinks it was due to Jordan… yes, of course, it was so convenient to give this explanation once it became clear that Michael had finally seen through her and turned her down…

So wasn´t it EVERYONE who was making plans about the unsuspecting Michael Jackson at the time?

I´ve been speaking long enough — now it is your turn to decide. :
Here is the transcript

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!