Academic Assault on Michael Jackson in Carl Tom´s book. HE WASN´T ONE OF THEM.

  by Helena on


I know that all this reading about pedophilia was tiring and unpleasant – but it was a NECESSARY thing to do for making CONCLUSIONS on the subject. Here are only some of them (please, correct me if I am wrong):

1. There is much tolerance to pedophilia both in academic circles and the upper layers of society now.

2. There are many pedophiles who are holding positions of authority and power and are easily getting away with their crimes.

3. The pedophile lobby is strong, diverse, deep-rooted and well backed by various scholars who support the idea from various scientific viewpoints – history (which says it has always been there and even brought about miracles in the society), psychiatry (which says that monkeys do it too) and even literature (which says that everything that’s ever been written about children is about pedophilia, whether it is Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan).

4. The field work has been done: the seeds are sown, the younger generation of students is well taken care of by their older mentors and the teaching aids are written in a highly readable manner for everyone the enjoy – so it is only one last touch which is needed now.

5. The missing link is the right guy who will serve as a “poster boy” for the movement.

6. I am very much afraid that Michael Jackson has been nominated for the job - which is all the more deplorable as he cannot really refuse since he is not able to be physically present at the assembly.

7. However his previous non-support for their cause and his constant and vehement denial of ever being connected to that filth may be regarded as his disapproval of their goals and his refusal to participate.

8. In fact, with so many pedophiles being in positions of power IF Michael had ever given them a wink or a slightest hint that he was “one of them”, they would have shielded and protected him in an absolutely the same effective way they are doing it for themselves. They would have opened their arms to him and kept him safe, sound and ready for the victory day they are working for.

9. Since there are so many of them and many of them are so powerful, they would have surely known which strings to pull to check and control the MEDIA so that it doesn’t hurt their greatest, dearest and handsomest boy.

10. There wouldn’t have been any media frenzy and if any mischief on his part had been occasionally noticed it would have been passed off as a mild eccentricity which would only add to his irresistible charm.

11. The fact that Michael never took their hint and never went for what they wanted of him proves that HE WASN’T ONE OF THEM.

12. In his numerous public statements Michael made it absolutely clear that he didn’t want to be even minimally associated with their filth.

13. From the point of view of real pedophiles it was a mistake. If he hadn’t been that stubborn they could have easily excused him all his ‘peculiarities’ (if he had had them), and would have even helped some of those habits to work their way into the society as another of those ‘norms’.

14. But Michael preferred to fight for his good name and go through unthinkable suffering, the complete agony of which he could have never known before it really started.

14. He was punished for being non-cooperative.

15. The fact that in spite of his 15 years of inhuman anguish he still stuck to his views and never exchanged them for a comfortable life of a half-confessed ‘lover of boys’ proves that he was INNOCENT and that the nature of his attachment to children was completely different.

16. The reason for Michael’s attachment to children was the OPPOSITE to that of pedophiles.

17. They argue that sex is inherent and exciting even to a small child, thus lowering an innocent child to the level of a horny adult – while Michael almost prayed to a child’s purity and innocence which gave him the harmony and balance he so much needed for sustaining his life and creating his music, despite all the dirt he constantly faced and lived with.

Thus their intentions are opposite to each other in their very DIRECTION – pedophiles want to bring an innocent child down to their dirty selves, while Michael was looking for a way up to acquire and maintain a child’s innocence in his soul and mind.

18. Besides having a natural inclination for purity since childhood this harmony and a clean inner self were essential for his creative process without which he was unable to make his music. Clean thinking does open the way to harmony – and that is why Michael asked us in his book Dancing the dream to ‘return’ to innocence (the process which is indeed possible as those who have taken to this path will tell you).

19. He often spoke of his love for children as being similar to his love for animals which was another of his passions. We can easily understand that as some of us also prefer the company of innocent animals to the company of beastly human beings.

20. Those of us who have ever looked into the eyes of a hungry stray dog, fed it and stroke its head will understand that our compassion for this creature has nothing to do with (OMG, please forgive me) sodomy with beasts – though a sick person with twisted brains may think otherwise.

21. Even if your cat crawls into your bed while you are asleep and you find it sleeping on your pillow the next morning it does not mean that you sexually abuse animals. It only means that you forgot to close the door before going to bed.

22. The outward similarity of some things is what pedophile activists are using now for the purpose of getting Michael into their ranks.

23. The fact that they ventured to do it only after his death (though the book was started back in the 90s) speaks to them knowing that if he were alive they would NOT get away with such cheek.

24. He never gave in to them while he was alive – so there is no reason to regard him as ‘theirs’ after his death.

25. Michael Jackson was NORMAL while these guys are SICK (independent of what these psychiatrists tell you).


Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!