Academic Assault on Michael Jackson. THE GUYS who recommended Carl Tom´s Book. Part 1

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As someone with a university background I was still at a loss as to why university professors would speak of the filth by Carl Tom (Thomas O’Carroll) on Michael Jackson as a ‘recommended reading’.

Many other people were similarly misguided by their reveiws (see a hater’s comment saying: ” I am ecstatic that no less than FIVE renowned academics also heartily endorse it! Renowned academics? They are actually some of the biggest names in their fields!): Michael Jackson´s Dangerous Liaisons

So I decided to have a look at the guys and never regretted it.

This small study has told me more about Tom O’Carroll’s educated and powerful friends than anyone could ever expect. The range of interests of these guys reminded me of a proverb “Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Tom O’Carroll’s friend # 1.

He spoke of the book about Michael Jackson as “the most engaging, informed, and generous-hearted book we have on the subject or are likely ever to have”.

University of Southern California has the following to say about their scholar:

“James Kincaid has been a professor in the English Department at USC since 1987. Kincaid’s earlier work in Victorian literature and culture has yielded to publication in cultural studies, most recently in the current cultural practices of eroticizing children and instituting elaborate scapegoating rituals to disguise what we are doing. He regularly teaches classes in criminality/lunacy/perversion, in age studies, in censorship, and in other areas.”

Why should a literature professor teach a class in ‘criminality, lunacy and perversion’ at his department and why these subjects should be taught at all (unless it is a medical or psychiatric college) is completely beyond my understanding, but let us go on with our little study:

“James Kincaid has written a number of books including “Child-Loving: The Erotic Child and Victorian Culture, 1992 and others. Additionally Professor Kincaid has been published in several journals and has been active on Boards and Committees in his field”.

Interesting to see what that erotic child book is all about… Ralph Underwager, of Institute for Psychological Therapies, Northfield, Minnesota says in his review of the book:

  • The author… specifically treats pedophilia as it is presented in Victorian texts and then in the current child sexual abuse system. He claims the separation into child and adult with the child asexual and the adult sexual is an error.

  • He presents children’s sexuality as inherent, complex, rich, and rewarding to children.

  • Though not explicitly stated, the book in a subtle way appears to also be an apologetic for pedophilia. It openly poses the question about child-adult sexual contact being potentially positive, but does not give an answer. The reader is left to infer that the answer Kincaid gives is, yes, sexual contact between a child and an adult can be positive for the child. Perhaps because the author chooses to mute and soften this argument, it is not clear.

  • This is a provocative book that will make some people very angry. It will also cause many readers to exclaim, “Now I understand why this system seems so wrong!”
Books reviews

Well, what isn’t clear to the first reviewer is self-evident to the second one (the link is still to be provided):

  • James R.Kindcaid’s latest book is not really a book about Victorian culture so much as it is a book about our culture. Kincaid touches upon some Victorian literature, of course… but his subject is “child-loving,” or, not to put too fine a point on it, pedophilia.

  • The topic itself is jarring at first, unsettling and perhaps more than a little suspect. Colleagues of mine who saw the book wanted to know just why I was reading it: then, after glancing through it, they wanted to know just why he had written it. Such concern plays right into Kincaid’s hands and reinforces one of the central arguments of his book: that we are ALL – yes, dear reader, even YOU and I – closet pedophiles of sorts, and we mask our fascination through denial and abhorrence.

  • To teach this conclusion Kincaid draws upon literature, psychology, personal anecdotes, legal documents, journalism, and medical and child-rearing manuals… The erotic possibilities of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan have of course not gone unnoticed, but Kincaid manages to turn both works inside out, demonstrating that they are little more than texts about “child-loving”.

  • Such pedophilic aspects of Victorian literature can make us squirm uncomfortably, but, Kincaid asserts, the Victorians, with their Little Nell and Paul Dombey, were more honest about their “child-loving” than we are.”
So once a pedophile – always a pedophile, a man who sees pedophilic “aspects” just everywhere he looks. And what about this fresh and engaging idea of everybody being closet pedophiles? If that is the case then Michael Jackson should naturally be among us too…

The idea of everyone being a pedophile is promoted by the author in his other book with an amazing title “Erotic Innocence: The Culture of Child Molesting which prompted one of its readers to leave the following comment on

  • “The most ominous thing about this book, though, is that Kincaid purports to be one of but a few people who can cut through the hysteria with truth, when in fact he adds to it a hundredfold by saying that EVERYONE is a pedophile and that (nearly?) every work of art involving children eroticizes them. Furthermore, his solution is not for people to wake up from the “story” and see things as they are, but to instead construct new “stories,” i.e. to delude themselves into believing something else. This, he has the gall to call “rational.”

  • “I believe most adults in our culture feel some measure of erotic attraction to children and the childlike; I do not know how it could be otherwise,” he writes, in a statement which summarizes the book’s logic. Sorry, Mr. Kincaid. I need a lot more than your testimony of faith to believe such a fantastic story.”

It is amazing that people like James Kincaid have been allowed to write their stuff quite openly and for so many years and nobody noticed it - while the innocent Michael Jackson was trashed by the media, authorities and public opinion for as many years and absolutely for nothing!

They were trashing the innocent while the guilty were thriving….

Professor Kincaid is in charge of “What Matter to Me and Why” program at USC. I wonder what kind of guidance he gives to his students there? The official site advertises it as “an informal dialogue where students are encouraged to talk about important, personally charged questions in an open, mutually respectful way”.

Is my guess correct about what they discuss at their sessions? Does he teach his students that they are also closet pedophiles by “drawing upon literature, psychology, etc.”? No doubt he DOES, judging by what USC says about the people working on this program: “they have a great deal to pass on in terms of worldly wisdom, moral guidance, and sources of spiritual strength”.

Tom O’Carroll’s friend # 2.

His review of Thomas O’Carroll’s book says it “shows that the only real ‘abuse’ of children that occurred was not from Michael’s bedroom horseplay, but parental manipulation of kids for financial gain. As such, this book gives us a profound cultural critique of received assumptions about childhood innocence, pedophilic ‘power’, and parental goodwill.”

This sounded very much all right to me and it was actually this guy who misguided me most. So it was very interesting to get familiar with the scholar….

Please, meet Thomas K. Hubbard. He is Professor of Classics at the University of Texas, Austin and the world’s leading authority on Greek Pederasty. He received his doctorate from Yale in 1980 and taught the first course in Gay & Lesbian Studies at his university in 1992.

Well, despite his face and general demeanor the man IS the main authority on Greek Pederasty. The question whether this subject should be taught at all still remains, of course… I didn’t know that Gay & Lesbian courses were also taught at American universities, especially at their Classical departments. The whole idea seems ridiculous to me – same as “Heterosexual love” or “Perversion” to be taught as special subjects for example. Sorry, I forgot – as regards guiding us on ‘perversion’ we have our first professor, James Kincaid…

Thomas Hubbard’s main publications are quite enlightening as to his own personal interests and preferences:

- GREEK LOVE RECONSIDERED (New York: Wallace Hamilton, 2000), edited collection.

- HISTORY’S FIRST CHILD MOLESTER: Euripides’ Chrysippus and the Marginalization of Pederasty in Athenian Democratic Discourse,” in J. Davidson, F. Muecke, and P. Wilson

- PEDERASTY AND DEMOCRACY: The Marginalization of a Social Practice. In T. K. Hubbard, ed.


- THE VARIETIES OF GREEK LOVE, The Gay & Lesbian Review 11.3 (2004)

Greek pederasty reconsidered? What for? Pederasty and Democracy going hand in hand? And what the hell is Pedagogical Pederasty? The author says about it:

As abhorrent as teacher-student relationships may be to some modern constructions of sexual morality, as institutionalized today in the ethical codes of virtually every school and university, we must recognize that the bugbears of sexual harassment and child molestation did not possess the same valence in antiquity; pederasty and pedagogy were intimately linked. The educational historian H. I. Marrou was forthright in acknowledging the pederastic basis of advanced education in all spheres: Pederasty was considered the most beautiful, the perfect, form of education.

Throughout Greek history the relationship between master and pupil was to remain that between a lover and his beloved: education remained in principle not so much a form of teaching, an instruction in techniques, as an expenditure of loving effort by an elder concerned to promote the growth of a younger man who was burning with the desire to respond to this love and show himself worthy of it.

Okay, so now we know from Thomas Hubbard that ancient Greeks turned pederasty into sheer poetry. But I also know that as a result of these criminal morals the ancient world eventually became so corrupt that it fell into ruins under the attack of so-called barbarians.

It’s a miracle and pure coincidence of course that the almost only survivals were Christians whom the no less educated Romans used to feed to lions to the frenzy of the ancient crowd and whose chastity (initially very genuine) eventually took the upper hand over the morals of ancient Greeks and Romans – even if they are being reconsidered now and regarded as ‘beautiful’ by some of the present scholars…

Whatever is the case with Dr. Hubbard I have a question to all of you – would you like your children to be educated by this man? Even if you haven’t seen the photo?

Tom O’Carroll’s friend # 3.

It is a pity that the true names of Carl Tom’s friends are now disappearing from the internet. At present you can still find them at a haters’ site I already quoted above. This is the only place where I saw the endorsement from Professor William A.Percy III, University of Massachusetts at Boston. was somewhat shy about him and now I even know why. The man is SO odious that no one in their right mind would ever cite this monster’s opinion. However in case of a book about Michael his comment is not as bad as one would expect it from a scholar with his reputation: “This fascinating, closely reasoned brief argues that Michael Jackson never harmed much less traumatized any of his favorites. He cuddled with, French kissed, and sometimes caused to ejaculate but never penetrated boys from eight to fourteen.”

Thank you, Professor for your kind words and expertly opinion – your comment is extremely valuable as you’re surely a specialist in the activities like that. It is only that Michael Jackson didn’t do even the above little things you’ve mentioned. Contrary to real molesters he couldn’t bring himself even to say this word and think the things you’re demonstrating so boldly at your tell-all site (where you call yourself Bad Bill): William A. Percy's Homepage

The site is said to be a “website for the fallen, the ostracized, the scorned, the despised, the damned — ideas and people alike — those not mentioned in polite society, not invited to or published in respectable places”. Frankly, Bill, I couldn’t bring myself to go as far as that “Men and Boy” post in your Pederasty section, but what I’d seen before that was quite enough for me to get some idea of your preferences and turbulent activities, as well as the zeal with which you are championing your cause… With men like you your people are not far from a triumphant victory…

For those who haven’t seen you, here you are in all your glory:

William Armstrong Percy, III (born 10 December 1933) – professor, historian, encyclopedist, and gay activist. In 1968 he moved to the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He joined the fight for equal rights for gays in 1982 and began publishing in gay studies three years later.

One of his main publications is naturallyPederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece” (University of Illinois Press, 1996). A review from Mark Anthony Masterson, Ph.D. student in Classics at the University of Southern California (must be James R.Kincaid’s student) says about it:

“There is much to praise about this book. Percy has provided a description of the institution of Greek pederasty that is needed. The scholarly writing up to now has mostly been for specialists. Percy’s book, in contrast, speaks to a wider audience without condescension. It could also be used as a text in a gay studies course”.

A perfect textbook for gay studies and pederasty?

The one perfectly suitable for the ‘Perversion’ course taught by James R.Kincaid or ‘Gay/Lesbian Studies’ taught by Thomas K. Hubbard?

Another comment from Gerald Erickson of University of Texas on Percy’s book says that” the view offered is the proposition that pederasty was the primary causal factor in producing ‘the Greek Miracle’. This book does present institutional pederasty from a positive perspective and may consequently help to counteract decades of censorship and squeamish avoidance”.

Prof. William A.Percy confirms the idea at his site
Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece

Pederasty was from the beginning both physical and emotional, the highest and most intense type of male bonding. These pederastic bonds were responsible for the rise of Hellas and the “Greek miracle”: in two centuries the population of Attica, a mere 45,000 adult males in six generations, produced an astounding number of great men who laid the enduring foundations of Western thought and civilization”.

Thank you, Bill that you’ve explained to us that all good comes from pederasty only and that you’re helping us to overcome our natural revolt towards the subject. Your book must be a great read according to readers’ comments at – some of whom are practically squeaking with excitement:

“Male love was very much a part of Greek culture — and William Percy boldly argues that pedagogical eros, the relationship between adolescent youths and their older mentors, helped to create and sustain the “Greek miracle”. This is a very thorough and scholarly book”.

“The author clearly differentiates “pederasty” (sex between postpubescent youth and adult males) from “pedophilia” (sex between prepubescent boys and adult males), noting the evidence showing that pedophilia was not a condoned behavior in Archaic Greece. This work is an excellent place to begin for anyone who wishes to trace how previous civilizations not only tolerated, but in some instances even encouraged, male-male relationships until the purveyors of the Judeo-Christian model vigorously proselytized their beliefs and shunned the behavior out of the mainstream”.

“If this book is anywhere near true, men have been missing out on a lot of action for almost two thousand years. Mind boggling if true”

The ‘Judeo-Christian’ model which has been mentioned here reminded me of how amazingly easy ‘this model’ can deal with authors like William A. Percy. Jesus Christ told us that the true worth of a tree is known by its fruit - so if reading Percy’s book boggles the mind of a reader by the exciting prospect of doing something that has been an unspeakable crime for thousands of years and which is being joyfully regained now, you can pass your verdict on the author with an almost mathematical accuracy:


Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!