The Arvizo NONSENSE case

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I won´t be focusing much on the Arvizos “molestation” case as it is SO MUCH NONSENSE that many of us just don´t find it necessary to give it a second thought. However in case we have to deal with an especially dedicated hater of Michael here is an excellent article I would recommend to everyone for doing away with the Arvizos once and for all.

The article was written while the 2005 case was not yet closed — which makes it clear that sensible people could see through its falsehood from the very beginning. The whole thing would be indeed be laughable if it were not that tragic… Here is the article in short:

“READ CAREFULLY. Most people think that the alleged order of events is as follows: (1) Michael molested Gavin Arvizo, a 12-year-old cancer survivor, (2) the Bashir documentary aired, (3) local authorities began an investigation into his relationship with the boy, and then, finally, (4) he imprisoned the family until he could coerce them into denying, on camera, that anything ever happened.

They would be wrong.

According to the prosecution´s own version, here´s the correct order: (1) the Bashir documentary aired, (2) local authorities began an investigation, (3) Michael imprisoned the family, and then — after all this — (4) he began molesting the boy.

That´s right. The first alleged instance of molestation took place AFTER Michael Jackson was being investigated for molestation.

Rolling Stone magazine, one of the few mainstream publications that devoted a serious article to this case, brilliantly boiled down the prosecution´s case as follows:

In a panic over negative publicity, Jackson conspires to kidnap a boy and force him to deny acts of molestation that in fact never happened, and then he gets over his panic just long enough to actually molest the child at the very moment when the whole world is watching.”

Most incredibly, during the period of alleged imprisonment, the Arvizo family repeatedly returned to Neverland, after having plenty of opportunities to call for help (but never doing so).

Hell, I would love to be “falsely imprisoned” if it means I get a complementary outlet shopping spree for new clothes worth over a thousand dollars, a free Will Ferrell movie, a $175 steak dinner for me and my co-captives at Black Angus, a manicure, a wax, and my capturer picking up the tab for the removal of my son´s braces. OK, maybe I won´t love the wax job.

If it sounds like I´m saying that the Arvizo family is a conniving troupe of con-artist hell-bound miscreants, then your hearing needs to be checked, because Iím not talking out loud.

But you would be correct, in my opinion, to conclude that this family is predatory, scheming, and capable of exploiting Gavin´s illness to dig gold from countless celebrities like Chris Tucker (who got suckered into paying for plane tickets to Florida) and George Lopez.

Most Americans believed the King of Pop was guilty before the trial even began. This is evidenced by the fact that the media, as well as we the people, decided not to treat his trial as an actual legal proceeding to determine his guilt, but rather, a celebrity freak-show carnival.

Meanwhile, the jurors clearly have no chance of remaining objective. This USA Today article reveals that jurors watched Jay Leno´s Tonight Show on the night that he openly made countless jokes about Jackson´s pedophilia — and the judge doesn´t care. Regardless of whether they´ve been following the rules of avoiding news coverage, any juror with a mental capacity above vegetative has heard enough to conclude that Michael Jackson is a pedophile.

But based on what I do know — the conflicting testimony, the questionable credibility of the prosecution witnesses, the lack of any DNA evidence, and the overwhelming evidence of the Arvizos´ ulterior motives — I submit that there is very reasonable doubt as to MJ´s guilt.

Which is to say, Michael Jackson deserves to walk free. Or, perhaps, moonwalk free.
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This is a letter to Gavin Arvizo by Azja Prior regular guest at Michael´s Neverland Valley Ranch and had also been in close contact to the Arvizo family: Open Letter To Arvizo Family

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!