After the verdict — where were the Arvizos then (and now?)
22 Aug/2007

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Watching the verdict on television with his brother Star.

Yeah, they look completely devastated as Sneddon and Zonen want us all to believe, while doing their rounds of damage control on the networks [this morning]. Someone saw these same photos in Sun news, and the store keeper had said they were looking up at the news when it said a verdict was reached in the Jackson trial, so they rushed home to disappointment. Wouldn’t a real victim be you know…somewhat HURT? Disgusted? Or would he calmly walk out of the store, STILL EATING HIS CANDY? That’s the only show of emotion there is here. Not anger or tears. Just chewing, like they’re watching a television show or telemovie?


By Jenny Watson and Kate Sheehy

Michael Jackson’s down-in-the-dumps teen sex accuser couldn’t keep his eyes off TV coverage of his sensational abuse case hours after a jury exonerated the singer on all charges. The handsome 16-year-old strolled into a corner store near his family’s Los Angeles home at 9:20 p.m. local time Monday to try to take his mind off the verdict and buy some candy with his younger brother.

But he found himself once again riveted to the around-the-clock coverage featuring his allegations against the pop star.

Photos of the siblings show the accuser munching a chocolate bar while he and his brother intently stare at a store TV screen to catch the latest news on his case, Splash News reports.

When the TV segment on his court battle was over, the boy and his brother headed out the door for their five-minute walk home.

Hours earlier, the boy had raced home from school on his bicycle — with just 10 minutes to spare — as it was announced a verdict had been reached.

He appeared surprisingly confident as he and his brother raced up to the doorstep of their family’s modest new home at 2:05 p.m. The teen was spotted smiling in jeans and a T-shirt, carrying a white backpack stuffed with school books, while entering the house with his two-wheeler.

As the brothers’ older sister opened the door to let them in, Jackson’s accuser turned to flash a reassuring smile at his younger sibling.

The younger boy had testified that he had seen MJ abuse his sibling twice from a stairwell at the singer’s Neverland Ranch in 2003.

After getting home yesterday, MJ’s accuser then huddled in front of the TV shortly before 5 p.m. with his mom, siblings and stepdad inside the home to listen as the jury’s verdict exonerated Jackson on all counts — and essentially rejected the cancer survivor’s tale of sordid sex abuse.

Within minutes, jurors would reveal that they didn’t find the boy credible — and that they detested his shady mom, who would snap her fingers at them while on the stand.

The teen remained in hiding with his family at home yesterday.

Prosecutor Tom Sneddon said the youngster was “discouraged” that the jury “didn’t believe what he said.”

“He couldn’t understand it and was down,” Sneddon told MSNBC.

Sneddon also called Jackson “pathetic,” while insisting, “I don’t have any vendetta against him.”

Jackson remained out of the public eye at Neverland in Los Olivos yesterday, but his dad, Joe, was anything but shy. The angry father ripped several TV reporters for their coverage before adding, “Michael’s fine, he’s gonna be all right. He’s doing pretty good.”

Later, one of the singer’s bodyguards drove down to the ranch’s gates to scoop up cards and stuffed animals left by some of the 100 adoring fans gathered there.

“Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time,” said one of his most loyal famous pals, Elizabeth Taylor. “Now, maybe people will leave him alone.”

Additional reporting by David K. Li

So that would explain the night shots doesn’t it?

These kids have had their reality warped by the mother’s madness. To me, these pics look like full, clear photos to be sold. If Gloria Allred is looking for kids to adopt, here are some prime candidates. They just need love and candy Gloria. Also being said that these look like another last ditch effort to squeeze some $$$ out of this whole ordeal. Quick, go to take pictures at the store so we can sell them and make more $$$ before no one cares anymore. Sad actually.

So now knowing the back story, the pictures do look posed/set-up don’t they? These innocent children, going to the neighborhood candy store (yeah, at 9:30 pm on a school night?) These pictures are bothersome to me beyond belief. They are calm, free, unfettered.