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Michael Jackson - The Ways I Love You...

The ways I love you

“The ways I love you…
I love your hair. I love how your curls just jump into your eyes, making my fingers itch to touch the softness.
I love your eyes. I love how every single emotion is reflected there, a depth beyond eternity.
I love your lips. I love how your pout always makes me want to grab you by your cute ears and kiss you senseless.
I love your smile. I love how you always, always manage to make me smile, too.
I love your laughter. I love how you can´t answer journalists´ questions just because you can´t stop laughing.
I love your voice. I love how every single note you sing wraps around my heart, making me lose myself in the music.
I love your dancing. I love how you create magic with every move you make, urging me to dance along.
I love your crotch grab. I love how you get so lost in the music you´re losing all your shyness.
I love your taped fingers. I love how you create such a unique style and stayed true to yourself, no matter what anyone else is saying.
I love your compassion. I love how give your love and warmth to anyone who needs it.
I love your gentleness. I love how you teach us how to get the best out of ourselves without belittling.
I love your tears. I love how you´re not afraid to show the emotions your feeling.
I love your strength. I love how you stand tall no matter what people throw at you.
I love your authority. I love how you manage to get your point across without raising your voice.
I love your faith. I love how never forget to thank God for the gift you received.
Simply put: Michael I love you!”

This is what happens at 3am in the morning...

“(when you can't sleep and the tears won't stop...)
My darling Michael,
I want you to lie next to me,
I want to feel your warmth,
I want your strong arms to hold me
and keep me safe.

I want to run my fingers through your soft hair,
I want to trail my fingers gently over your face,
painting the sweet lines of your eyebrows, your nose.
I want to kiss your beautiful eyes,

I want to drown in your love,
I want to drink the sweetest of nectars from your lips.

I want to lay my head on your chest

and listen to the sound of your heart. I want to close my eyes
And do nothing but feel you.

One sweet day I know
we´ll be together at last.
One sweet day our souls will merge
and we´ll be together as one.
Forever. ”

The Dance (poem)

“You look so beautiful tonight,
The way the soft candle light plays upon your face.
Tenderly I push back the curl that always jumps into your eyes.
You lean your forehead close and rub your nose against mine.
Dance with me, you say, and slowly take my hand.
Softly I lay my head on your shoulder as we sway to the music only the two of us can hear.
I can feel your heart beating in time with mine.
Your warmth surrounds me like the softest blanket.
I close my eyes and only feel… love. My love for you. Your love for me.
My head lifts slowly and I feel myself drowning in the depth of your eyes.
This is forever.
Tears start falling from my eyes. Shhh, you say, it´s alright.
I start to say something, but you put your finger against my lips and whisper, I love you more.
You are so close to me that we are one, no beginning, no ending.
Just us.
I can feel your warm breath on my face, coming closer, and I close my eyes…

But your lips never touch mine, for it is but a dream…
…. All that remains are my tears and a softly whispered I Love You Michael! ”


“You came to me when I was walking in darkness,
with no hope of ever seeing the light again.
By just being yourself you gave me hope.

To see your face light up with joy,
to see the wonder in your eyes,
to see your sweet smile makes me happy.

To see the hurt on your face,
to see your haunted eyes,
to feel your pain simply breaks my heart.

Because of you I´ve reached the highest heights,
but also felt the deepest despair.

You taught me how to feel again,
You brought me back to the light.

You gave me the greatest gift one could ever receive,
You gave me back life!

Michael, my Miracle Man
... I love you forever! ”

I can´t stop crying tonight...

“I keep looking at your pictures,
a thousand images flash through my mind.
So full of laughter, so full of life.

Surrounded by family, you look so happy.
Singing on stage, giving your all.
Your expression, often so thougthful,
your eyes, wiser beyond your years.

How I wish I could take your pain
and make it mine.
So that only the happy times would remain
and you´d be still here.

Mere words can never describe
how much you mean to me.
Every second I love you more,
every minute the pain just grows.

Won´t you just come down
and hold me for a moment?
Or better yet, take me with you
where there´s no hurt?

This world seems so empty without you,
so dark, so cold.
Don´t you know how much I need you,
to fill the void with the sweetest love?

Alas, there is no hope for me.
My heart will keep bleeding
until one sweet day,
we´ll meet in heaven.

So, until that day has come to pass,
I´ll just cherish the love in my heart.
Sleep well my sweet Prince,
I love you more! ”

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Katja: “We need to sow...”

“I can feel the need to talk about Michael sizzle out slowly, I am out of words, words no longer seem to be essential. He's gone, there is a grey area before me in my mind's eye, what now, what will be the next stage, what remains is the square fact that there is nothing more to be expected from him. The person Michael Jackson is no more, there will be silence from that side from now on. What lies before us is a ploughed field, which needs to be sown in. Michael did the ploughing and expects us to sow. But how?......

.....I felt such a strong sense of tragedy about the human race trying to find answers on questions like who are we and why are we trapped on this planet?
Though I realize the importance of astronautics to science, and all that, I do think that we would benefit far more from taking trips inside OURSELVES, and spending effort and resources on feeding the hungry and give people boosts and reasons to live together in peace and in keeping our planet liveable. If we channel our efforts into this striving, we wouldn'´t need to go out into space, visiting bare and desolate places, looking for solutions on problems we have created ourselves and answers on questions that will be revealed to us in good time anyway. We would be content to live together on this beautiful planet. But who is capable of reversing the process? The only thing we individuals can do is spread the consciousness and keep on stimulating others to eventually come round. Of course, you're saying, you're absolutely right, but get real girl, this isn't Eutopia. Well we could try to mold it into Eutopia, we have to start somewhere.”


This - very beautiful - message was sent by Ida in Norway - she received it from some other girl:
“Michael was here for a reason. We are here for a reason. We´ve been touched by him for a reason, that reason being to continue the work. I believe that when Michael left us, he went around touching hearts. It´s as if he placed his finger on various hearts around the world and said....“you, you, you, you, and you over there, yep, you too, that one over there, yes this one too, all y´all are going to “get it”. You will understand the message and continue the work”. I'm not asking about the global scale grief. That´s to be expected I think. I´m talking about those of us who are going...hey...what the hell happened to me? What is this about? Why does this hurt me so deeply? It´s not like I knew him. Why can´t I get past it? You know, those of us with families who think we´ve cracked up? Yeah..that´s us. I believe we´ve been touched. ”

Xing comment

“I´ve just left a Chinese Michael Jackson forum, where some members are expressing interest in knowing Jesus because they want to see Michael Jackson again in afterlife. There are people who want to buy the Bible and who go to church for the first time because of Michael Jackson. Most Chinese forums I’ve been to are somewhat hostile towards Christians and Christianity. But now I see all over the MJ forum people are talking about God and Heaven. If you are familiar with Chinese culture you will know that ´God´ (shang di) and ´Heaven´ (tian tang) is not a common vocabulary among Chinese people. But it is all over the place now.”

Fan´s voluntary work

Lorna Shelton Beck

“I have started a program to help promote Michael's good name and keep his legacy of giving in perpetuity. For every show Michael had he visited an orphanage or a hospital and gave toys etc to the children. We want to carry on that legacy. We want to give to children on Michael's birthday and at Christmas.”
Lorna Shelton Beck
Please check out our website:
Michael´s Angels for Michael´s Children

“This project is dedicated to promoting and preserving the legacy of giving of the late Michael Jackson. We collect toys, games, books and stuffed animals for distribution to the children of the world. During Michael Jackson´s lifetime he supported many charitable organizations. Help us keep his dream alive and spread his love to the children, it is all about love, L.O.V.E.”


I were in a small village rather near Bangalore south India...I worked with orphan children...many of the children suffered from leprosy and others from psychological was a tough time but I learned that you should not take anything for your life and love yourself and all the people around you... life is too important to waste...

Angelkiss (Deanna)

“I love my volunteer work... It´s a shelter for women that are abused etc. funded by the Salvation Army. I´m just a “soldier” for the cause. I care deeply for all of them. Some of them have been there a very long time and are older, some are younger and are in the middle of a hard transition of changing their lives, but I love them all. I love seeing when they succeed or seeing someone who hasn´t spoken finally break out of their shell and get involved in some fun activities, it´s just so rewarding to me. So, in essence, God has Blessed ME...with them.”
“I just got home not long ago from the Women´s shelter we threw a wonderful party today in celebration of Women´s Day. It was great and the ladies just loved it! We had a small luncheon, had ladies who lived in the shelter previously come back and talk to the ladies there, about their successful transitions in life, it was empowering for them but done in a very casual way. Plus we started a new Library chock full of self-help reading material. One of the older ladies came up to me and hugged me, looked straight in the eyes and thanked me. I said no problem, she said we need more books here (she actually remembered seeing me bring a cartload of books there about 3 months ago, that choked me right up!)... and I said you´re very welcome.
Anyways, the look of HOPE and STRENGTH that came over their eyes and even their posture was most satisfying! I love these ladies. I usually volunteer on Mondays and it was just perfect that today was Women´s Day, it was an honour. I was still tearing up when I got home.”

Katja participates in the Global coherent Initiative

The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based initiative to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention - to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

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