Celebrity's tributes

The most beautiful Michael Jackson tribute
-Beyonce - Halo! - july 6/2009

"Beyonce Michael Jackson Tribute @ Essence Festival"

"Instead of an encore of his own music, Stevie Wonder honored the music of Michael Jackson
the day after Michael'... June 26/2009"

Never Dreamed You´d Leave in Summer June 25/2009"

“Stevie Wonder sings a modified version of "I just called to say I love you" dedicated
to Michael Jackson. - July 01th, 2009”

"3D Earth Song Tribute Grammy Awards 2010"

"Tribute 2010 Grammy Awards Prince and Paris Jackson Speak"

"Michael Jackson MTV Awards 2009 Tribute Janet Jackson Scream"

"MTV Video Music Awards 2009 Madonna Speech for Michael Jackson"

"MTV VMAs Michael Jackson Tribute Commercial ”

"Akon - Cry out of Joy - Michael Jackson Tribute "

"Madonna pays tribute to Michael Jackson "
July 4th, 2009

"Save the World Awards" Tribute to Michael Jackson-July, 24th 2009

"Celine Dion - Grammy Tribute to Michael Jackson 2010 @ the Grammy's

"Michael Jackson Tribute 7 voices from same guy"

"Legend Forever" A Tribute Song For Michael Jackson Soul Bros"

"iamwill - thank you michael jackson"

"Randy Jackson Memories of Michael Jackson "