Michael And His Women-Part 6 Michael And Naomi

by Allforlove

July 3, 2010

It may have only lasted for as long as the video cameras were rolling, but the chemistry we saw between Michael and Naomi Campbell in 1992?s steamy In The Closet-definitely one of the sexiest romps to ever be captured on camera-was very real. At least, we know from Naomi’s end that she would have liked to have carried it “beyond” the cameras. Michael was somewhat more evasive on the subject, but if you observe the photos and body language from the video shoot-well, let’s just put it this way. He obviously wasn’t hating it.

The video conjures up every reason why average people love to hate celebrities. Imagine getting paid big bucks just to romp around in an exotic desert setting with a half-clothed Naomi Campbell, or Michael Jackson at the peak of his sexiest era,and with a bod more ripped than we’d ever been privileged to see before!

It was the one time that Michael actually hit the gym for a video shoot, as well as the studio, and the results were…ooh lala stunning. And with his hair pulled back completely from his gorgeous, chiseled face, we finally got to see some of those fine Native American features that normally our eyes were never drawn to. No wonder Naomi was sprung! And according to Michael, the primitive desert heat was “exciting.” Yes. Especially when you have Naomi sashaying around in that little white skirt!

Well, there’s a funny story I heard that I’m going to relate to you, and no, I cannot verify it with a link-sorry. Just trust me on this. I heard it from another board, and there was some debate as to whether the story was true as told. But regardless of whether you believe it or not, the story is hilarious. It goes like this:

Michael comes off the set of In The Closet and into the makeup trailer. He seems very agitated; a little embarrassed and upset. Karen Faye asks what’s wrong.

“Naomi,” Michael says. “She keeps talking dirty to me.”

Karen: “Tell her to stop.”

Michael: “She won’t.”

Karen: “Tell her again.” She goes on to tell him he has to be more aggressive and forceful.

A little while later, Michael is back again. Still upset with Naomi. “She won’t stop. She keeps talking dirty.”

Karen: ‘Well what exactly is it she’s saying?”

Michael: “I can’t tell you. It’s too bad to say.”

At this point (again, I’m merely repeating the story as it was told) Karen is almost amused and making a joke of it. She tells Michael he’s a big boy and should be able to handle the situation. “Tell her to stop doing it.” Sometime later, Michael is back again, still complaining about Naomi and her “nasty” talk. Again, Karen asks what exactly is it that she’s saying. Finally badgered into confessing, Michael looks very embarrassed and says, “She said she wants to suck my d_______.”

Karen: “Well you tell her I said she can’t.”

Personally, I don’t know what to make of the story. It’s funny, but I have a hard time buying that Michael would have been too awkward and naive to handle the situation himself. Nor do I think he would’ve minded in the least being talked dirty to by Naomi (but who knows, maybe he wanted Karen to think he minded-in fact, knowing Michael’s wicked sense of humor, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he wouldn’t have enjoyed pitting the two women against each other, just to see the fireworks fly).

Perhaps this story also explains why their simulated oral sex scene in the video was so steamy! (Yes, there is such a scene! Watch the video and pause it at 2:30 and again at 4:46!).

And the fun part is knowing that what we see in the finished video was only a very small portion of what was actually filmed. Watching the outtakes, the “making of” vids, and seeing the sexy stills made, it’s obvious the entire shoot was nothing more than a mini-porno! A tasteful one, to be sure, and no one took their clothes off (at least, not ON camera) but given the climate, is it any wonder hormones were riding high?

For the record, Naomi never said publicly that she wanted to go down on Michael (of course she wouldn’t say that)but she did confess to wanting to kiss him-bad. At the time the video was being filmed, it was a hot topic about all of “the heat” that was being generated in the desert-and they weren’t talking about the sun!

Shots Like This Blurred The Boundaries Between Music Video and Soft Porn

Oh, and it gets even better! Do you want to know how they wrapped things up when the shoot was done? Would you believe…a whipped cream fight?


A fight with whipped cream? Wait a minute, whose idea was that (I’ll never guess! I’m sure it had to have been none other than Mr. I-Love-A-Piefight himself!). Now could it possibly get any sexier (and kinkier) than that? And if Michael didn’t mind spraying whipped cream all over Naomi Campbell, I think we can be rest assured he probably wasn’t too adverse to the idea of…let’s just say, cleaning up afterward.

Whew! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

See just how hot things got in this “Making Of In The Closet” video:

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