Evan Chandler Confessed To Drugging Michael - Part.2

by Allforlove

July 1, 2010

Here is the actual text regarding this incident from All That Glitters! Dave Edwards was kind enough to provide the text and I have also left his commentary intact for the most part since he offers up some very good insights on these passages (and where appropriate, I’ve added my own parenthetical comments in bold). … Evan did not ask MJ about whether he’s “screwing” MJ after he drugged him at his house. He actually asked him at MJ’s “hideout” condo. On May 21st, 1993 they were all there (MJ, Evan, Jordie, and his younger brother), and here is what happened. From “All That Glitters”, pages 29-30:

With both boys out of earshot, Evan turned toward Michael. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

They sat close, Evan poised on the edge of a couch, Michael deep in a velvety chair.

“I had planned to work up to it,” Evan recalled, “kind of beat around the bush for a while. But face to face it seemed phony, and I found myself at a loss for words.”

After an awkward silence Evan decided the best thing to do was to jump right in, like he would with Dave or Mark or any good friend. Michael would either be offended or he’d appreciate the honesty.

Locking eyes with the star, Evan blurted it out. “Are you f***ing my son up the ass?”

Michael giggled like a schoolgirl, but never batted a false eyelash. “I never use that word,”, he responded.

Surprised at what had tumbled from his own mouth, Evan fought to keep from blushing and stay on track. “Then exactly what is the nature of your relationship?”

“I don’t understand it myself,” the star admitted. “It must be cosmic!”

Cosmic? At first Evan thought Michael evasive. Then it dawned on him that the singer was referring to the three chance encounters he and Jordie had had over the years. Does he really believe they were preordained, Evan wondered?

“Well, what if someday you decide you don’t want to hang around with Jordie anymore? He’d really be hurt.”

“Oh, no, I’ll always want to be with Jordie. I could never hurt him.”

As they talked, Evan was on the lookout for signs of insincerity. But he detected none. “My bluntness didn’t faze him in the least,” Evan said. “He was aware that the relationship looked strange and he understood why I had to ask.” But it was Michael’s innocent, giggly response that convinced Evan that the star was being straight with him. “Suddenly it seemed so obvious. Of course he wouldn’t use that word. He’s asexual. What use would he have for it?” (So if Evan genuinely believed Michael to be asexual, why was he so quick to assume something was up with Jordie? Sorry, but being a pedophile and being asexual are completely mutually exclusive things-one can’t be both! This also wouldn’t appear to support my theory about Michael and June-and Evan’s suspicions of it-unless he was trying very hard to convice HIMSELF, at that point. Which is possible).

Months later, after the scandal broke, Evan commented on that conversation. “There was no anal sex involved, so technically Michael wasn’t lying. But he knew what I meant and he gave no hint that there was a physical side to the relationship. He was brilliant. He stayed right in character: a little shy, a little embarrassed, but no anger or defensiveness.”

Now, what initially made Evan suspicious is when June called Evan from Neverland on April 9th, 1993 (pages 16-17) and told him that they are BOTH going to lose control over Jordie to MJ. She didn’t suspect anything sexual, but just felt that Jordie was spending too much time with MJ. Here is the part where Evan drugs MJ on Memorial Day weekend 1993, from page 45:

Monique reiterated her opinion that Michael was taking up too much of Jordie’s life. But this time she offered an additional observation. “Jordie doesn’t even know you’re in the room, Evan. Can’t you see what’s going on? They’re in love!” (Does this not strike anyone as odd? Who the heck uses language like that for discussing an adult’s relationship with a child!).

The minute the “L” word left Monique’s mouth, Evan believed she was right. “It should have been a dead giveaway,” Evan recalled weeks later, “when Jordie came walking in the house that night wearing tight black pants, white socks, black loafers and a black fedora, and Michael came walking in right behind him wearing the same thing. Or when they ran off in to the living room together after dinner and closed the door behind them, leaving me to work alone on the history paper. Or that Michael never once called Jordie by name, referring to him instead by affectionate nicknames like Applehead and Doo Doo Head.” (Evan obviously hadn’t spent much time around Neverland; otherwise, he would have known that Michael and ALL of the kids referred to each other by those names).

Do you think it’s physical?” Evan asked his wife. “I don’t know?” Monique answered. “It could just be infatuation. But whatever it is, it’s not good for Jordie.”

At this point, Monique suggested that Evan straight up ask Jordie if it was sexual, and Evan agreed. One morning, MJ woke up with a splitting headache, and sent Jordie to seek Evan’s help. Evan was in the bathroom, when Jordie sought his help (pages 46-49):

I’ll be there in a minute”. Evan said, and as Jordie turned to leave, added, “Hey Jordie, are you and Michael doin’ it?”

That’s disgusting!” Jordie reacted. “I’m not into that!”

“Just kidding.” (Okay, I know he explains why he did it, but still…that whole conversation just totally creeped me out!).

Evan explained it this way. “It was crude, but I was so anxious, I decided on the spur of the moment to say it because I figured it would elicit an unplanned response.” Jordie’s repulsion brought Evan great relief. So much so, that he felt quite chipper as he walked down the hall to check on Michael.

The singer was walking in circles, holding his head. “I didn’t sleep all night,” he complained. “I’ve got a bad headache. I get them all the time.”

“Do you know what causes them?” Evan asked.

“Yeah, I’ve had them ever since my hair caught fire. They said it’s from the surgery.”

Evan offered the standard remedies, aspirin and Tylenol, but Michael insisted they had no effect on him and that his doctor usually gave him a shot of something, he didn’t know what. When Evan suggested that the call his doctor, Michael refused. He didn’t want to bother the man on a holiday weekend. Instead, he asked Evan if he could give him something stronger.

Evan rattled off a list of drugs to see if he could find out what Michael’s doctor used. When he mentioned Demerol, Michael said that sounded familiar. Evan did not use Demerol in his practice, so he called Mark Torbiner for advice. The anesthesiologist suggested an injection of Toradol, a non-narcotic equivalent to Demerol, and offered to pick some up at Evan’s office and bring it to his house.

Evan injected 30mg, half the maximum dose, into Michael’s gluteus. (So Evan was playing doctor?). But one hour later the star claimed he was still in a lot of pain, so Evan administered the remaining half and instructed him to lie down and try to relax.

“Keep an eye on him,” Evan told Jordie. “It’ll take a few minutes to kick in. I’ll be right back.”

“When I went back to check on him, maybe ten minutes later,” Evan recalled, “He was acting weird, babbling incoherently and slurring is speech. Toradol is pretty safe drug, and I thought that either he was having a rare reaction or had taken another drug and was having a combination reaction.” (Or maybe he was given something else altogether?).

Other than the drunk-like symptoms, Michael’s pulse and respirations were normal and he appeared to be in no real danger. So Evan took no further action.

But Jordie was scared. He had seen his friend “acting strange” before, but never like this.

“Don’t worry,” Evan assured his son, “Right now Michael’s the happiest person in the world. All we need to do is keep him awake and talking until the drug wears off.”

Four hours and a serious case of cottonmouth later, Michael began to sober up. While Jordie was downstairs fetching water, Evan decided to take advantage of Michael’s still uninhibited but somewhat coherent condition. “Hey, Mike, I was just wondering….I mean, I don’t care either way, but I know some of your closest people are gay, and I was wondering if you’re gay too?” (This is the big WTF moment!).

“You’d be surprised about a lot of people in this town,” Michael mumbled, as he rattled off the names of a few prominent Hollywood players who were still in the closet. (Poor Mike, but I have to confess, the thought of Michael babbling incoherently about who was and wasn’t “in the closet” was kind of funny…well, okay, it was a little bit funny, anyway).

Evan tried to get back on track before Jordie returned. He stroked Michael’s hair and reassured him, “I don’t care if you’re gay, Mike. I just want you to know you can tell me if you are.”

“Uh-uh”, Michael slurred. “Not me.” (Lol! Evan wasn’t pulling THAT one over on him!).

Given Michael’s willingness to talk openly about everyone else’s sexuality, his consistent denial about being gay reinforced Evan’s belief that the singer was asexual. (As if there were only two choices? Gimme a break!).

Michael remained in bed all day, with Jordie sitting by his side on the edge of the single bed. Cody joined them about ten, and by ten-thirty the three boys were fast asleep.

Evan was tired, too, but the thought that Michael might awake during the night and take more drugs caused him to get up several times to check on the star. On his third visit, around 3am, Evan found the boys still fast asleep. But Jordie was now in Michael’s bed, spooning, with Michael’s arm wrapped tightly around the boy, his hand resting on the boy’s crotch on the outside of the covers.

Ever so gently, Evan picked up Michael’s arm and moved it to the side, then slowly pulled back the covers. Thank God! They were both fully clothed.

Evan dozed off at dawn, but he and Monique were awakened shortly thereafter by Cody crawling into their bed. “What’s the matter, Honey?” Monique asked.

“Is it OKAY for two men to get married?” the boy asked. Evan and Monique were stunned. They asked why he wanted to know, but the child was in no mood to reveal his thoughts, only to cuddle up and cling to his mother.

In the weeks that followed, Evan and Monique tried again to find out what Cody had seen or heard. But the boy remained secretive and depressed. Three months later, during dinner one night, Cody turned to his parents and announced, “Michael Jackson is bad. He did bad things to Jordie.” After that release the little boy began to perk up.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the sight of his son in bed with Michael finally made it clear to Evan that he must end their relationship. Even if there is no sex, Jordie’s personality had been seriously altered. As he morphed day by day into a pint-sized clone of Michael, he withdrew further and further from his family and friends.

Evan’s initial reaction was to separate them then and there, but he and Monique talked it over and agreed that a sudden split could be traumatic and might cause Jordie to bond even deeper with…..his lover?

On a more practical level, June had legal custody of Jordie and controlled his daily routine. They would need to coordinate with her for a separation to have any effect.

Monique insisted, however, and Evan agreed, that Michael must be told that day that he could not move in with them. Not wanting to arouse the star’s suspicion, lest he assert even more control over Jordie, Evan lied.

“You know, Mike, I checked with the building department and they said we’re not zoned for an addition. I guess we’ll just have to forget”

“Then we’ll build a new house,” the superstar vowed, as if it were already a done deal. “Just don’t tell anyone I paid for it, okay? It’ll create problems.

Notice how Evan claims that he offered MJ Tylenol and other over the counter remedies, but MJ refused them because he wanted something stronger. I think it’s total BS!!! What doctor would give Demerol, or anything similar to that, just for a headache??!!! My gosh, Evan gave MJ 60mg of Toradol!!! We need to do some research on that drug!! (Hint hint!)

Also, did you notice how Evan said that it wasn’t until the third time that he checked on MJ that he caught them spooning? That means the previous two times, Jordie was not in the bed with MJ, but according to Evan, Jordie must have gotten in bed. That would mean that MJ must have awoken after Evan’s second checkup, and then woke Jordie up and asked him to sleep with him. Does this even make sense?

Earlier that week, on May 22nd, Evan first proposed to MJ the idea of building an addition to their home and MJ moving in (page 42-43):

Earlier in the day Jordie mentioned that he and Michael no longer wanted to live at June’s, that they wanted to move in with him and Monique. The proposal caught Evan off guard, so he waited to discuss it until he could collect his thoughts.

“So, Jordie says that you guys want to live here?” Evan asked, as Michael re-entered the room. Michael nodded yes. “Well that’s fine, but the boys’ room is way too small for three people. We’d have to add a room on to the house.” “Do it!” Michael responded instantly. “I’ll pay for it.”

Out in the driveway, Jordie and Michael exchanged hugs with Evan, Monique and Cody, then climbed into the limo for the two-minute ride back to June’s. As they pulled away, Evan ran the new plan by Monique.

“Absolutely not! I don’t want him living here.”

Evan wasn’t surprised. “You should give him a chance. He’s a nice guy when you get to know him.”

“I don’t care. I don’t want him living in my house. Let him stay at June’s.”

“They don’t want to stay at June’s anymore. They want to stay here.”

“Who told you that?”

“Jordie. He said Michael likes it better here.”

“Jordie told you that?”

“Yeah. He also told me Michael’s going to give me a job working for his production company.” (I agree with Dave’s comments below-this was AFTER Evan supposedly already suspected an inappropriate relationship between Michael and Jordie…yet he’s more than willing to take a position at his production company!).

“Are you going to take it?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“You won’t be happy, I know you. You’ll be living under his thumb.”

“You’re probably right, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings.” (And why would any father be concerned for the feelings of a man he genuinely suspected was molesting his son?).

And Jordie, are you going to tell him he can’t live here, too?”

“That’s the hard part. I’d love him to live with us. He’s the one who asked Michael to give me a job so we can all be together (my emphasis). I’m not sure what to do.” (Is that not bizarre?).

“It’s moot,” Monique pointed out. “June will never go along with it.”

Monique insisted that MJ couldn’t live there, and Evan acquiesced. But it’s funny how excited he was at the thought of MJ living with him, even AFTER he initially asked MJ if he was screwing Jordie on May 21st. (I agree; that is totally bizarre!).

Also, did you notice how Evan says that Jordie said that MJ would hire Evan for his production company? Personally, since Evan was an aspiring screenwriter, I think he probably ASKED MJ to be hired, and MJ refused, and that’s what pissed off Evan, which made MJ distance himself from Evan. Sounds plausible, right? (Exactly!).

3: As far as the Sodium Amytal, here is Dimond’s explanation for it not being used, followed by Halperin’s explanation for why it WAS used:

On page 62 of “Be Careful Who You Love”, Dimond says that:

“Dr. Torbiner’s own written records from July 16, 1993 state that the boy was given a combination of Robinul and Vistaril. Contrary to what Fisher suggested, there is no reference in Dr. Torbiner’s records to the barbiturate Sodium Amytal.

Further, the purchase of sodium amytal requires the filing of specific forms with the DEA. No such forms were ever located by anyone in law enforcement or the media. Sodium Amytal also does not appear to be available on the black market.

Evan Chandler’s brother, Ray, argued that the claims in the GQ Story made no sense:

“If my brother somehow put this story in my nephew’s head, then where did all the details come from?” Ray Chandler asks. “Evan didn’t know what Michael Jackson’s penis looked like, but Jordie did. Evan never knew which hotels Jackson had taken the boy to, and he certainly didn’t know what the rooms looked like inside! But ask the police. They know that Jordie’s description of the rooms, down to the bedspreads, matched exactly. Jordie gave them date, times, places, and it all checked out.”

Police investigators in the 1993 case, too, found no reason to doubt Jordie’s report of molestation. “We believed everything that kid said, everything!”, one LAPD detective involved in the case told me.

Dimond’s logic is extremely flawed because she assuming that the only way to obtain this drug is under legal means, and that it “does not appear” to be on the black market. Well Diane, if it “does not appear” to be on the black market, then that’s a good indication that it IS on the black market! As for the paperwork not being found, well gee Diane, maybe Dr. Torbiner destroyed them to hide the paper trail, or maybe he never filed them in the first place, or maybe he hid them so well that law enforcement couldn’t find it? Also, on the previous page (pg. 61), Dimond unknowingly confirms how easy it is to implant false memories, thus adding credibility to the idea that Evan and his cronies told Jordie what to say!!

Had Fisher’s claims been correct, Jordie’s allegations would have to have been viewed as unreliable, if not highly questionable. “People are very suggestible under sodium amytal”, says Dr. Phillip Resnick, a Cleveland psychiatrist. “False memories can be easily implanted in those under its influence. “It is quite possible to implant an idea through the mere asking of a question,” says Resnick.

Okay, now let’s see what Halperin has to say on page 35 of “Unmasked”:

By the time I had finished reading Jordan Chandler’s affidavit for the first time, I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Michael Jackson was a sick pedophile. Children don’t make that kind of thing up. I immediately vowed to redouble my efforts to prove his guilt.

That was before I had ever heard of sodium amytal.

From pages 43-45:

If Dimond’s revelations were true, the creditability of Jordan Chandler’s claims remained intact. But she appeared to have missed some crucial facts.

In October 1994, a senior reporter for GQ magazine named Mary Fisher published the results of a months-long investigation with the headline: “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” Among the figures Fischer probed at length for her piece was the anesthesiologist, Mark Torbiner, whom Evan Chandler had called on to administer whatever drug he used to extract his son’s tooth that day. Torbiner was an anesthesiologist for hire. According to a former patient, Nylla Jones, he boasted that he had $100 a month in overheads and an income of $40k a month by providing services to various dental offices around Los Angeles on a freelance basis.

Four years before he treated Jordan Chandler, according to GQ, Torbiner “got caught in a lie and was asked to leave UCLA, where he was an assistant professor of dentistry.”

At the time of Fischer’s article, he was being probed by the U.S. Drug enforcement Administration for administering drugs, such as morphine and Demerol, to patients for pain unrelated to dental work. This would violate his license with the Dental Board of California, which limited his practice to dental procedures only.

In fact, it was Torbiner’s nondental practice that brought him to the attention of Evan Chandler. He was introduced to the anesthesiologist by Barry Rothman, who had hired Torbiner at least eight times to apply a general anesthetic during hair transplant procedures. Dr. James De Yarman, the doctor who performed these hair transplants, told Fischer that he was “amazed” to learn Torbiner was not a medical doctor as he believed. So the fact that he failed to keep meticulous records of his use of sodium amytal and that he violated normal procedures may have been in keeping with his character. Nevertheless, it doesn’t prove that Torbiner administered the drug to Jordan Chandler.

In Dimond’s book, she writes that “questions about whether Dr. Chandler implanted the molestation in Jordie’s subconscious while the boy was under the influence of anesthesia first surfaced in a story ran in GQ magazine.”

Dimond may be unaware that in fact the allegations were first reported not by Fischer, but by a newsman for KCBS-TV five months earlier.

She may also be unaware that the reporter asked Evan Chandler whether he had used the drug on his son. Rather than denying sodium amytal was involved, Chandler claimed he had used a drug only to pull his son’s tooth out and that while under that drug’s influence, the boy came out with the allegations. This admission is notable for two reason: First, the drug’s effects on Jordie appear to be consistent with the use of sodium amytal. Equally important, experts in the use of this barbiturate claim that the drug is not customarily used in dental extractions. (my emphasis).

“It’s unusual for it to be used for pulling out a tooth.” Explained Dr. John Yagiela, director of Dental Anesthesiology Residency Program at the UCLA School of Dentistry. “It makes no sense when better, safer alternatives are available.” Fischer, however, was not content to rely on the KCBS-TV report. She preferred to go straight to the source and ask Mark Torbiner whether he used sodium amytal during Jordan Chandler’s procedure. Rather than deny it, he told Fischer, “If I used it, it was for dental purposes.”

Ian Halperin just completely annihilated Dimond’s assertion that sodium amytal couldn’t have been used because there was no “paperwork” found! Evan definitively admitted that a drug was used (although he didn’t say what is was, Jordie’s side effects were consistent with sodium amytal), and Dr. Torbiner implied that it was used by saying “if I used it……”. If he really didn’t use it, he would have emphatically denied it!!

Also, he was suspended from UCLA for administering Demerol & Morphine (two drugs that MJ was addicted to later in life) for non-dental reasons (like treating MJ’s headache!). He would have given these to MJ at Evan’s house, except that Evan didn’t have these drugs available at his office, so he had to “settle” for 60mg of Toradol!!!And isn’t it ironic that it was Barry Rothman who introduced Dr. Torbiner to Evan Chandler?!!! What a “freakin” coincidence, huh?

That brings me to my next question… Why on earth would Evan and Dr. Torbiner admit or even imply that the drug was used! Why didn’t they just flatly deny it!

In fact, since Evan Chandler signed the confidentiality agreement in January 1994, then what the hell was he doing being interviewed by the reporter in May 1994 in the first place?!!! (Excellent question!).

I’ll have more information on Chandler and this episode to pass along in Part 3!

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