Evan Chandler Confessed To Drugging Michael

by Allforlove

June 30, 2010

Up to now, there has always been one detail about the Chandler case that has bugged me. Having researched so many facts on this case, I have come away convinced 100% that Michael was innocent of the charge that Evan Chandler- himself a mentally unstable man suffering bouts of bipolar disorder- brought against him. But despite all that, it’s hard to get past the description Evan gave of walking into Jordie’s room to find Michael and Jordie cuddled in a spooning position on the bed-a position in which it “appeared” (so the report went) that Michael was fondling the boy’s crotch. Even Aphrodite Jones’s excellent True Crime episode on the Michael Jackson case, which aired last April, glossed over this episode without really elaborating on it or offering any kind of explanation.

That bothered me for a couple of reasons. Number one, haters and doubters, even when watching a positive show that argues Michael’s innocence, will look for any loophole that “proves” his guilt or that still leaves it open to question. For many, even the fact of a grown man sharing the same space in bed with a minor child is enough to condemn him guilty. Secondly, it raised a small, but significant seed of doubt in my own mind, even though by now I’ve learned to take most things said about Michael Jackson by his detractors with a heaping grain of salt. Some questions that remained unanswered for me: If this incident supposedly occurred at Evan’s own house, under his own roof, why was it allowed in the first place? And why did Evan even invite Michael over to his home in the first place? Was the whole thing a setup? And did he, in fact, really catch Michael and his son in such a compromising position, or was the entire thing an innocent incident blown out of proportion? These were the things I had wondered, but had no satisfactory answer-until it came in a most surprising way.

Namely, Chandler himself, who in attempting to “prove” his case, actually succeeded in incriminating himself further by confessing what he did that night. And where is this information to be had? You might be surprised, especially if you’re among those, like I was, who had not yet bothered reading Ray Chandler’s All That Glitters, the book that Evan got his attorney brother to write so that he could conveniently sidestep the terms of the settlement.

To be honest, I hadn’t avoided the book on purpose. I actually try to read everything out there that’s been written on Michael-both good and bad; positive and negative-because otherwise, it’s impossible to really get a balanced perspective of what has been written and presented to the public, plus one cannot be truly armed against the ignorance and lies being purported unless one educates themselves to a certain extent about that information. But I have to confess, All That Glitters has been at the bottom feeder level of my priorities. But sometimes, as Dave Edwards pointed out to me recently, it pays to be aware of the trash. You can learn some interesting things-if you know where to look. Especially, if you look between the lines.

To really understand how things got to that point, however, I suggest that if you missed it the first time, to go back and read the article I wrote in April on Evan Chandler called “Was Daddy Just Jealous Cause Daddy Couldn’t Play?”.

Was Daddy Just Jealous Cause Daddy Couldn’t Play?

In that article, I went into some depth of what I believed to be the seed of the evil in this case, and that was Evan’s own jealousy of the relationship Michael had formed with his son-and also, his ex-wife, June, which I don’t think should be underestimated. I’ve long suspected that Michael was having a fling with June Chandler, which has been corroborated by at least two sources, a Neverland employee, and Frank Cascia, a longtime associate of Michael’s. Even in the Mary A. Fischer GQ article, a friend of June Chandler is quoted as saying she “liked him enormously.” I don’t think it was a serious romance, but it was serious enough to lay the groundwork for what became a very messy triangle of jealous relationships and suspicions among the Chandler family. You had Jordie who was jealous of Michael’s relationship with Mommy, and Evan who was jealous of Jordie’s father/son relationship with Michael, and then thrown into the mix, probably no doubt feeling a bit cuckolded and emasculated by June’s relationship with Michael, for even though they were divorced, there was probably on Evan’s part some lingering feelings that Michael was taking from him his entire family-his wife AND son.

For awhile, Evan played along, thinking that he could be in on the party and could benefit, as well. It was only after it became obvious that Michael had no intention of letting him play that Evan began exhibiting his jealous rages and determination to bring Michael Jackson down, at all costs. That is, after he was refused $20,000,000 to fund his film projects and the privilege of building his own, personal guest house on Neverland property, among various other bright ideas he had that he was constantly badgering Michael with. Michael smelled a rat, and began to distance himself from Chandler, as well as refusing most of his “offers” and business propositions.

This excerpt from the Mary A. Fischer article is interesting for the light it sheds on Chandler’s state of mind after he realized that Michael was distancing himself from the relationship:

“I had a good communication with Michael,” Chandler told Schwartz. “We were friends. I liked him and I respected him and everything else for what he is. There was no reason why he had to stop calling me. I sat in the room one day and talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole relationship. What I want.” (my emphasis).

Was Michael Jackson framed?

I don’t know about you all, but generally, when someone starts dictating to me what they “want” out of a relationship with me, that’s when I’m out of there!

Awhile back, the website Vindicating Michael ran an interesting piece on the mental state of Evan Chandler. I do think it’s an important detail that should not be overlooked-that perhaps Evan Chandler was not so much an evil man, as a mentally disturbed one who was perhaps not entirely responsible for his actions. And who also had every reason to believe-even if in his own mind-that his allegations were justified.

Evan Chandler was a PSYCHIATRIC CASE

But some things that Evan Chandler did knowingly cannot be so easily excused. We know that Chandler drugged his own son with the drug sodium amytal to extract a ‘confession” from him, a drug that has been known to produce false memory. But it gets dirtier and more “interesting” than that.

In All That Glitters, Evan Chandler admitted to his brother Ray how he invited Michael to his house, drugged him, and basically set up the whole scenario that took place in Jordie’s bedroom! Unfortunately at the time, I guess Michael still hadn’t quite caught whiff of the rat smell; otherwise, he probably would have never accepted the invitation. But for a brief while, the two men did become somewhat friends, even though this was at the point that Evan was beginning to have his suspicions and was feeling somewhat at outs over not being a central figure in his family’s life anymore.

So here’s how the whole thing allegedly went down. Although Evan did not have custody of his son, June had felt sorry for him and allowed Jordie to go back to him for an extended stay. Evan then invited Michael over (under what pretense I don’t know, but Michael accepted the invitation). Sometime during the course of the visit, Michael developed an excruciating headache. Instead of offering him a Tylenol, Evan conveniently decides he has a better remedy. He calls up his friend Dr. Torbiner, a shady anesthethiologist, to come over and provide relief. Torbiner, as it would turn out, would become a crucial figure in this case, since it was he who provided Jordan with the “memory serum” sodium amytal that would help coerce his “confession.” Mary Fischer’s article also provides some interesting background info on Torbiner’s checkered history.

And in light of what we know now, one also has to wonder if maybe the dependency Michael developed for anesthetic drugs as sleep aids and pain combatants might not have had its roots in this very evil, underhanded incident. At least to my knowledge, there is no known record of Michael using such a drug outside a hospital setting prior to this incident.

It has been rumored as to whether the drug Torbiner adminsitered to Michael that evening was, in fact, sodium amytal (they claimed it was Toradol, a drug similar to Ibuprofren). What is known, however, is that: One, this was a very dangerous substance to be administered outside of a hospital, and especially for a headache; two, after being given the drug, Michael became woozy and drowsy (to the point of being completely inebriated); three, it was while under the influence of this drug that Evan Chandler asked Michael if he was gay and also, if he had been “f-cking” his son.

Now, are you seeing the picture here? This is where it starts to get really interesting. First of all, Evan Chandler always made a big deal out of Michael’s reaction to that question, that instead of being outraged by the accusation, Michael simply giggled and said it was ridiculous. Well, hellooo…if you put two and two together, the man was drugged out of his skull when he was being plied with these questions, so obviouisly, he didn’t have all his faculties about him, nor was he in control of his responses. Laughing in response to stumuli-even inappropriate sitmuli- is a common side effect of most milder anasthetic drugs. The “giggles” that often accompany being stoned on pot is a classic case example of how drugs can alter the ability to react appropriately to stimuli. Anyone who’s ever been stoned on marijuana and had “the giggles” can vouch for that fact.

But what’s more important than how he reacted is what was actually said. Even under the influence and drugged to the point that he was rendered unable to walk and had to be carried to bed that night, Michael staunchly denied two things-being gay, and having ever touched Jordan in an inapproriate manner. Evan Chandler had no luck coercing a “confession” from him (though unfortunately, such would not be the case when he later tried the same tactic on his son-his own son!).

Something else that is interesting and revealing about this setup: Even though this was before the incident in which Evan alledgedly caught Michael and Jordie in a compromising position, it’s clear that he already had his suspicions firmly in place; otherwise, why all the questions? Was he not then mentally in a place to make what he wanted of what he “thought” he saw?

Here is what is also known about what happened on the night in question: After being rendered unconscious by the drug Chandler and Torbiner had administered, Michael was “put to bed”-conveniently, in Jordan Chandler’s room!

Evan Chandler Convinced Michael He Was Giving Him A Drug That Would Cure His Migraine...I'm Sure It Did!

Now here’s the biggest question of all. Why in heck would a man who ALREADY suspected an improper relationship between a man and his son then purposely put that man to bed in the room he KNEW he would be sharing with his son? That makes no sense whatsoever. And it certainly doesn’t bode well for Chandler’s supposed “concern” over his son being molested. If that were the case, why would he purposely and intentionally set his own son up by putting him in such a compromising situation? Why would he agree to let Jordan sleep in his own bed that night, knowing this was the bed where they had placed Michael? Why would he consent to allowing them to sleep together, even if albeit Micahel was out of it? You can’t tell me for a moment that there were no other alternatives, or no other places where the child could have slept that night. If Evan was such a concerned father for his son’s safety, why didn’t he insist on Jordan sleeping with him that night? Clearly, because he had a plan in place, and that plan was to entrap Michael and his son, and to create a setup whereby Michael would look guilty as hell.

It was only then that Evan claims he walked into Jordan’s bedroom to find them “cuddled” on the bed in a spooning position. But still, consider the circumstances: Michael was in a drugged state, and certainly to some extent (actually, a very large extent) not responsible for his actions. Given the circumstances, how do we know he was even fully and conscuiously aware that it was Jordan sleeping next to him, or for that matter, that he was in Jordan’s bed? We don’t.

And I’m surprised that more people through the years-those who have bought Evan’s story that he was soooo concerned for his son-have never once questioned why or how this alleged incident took place under Evan Chandler’s very own roof. This didn’t happen at Neverland, where Michael had some degree of control over who was and was not allowed into his bedroom. This occurred under the roof of the alleged victim’s own father, who not only knowingly and willfully allowed it, but even set it up! And even when this information was put out there-openly-by Ray Chandler in his book, it’s amazing how people glossed right over it.

Then again, it doesn’t surprise. The public and the media have been so quick to condemn Michael Jackson on these allegations that they have refused to look at the bald facts even when they are right under their noses.

Now, as to more evidence of just what a “concerned” father Evan Chandler was, here is an article that appeared in USA Today back in ’96 in which a writer took Chandler to task over his ridiculous extortion attempts, all of this after Chandler became convinced that Michael had violated the terms of the settlement by proclaiming his innocence in a TV interview and on his HIStory album (as if Chandler himself didn’t violate those terms with his brother’s book, All That Glitters). It’s interesting to see, at least in this case, a media article willing to step up to the plate in Michael’s corner-if only more had been willing to do so, more often!

Settlement Not Enough (June 24 1996)

And here’s a legal document proving that Evan Chandler later attempted to murder his son (the fight allegedly erupted over, of all things, a loaf of bread!):

Evan Chandler Attacks His Own Son

Thanks to Dave Edwards for providing those links!