“Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation”. ...... Michael Jackson

Emotions of Music Touch Universal Chord

No matter the culture, people recognize most basic feelings in unfamiliar tunes

By Amanda Gardner                                                    ABC News - Health
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, March 19 (HealthDay News) -- Michael Jackson may have been more prescient than he realized when he wrote the lyrics to the global “feel-good” song, We Are the World.

New research recognizes that people from vastly different cultures and heritages respond to the same happy, sad and scared emotions in unfamiliar music.

This suggests the universality of emotions in music and may help explain why Western music has been adopted so ubiquitously worldwide, said the authors, from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany.

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  • 'Will.I.Am: 'Jackson Album Release Is Disrespectful''- 11/15/10
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  • 'Michael Jackson sign is restored at Hollywood school'- 10/15/10
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  • 'Rowling Rejected Jackson's Potter Musical Proposal'- 10/02/10.
    MICHAEL JACKSON once approached J.K. ROWLING with plans to turn her HARRY POTTER stories into a stage musical - but his idea was snubbed because the author was not convinced it would be a success.
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  • 'Prince Michael Continues King Of Pop's Charitable Ways'- 09/28/10.
    PRINCE MICHAEL is following in his late father's charitable footsteps after helping to box up food packages for starving children in South America.
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  • ' A Chilling New Version of Michael Jackson's Final Days'- 09/19/10.
    This dose of "tough love" administered at Jackson's house is alleged in a lawsuit filed this week that provides a new account of the days before Jackson died from a dose of a powerful anesthesia.
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  • 'AEG -- Don't Blame Us for Dr. Murray! '- 09/17/10.
    AEG is finally lashing back at Katherine Jackson's lawsuit over the death of her son Michael Jackson -- claiming it had nothing to do with the hiring or supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray.
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  • 'Katherine: MJ Feared People 'Wanted Him Dead''- 09/17/10.
    Katherine Jackson says her son, Michael Jackson, told her "several times" that he felt like people "wanted him dead" ... and she believes his paranoia was a product of the molestation allegations.
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  • 'Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death'- 09/16/10.
    Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.
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  • 'Michael Jackson: Star in 'Guinness World Records 2011' - most-searched male'- 09/16/10.
    Jackson has been included in the Guinness World Records 2011 for being the most-searched male online. Lady GaGa was also included, for being the most-searched female and for spending the highest number of weeks on the charts.
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  • 'Jackson Fired Quincy Jones'- 09/10/10.
    Jones tells Britain's The Guardian, "Michael fired me... He said, 'Quincy doesn't understand the business any more. He doesn't know that rap is dead'. But it's OK. It (hip-hop) wasn't so obvious then."
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  • 'Kravitz Revamping Jackson Track'- 08/30/10.
    The rocker hit the studio with the King of Pop before his tragic death last year to record Another Day, with Jackson on vocals and Kravitz playing along.
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  • 'Thousands Gather To Celebrate Jackson's Birthday'- 08/30/10.
    Devoted Jackson fans proved they have not forgotten about MJ, and hundreds gathered outside his childhood home in Gary, Indiana at the weekend to celebrate his life and music.
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  • 'Lionel Richie - Richie Misses Jackson 'Every Day'- 08/30/10.
    Richie enjoyed a long friendship with MJ, who was godfather to his daughter Nicole, and he was devastated when he passed away last year
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  • ' Richie: 'Jackson Kids Have A Chance To Be Normal'- 08/29/10.
    He tells Britain's The Sun, "I will be there for his children... I think they have a better chance now.
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  • ' Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Planned'- 08/28/10.
    Officials in MJ's hometown of Gary, Indiana, are planning a birthday tribute on Saturday (28.08.10), the day before what would have been the late singer's 52nd birthday..
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  • ' Michael Jackson's Children Attend The Buckley School - 08/27/10.
    Instead of being home-schooled, the children are now attending The Buckley School in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.
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  • ' Conrad Murray Preliminary Hearing Set, Discovery Given To Defense - 08/23/10.
    Dr. Murray's legal team also wants access to three fluids that the coroner's office has for Michael Jackson.
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  • ' Michael Jackson doctor to face hearing next year - 08/23/10.
    Judge to decide whether to send Dr Conrad Murray, charged with one count of manslaughter, to trial for giving singer Propofol.
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  • ' Michael Jackson's Fans to Hold Protest at Conrad Murray's Hearing - 08/23/10.
    Fan group Justice4MJ will line the freeway in front of Superior Court in Los Angeles on Monday, August 23 to demonstrate.
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  • ' MJ's Children attend Diana Ross Concert as She honors Him - 08/20/10.
    His three children stepped out on Wednesday night to attend Diana Ross' concert in Los Angeles during which the singer paid tribute to Jackson.
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  • ' Paris Turns Her Room Into A Shrine To "Daddy" Michael - 08/20/10.
    I want my Daddy hanging in my room'. So she goes to bed looking at him and wakes up looking at him. She said, 'I always want to be able to see him'.
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  • ' 300 Million Dollars Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson's Estate Dismissed - 08/20/10.
    MJ's administrators were sued by lawyers for Allgood Entertainment, who accused Jackson of pulling out of the company's planned Jackson Five shows to "secretly team up with AEG (Live).
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  • ' Will.I.Am Condemns New Jackson Album ' - 08/03/10.
    WILL.I.AM has condemned plans to release a new MJ album more than a year after his death - calling the proposal "bad" and "disrespectful".
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  • ' Michael Jackson Doctors Cleared ' - 07/29/10.
    Seven doctors who were being investigated over the death of Michael Jackson will not be prosecuted over his death.
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  • 'Sheryl Crow Praises Divine Jackson ' .
    Sheryl Crow says that there will never be another Michael Jackson. More information

  • 'Lata regrets having never met Michael Jackson' - 06/25/2010.
    Melody queen Lata Mangeshkar has said that she regrets never meeting American singer Michael Jackson, whose first death anniversary falls today
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  • Top Five Michael Jackson Tributes' - 06/29/2010.
    Here are the top five Michael Jackson tributes this year from celebs and non-celebs alike. Read more

  • A tribute from fans, a lawsuit from dad' - 06/29/2010.
    "The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Gone Too Soon," proclaimed a 100-foot banner spread out near the entrance to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale on Friday to mark the first anniversary of Jackson's death. Read more

  • Fans gather for Michael Jackson memorial' - 06/25/2010.
    About 2,500 people gathered Friday afternoon outside Michael Jackson's boyhood home in Gary to remember the pop icon on the anniversary of his death.Read more

  • 'Joe Jackson - Jackson Lawyer Fears Criminal Trial Against Doctor Is Two Years Away'.
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  • 'Jackson Still The King Of Pop In Britain'' - 06/25/2010
    Michael Jackson's mother Katherine has revealed the singer believed there were a lot of ''greedy'' people who ''wanted him dead''.
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  • 'Two anonymous MICHAEL JACKSON fans had 1,000 sunflowers and 3,000 roses delivered to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California on Thursday (24Jun10) to mark the first anniversary of the King of Pop's death. The cemetery will be awash with fans, friends and family members on Friday (25Jun10) for what is the official anniversary.

    'Katherine Jackson: 'Guilt Pushed Abuse Accuser To Suicide'' - 06/25/2010
    Former dentist Evan Chandler, 65'.
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  • 'Michael Jackson Was Wanted 'Dead'' - 06/24/2010
    Michael Jackson's mother Katherine has revealed the singer believed there were a lot of ''greedy'' people who ''wanted him dead''.
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  • 'Jackson's Hometown Planning Tribute' - 06/23/2010
    The mayor of Gary, Indiana, where the singer spent his early years, has revealed Jackson's mother Katherine is planning to attend the event..
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  • 'Rules Laid Out For Jackson Fans Attending Cemetery Memorial' - 06/24/2010
    MICHAEL JACKSON fans have been given the green light to visit the cemetery where the King of Pop was laid to rest in September (09) on the first anniversary of his death - but they won't be allowed anywhere near his tomb..

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  • 'Michael Jackson's Children Bond With Mother ' - 06/22/2010
    Michael Jackson's children have been spending time with their biological mother.
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  • 'Jackson Estate Lawyer To Sue Mann?' - 06/22/2010
    A lawyer representing MJ's estate has threatened legal action against KATHERINE JACKSON's new business partner, alleging he has no right to make money from the late singer's legacy.
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  • 'Jackson´s Mum Thanks Fans for support'
    - 06/21/2010

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  • 'A tribute celebrating the life and death of MJ will be revealed at the Lyric Theatre, in London's West End, on Thursday (24.06.10). '
    - 06/21/2010

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  • 'MJ Scores Nine of the 17 best-selling R&B Hits in Digital History'
    - 06/21/2010

    According to Nielsen SoundScan, MJ has nine of the 17 best-selling R&B hits in digital history, including, "Thriller," "Billie Jean" and "Beat It," all from his landmark album Thriller; "Man In The Mirror," the gospel-tinged smash from Bad; and "Don't Stop ‘Til You Get Enough," the disco-flavored lead single from Off The Wall.

  • 'Jackson Furniture To Go Under The Hammer On Death Anniversary '
    - 06/21/2010

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  • 'Randy Jackson Disappointed By Murray's Licence Ruling'
    - 06/20/2010

    MJ brother RANDY is confident justice will prevail in the ongoing legal case against DR. CONRAD MURRAY, despite expressing his disappointment at a recent court ruling allowing the physician to keep his medical licence.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's estate earns $250 million since his death '
    - 06/22/2010

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  • 'Jackson Estate Has Generated $1 Billion Since Death '
    - 06/21/2010

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  • 'Randy Jackson Disappointed By Murray's Licence Ruling'
    - 06/20/2010

    MJ brother RANDY is confident justice will prevail in the ongoing legal case against DR. CONRAD MURRAY, despite expressing his disappointment at a recent court ruling allowing the physician to keep his medical licence.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's children to go to school for first time'
    - 06/20/2010

    After years of living as one of the most closely protected families in the world, Michael Jackson’s three children are to attend school for the first time.
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  • 'Tribute events for michael on june 25th'
    - 06/18/2010

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  • 'Michael Jackson B'Way Play Opens ... in Court'
    - 06/18/2010

    Nederlander claims the estate won't provide the rights to use the songs for the play.
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  • 'Michael Jackson Documentary Makers Get Bad News: No Music Allowed' - 06/18/2010
    Sony Music isn’t clearing any music rights for filmmakers who think they’ve got The Next Big Thing.
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  • 'Dr. Conrad Murray's Request to Have Lifesaving Medical Equipment on Hand was not Fulfilled at Time of Michael Jackson's Death'
    - 06/18/2010

    According to the complaint, Murray signed the agreement just one day before Michael's passing.
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  • 'Katherine has asked Alejandra and her four kids to move out, because they're just too much for her to handle.'
    - 06/18/2010

    Plus, Katherine is living on an allowance, can't afford a payoff and we're told the MJ estate will not ante up money for Jermaine and Randy's obligations.
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  • 'Michael Jackson’s mother to publish a book about Michael - 06/18/2010
    Michael Jackson’s devoted mother, Katherine Jackson, will publish a book next week about her son.
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  • 'Joe Jackson Suing Aeg Live - 06/17/2010
    Joe Jackson accuses AEG Live of engaging in the "unlawful practice of corporate medicine," alleging they paid Dr. Conrad Murray, to provide his client with dangerous medical services.
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  • 'MJ's Dad: AEG Has Blood On Its Hands - 06/18/2010
    AEG put such pressure on Michael Jackson to perform for his London concerts, they effectively forced Dr. Conrad Murray to heavily sedate the singer so he could get rest, which ultimately led to his death ... this according to documents filed with the California Medical Board and obtained by CNN.
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    accusing AEG bosses of failing to provide medical equipment requested by the singer's doctor.
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  • 'PLEASE SIGN PETITION- 06/16/2010
    NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE We want to give Michael Jackson fans around the world the opportunity to participate in our fight to get justice for the murder of Michael Joseph Jackson.
    We need as many signatures as possible before June 24th, 2010 in order to file a class action lawsuit in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson against Sony, AEG, Randy Philips, Frank Dileo, John Branca, John McClain, Tommy Mottola and Dr. Tohme Tohme.
    Go here

  • 'Animal Planet To Air ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story’' - 06/16/2010
    It's set to air on Animal Planet June 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT
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  • 'Lehman Center for the Performing Arts will host an exclusive New York City engagement of “King Michael: Tribute to the King of Pop,” on Saturday, June 26, at 8 p.m.' - 06/16/2010
    By combining spectacular multimedia elements with live performances,
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  • 'Judge rules Dr. Conrad Murray can treat patients' - 06/14/2010
    Judge Michael Pastor set August 23, 2010, as the date for the start of the preliminary hearing for Murray, which the prosecutor said could last a week
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  • 'Chris Tucker - Tucker To Accept Jackson's Award' - 06/14/2010
    Actor CHRIS TUCKER will accept an award on behalf of late superstar MICHAEL JACKSON at the Apollo Theater's annual benefit concert in New York on Monday night (14Jun10).
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  • 'Sean Combs Can Empathise With Jackson' - 06/14/2010
    SEAN COMBS can understand why MICHAEL JACKSON turned to powerful anaesthetics in his battle with insomnia - because the sleep condition can drive sufferers "crazy".
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  • 'Joe Jackson Wishes He'd Forced Michael To Quit Shows ' - 06/13/2010
    I knew he would never make them, but I never thought he'd die.
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  • 'M. Jackson's dad: 'I blame my wife for Michael's death' ' - 06/13/2010
    SEETHING Joe Jackson today sensationally reveals a secret bitter confrontation he had with his weeping wife only hours after their superstar son Michael died.
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  • 'Hospital Bosses Fined For Alleged Jackson Files Breach' - 06/12/2010
    The singer's medical files had been improperly accessed after his death last summer.
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  • 'Randy Jackson Fails To Halt Auction' - 06/11/2010
    Randy Jackson slammed the planned sale at Julien's Auction House in Los Angeles, branding it "insensitive" and insisting the Thriller hitmaker never wanted to get rid of the items.
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  • 'Slash Planned Jackson Duet' - 06/11/2010
    Rocker SLASH was lining up MICHAEL JACKSON to feature on his solo album when the singer suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.
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  • 'Medical Board Wants Murray's License Suspended' - 06/11/2010
    Representatives for California's Medical Board have renewed their bid to ban MICHAEL JACKSON's former physician CONRAD MURRAY from practicing medicine.
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  • 'Murray's Medical License Restricted In Nevada' - 06/11/2010
    MICHAEL JACKSON's former doctor CONRAD MURRAY has been banned from prescribing anaesthetics in Nevada.
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  • 'Joe Jackson's Lawyer Prepares Legal Case Against Michael's Live Promoters ' - 06/10/2010
    MICHAEL JACKSON's former doctor CONRAD MURRAY has been banned from prescribing anaesthetics in Nevada.
    ather JOE is preparing to file an official complaint against concert promoters AEG, accusing company bosses of violating U.S. law by overworking the late superstar as he prepared for his ill-fated London residency.
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  • 'Forest Lawn cemetery is providing limited access to grounds, but not to mausoleum where King of Pop is buried. ' - 06/09/2010
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  • 'Jackson's Estate Slams 'Unauthorised' Tribute' - 06/08/2010
    A lawyer representing MICHAEL JACKSON's estate has slammed plans for a memorial gala to commemorate the first anniversary of the star's death - insisting the event has not been given official approval.
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  • 'Michael Jackso To Enter Apollo Hall of Fame ' - 06/07/2010
    Michael Jackson will be posthumously inducted into the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame.
    Jackson and Areta Franklin will be honored at a ceremony hosted by actor and musician Jamie Foxx on June 14th.
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  • 'Joe Jackson Wants Michael's Earnings Published ' - 06/06/2010
    Joe Jackson's lawyer is demanding publication of MJ's posthumous earnings following reports his estate has made $900 million (£600 million) since his death last year (09).
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  • 'MJ Scores Nine of the 17 best-selling R&B Hits in Digital History ' - 06/06/2010
    According to Nielsen SoundScan, MJ has nine of the 17 best-selling R&B hits in digital history, including, "Thriller," "Billie Jean" and "Beat It," all from his landmark album Thriller; "Man In The Mirror," the gospel-tinged smash from Bad; and "Don't Stop ‘Til You Get Enough," the disco-flavored lead single from Off The Wall.

    It starts at 6pm on June 25th at The Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's estate has earned nearly $1billion since his death' - 06/25/2010
    The huge sum - from record sales and lucrative deals brokered by the estate - is 47 TIMES what the debt-ridden King Of Pop made the previous year.
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  • 'End America's Addiction to Oil ' - 06/06/2010
    Please sign the petition:.
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  • 'Jackson Family to Remember Michael at Anniversary Celebration Event' - 06/06/2010
    On the anniversary of MJ death, the Jackson Family Foundation will be presenting "Forever Michael," a red carpet celebration event featuring performances honoring the late singer.
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  • 'Family plans event in remembrance of Michael Jackson ' - 06/06/2010
    The Jackson Family Foundation will present 'Forever Michael,' a red carpet celebration event at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 26.
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  • 'Michael Jackson - Randy Helps Fans Win Access To Jackson's Mausoleum' - 06/05/2010
    MICHAEL JACKSON's brother RANDY has reached an agreement with bosses at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California to allow fans to visit the King of Pop's gravesite on the first anniversary of his death and beyond.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's legend to visit the ivory tower – in Chicago' - 05/17/2010
    The currents of black musical culture course through the song and dance of Michael Jackson. Which is why the Center for Black Music Research (CBMR) – based at Columbia College Chicago – will present a major conference on his art, in various downtown Chicago locations, Sept. 23-25
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  • 'Will One Million Michael Jackson Fans Pledge to Light a Candle on June 25, 2010?' - 05/17/2010
    The King of Pop's Fans Plan a Massive Tribute with One Million Strong
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  • 'Here Come the Sunflowers ' - 05/14/2010
    An impressive pile of sunflowers was just delivered to Michael Jackson's burial site in Glendale -- all thanks to Lisa Marie Presley's plea ... and a very generous donation.
    Watch it here

    'Michael Jackson crypt gets thousands of sunflowers - 05/14/2010 '
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    While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn , Riley and I couldn't help but notice that , while there are a few bouquets , candles and gifts there is a very large empty space around him and in front of him that could use a whole lot more.
    While , I am sure that the staff at The Holy Terrace ......
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  • 'Michael Jackson's 'Captain EO' 3D musical attraction to open at Disney parks worldwide ' - 05/07/2010
    Fans petitioned for the return of the musical after the King of Pop's death last June. A Captain EO attraction will open in Disneyland Paris on June 12, in Tokyo Disneyland on June 30 and in Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on July 2. ....
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  • 'Michael Jackson Inducted Into Apollo Walk Of Fame in NYC ' - 05/12/2010
    The plaques were installed this week for everyone except Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. Jackson and Franklin's plaques will be unveiled in June with the Gala Benefit.

  • 'IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED! ' - 05/08/2010
    Conrad Murray Supporters Plan Demonstration: CHILD ABUSE WEBSITE FOCUSING ON MICHAEL JACKSON.
    Fundraising on Michael's legacy!
    Get this removed NOW! Take action NOW!
    Click here

    Conrad Murray Supporters Plan Demonstration: Sources close to Murray tell us a group of his friends, patients and fellow church members -- numbering in the "hundreds" -- will be outside the courthouse at Murray's next court hearing to show solidarity. Read more
    Please if you have not, make donations to be part of the next Banner, see video on the group of last aerial banner:
    Click here

  • 'New Michael Jackson Album May Pose Legal Problems' - 05/03/2010
    The album was recorded by Michael in the fall of 2007 with Eddie Cascio at his home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. No one knew about it until earlier this year. Cascio, 28, is the second oldest son of longtime Jackson friends Dominick and Connie Cascio, Michael’s surrogate family. Read more

  • 'Our group letters to Obama and Mayor Villaraigosa have been completed. Please make sure to submit your signatures to Jarmila Bukovska if you would like to show your support ' - 05/02/2010
    Join here

    Documentary "Michael Jackson and Bubbles the Chimp" on Tuesday, June 22 at 10:00/9:00c. The latter offering will feature unseen footage and stories of Jackson and Bubbles "revealed through those who witnessed their relationship."

  • 'Michael Jackson Recorded A New Album in 2007' - 05/02/2010
    Michael Jackson recorded a whole new album of material in the fall of 2007. The information about the album was only recently revealed by sources close to the late pop star.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's Lawyer -- Mystery Suicide Note' - 05/03/2010
    Peter Lopez -- the music attorney who had close ties to Michael Jackson -- left a suicide note that was completely silent as to why he took his life ... sources connected to the situation tell TMZ.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's Dad -- 'He Was Not Gay' - 05/03/2010
    Joe Jackson is pissed at Michael Jackson'´s former best friend/doctor, Arnold Klein, for telling TMZ MJ was gay and had a relationship with Klein's office manager.
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  • 'Michael Jackson's Mom Cleans House'. 04/27/2010
    'TMZ has learned ... Katherine Jackson is downsizing the number of grandchildren in her San Fernando Valley mansion -- and the stun gun incident was the catalyst.
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  • 'Michael Jackson´s estate has won a preliminary injunction against a group using the name of the superstar´s former charitable group. 04/27/2010
    'U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee on Monday ordered the current Heal the World Foundation to stop using Jackson´s likeness and any trademarks that belong to his estate. '
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  • 'Please join TINI for JUSTICE on next Sunday, April 25th at Michael Jackson's Star in front of Chinese Theater,Hollywood Blvd at 10am-3pm.
    'We'll be passing out TINI for JUSTICE flyers & T-shirts are available for anyone who's able to come to the LA courthouse in June. We're in favor of UNITY so ALL are welcome to join us in spreading the word for any justice campaign & demo events in the future'.

  • 'Quincy Jones explains why Epic didn´t want him to produce Michael Jackson´s ´Thriller´
    'There is simply no substitute for knowledge—or what Jones referred to as “science.” When asked how he deals with pressure, he replied "Learn your science. Science is what provides the [ability] to express your emotion…Your chops get you out of pressure".
    (Read more )

  • 'How are Michael Jackson´s kids holding up?
    'While the legal process grinds on, Rebbie said that her brother’s three children, Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, are thriving and continuing the process of emotional healing after losing their father.
    (Read more )

  • 'Earth day: Give earth a hand'
    'Greenpeace International.' Watch the movie:
    (click here)

  • 'Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Show Details Revealed'
    'The entire catalog is open to us,' Cirque CEO Daniel Lamarre tells MTV News.
    (Read more)

  • 'MJ Weekend At The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - April 26-at 12:00 AM on UCSB!'
    Attorney General Jerry Brown and Steve Cooley's boss will be speaking at UCSB as he campaigns to become CA, next Governor. This is an opportunity for Michael Jackson fans to come face to face with Mr. Brown and ask during his rally, why no additional charges have not been filed in the case against Conrad Murray? Media will be in attendance so this is another opportunity for us to be heard! (read more)

  • 'MJ Weekend At The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - June 25-27!'
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will honor the life, music and legacy of two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jackson with a weekend of live music, programming and more.
    This event will culminate with the annual Rock and Soul festival on Sunday, June 27. (Click here)

  • 'Dancing With The King of Pop'
    Misha became the envy of everyone in his field when he was selected to perform with Michael Jackson in This is It! Dancing with the King of Pop is his dream come true. (Watch the video!)

  • 'Justice4MJ2 - Event Planning Page every 25th of every month'
    (Read more)

  • 'ONE ROSE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON, on the 25th June'
    One rose for Michael
    (Please watch it)

    Email them, Please do all: Julien's Auctions
    (Please read more)

  • 'Earth Day April 22th. Commit to Protect the Environment'
    Make a personal commitment to make environmental protection a part of your daily life.
    Take Action by choosing at least 6 actions you’ll commit to.
    1.- WATER: Use only the water you need, and reuse when possible
    2.- AIR: Commute without polluting - Walk or ride a bike instead
    3.- LAND: Learn about composting
    4.- ENERGY: Save energy at home!
    5.- WASTE: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
    6.- ADVOCACY: RAISE AWARENESS! Talk to others about the state of the environment!
    7.-Plant a tree!
    ONE small change in your Everyday life CAN make a BIG difference!

  • 'Our next Ustream Broadcast with Special Guest - Dr.Johnny Benjamin! April 14th! at 2:00 PM PST '
    Sign up for this interesting insight into the Murray's case.
    (Watch it)

  • 'Dr. Murray Lawyers Up for Wrongful Death Suit' - 04/13/2010
    Dr. Conrad Murray is already planning his legal strategy in a Michael Jackson wrongful death case ... TMZ has learned. (Read more)

  • 'Texas Medical Board restricts Conrad Murray's medical license' - 04/12/2010
    The Texas Medical Board has restricted the medical license of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently being prosecuted for the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. (Read more)

  • 'Texas Medical Board restricts Conrad Murray's medical license' - 04/12/2010
    The Texas Medical Board has restricted the medical license of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently being prosecuted for the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. (Read more)

  • 'Germany Fans Want Permanent MJ Memorial' - 04/09/2010
    Michael Jackson fans in Munich want to erect a monument to their late idol. But the city’s authorities aren’t particularly keen and a temporary memorial faces constant sabotage. (Read more)

  • 'A Million trees for Michael' - 04/07/2010
    It´s a site for fans of Michael Jackson where we can give a gift back to HIM in exchange for the music, the magic, & the memories he has given to us for nearly five decades! Won´t you plant 15 trees for him? (Read more)

  • 'Michael Jackson´s death trial: Medical experts refute Murray´s suicide claim!' - 04/07/2010
    Suffice to say that the medical experts have already blown a hole to MJ’s suicide claim, which is expected to hog the defence arguments of Murray and his legal team in the subsequent trial proceedings.(Read more)

  • 'Portrait of Michael Jackson Up for Auction Online' - 04/07/2010
    The eBay.com auction of the 50-by-40-inch painting by Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong will launch Wednesday evening, the portrait's owner said Tuesday. The colorful portrait, titled “The Book,” and reportedly the only painting for which the King of Pop ever posed, depicts Jackson in a red velvet jacket, clutching a journal at his Neverland Ranch.(Read more)
    Source: MJFC / NYTimes

  • 'MJ Inspires Kenny Ortega To Give Back ' - 04/07/2010
    Director Kenny Ortega was the visionary behind what would have been Michael Jackson´s triumphant comeback tour This Is It, and instead brought the superstar´s final days to the silver screen.
    On The Red Carpet caught up with Ortega at a St. Jude Children´s Research Hospital event Tuesday night in Los Angeles, who told us the main focus of his projects now is giving back, thanks in part, to the King of Pop.
    “Now my journey is about sharing, and about reminding, and about raising consciousness,” he said. “And I have to say Michael Jackson did a lot to bring that into the light for me.” (Watch the video)
    Source: MJFC / ontheredcarpet.com

  • 'AG: California will move to strip Jackson doc´s license ' - 04/06/2010
    The California Medical Board will start its own process to strip Dr. Conrad Murray of his medical license, state Attorney General Jerry Brown said Tuesday.(Read more)

  • 'Courtroom Details 04-05-2010 - A MJFSCer´s Experience! '
    One of our very own, Katie Hines, had the privilege and honor of being chosen to be one of the lucky few fans to be inside the courtroom yesterday. Here is her exact experience of yesterday's hearing: (Read more)

  • 'Join us tonight at 7pm Eastern on Ustream to discuss yesterday´s hearing with Murray' (4-6-2010)
    (Watch it)

  • 'KTLA: Conrad Murray Greeted by Angry Jackson Fans at Court -- Chip Yost reports'
    Michael Jackson fans are rallying outside a Los Angeles courthouse where the pop star´s doctor is scheduled to appear for a hearing in his involuntary manslaughter case. You can see the banner flaming done by MJ's fans. (4-5-2010)
    (Read more)

  • 'MJ fans: Prepare for the Blame the Victim Defense - Dr. Johnny Benjamin, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Medical Journalist'
    The defense will spare no expense, truth or civility in their attempt to paint a very dark portrait of MJ the ´hopelessly addicted junkie´ and probably far worse. (4-6-2010)
    (Read more)

  • 'Fans want justice for Michael Jackson as Dr. Conrad Murray appears in court'
    Fans flooded the outside steps of Los Angeles County Superior Court as Dr. Conrad Murray, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges in the pop singer´s death. (4-5-2010)
    (Read more)

  • 'Jackson death case moves slowly through courts'
    The involuntary manslaughter case against Michael Jackson´s cardiologist is moving slowly through procedural steps in the Los Angeles Superior Court system. (4-5-2010)
    (Read more)

  • 'Michael Jackson Case Assigned To New Judge'
    Dr. Conrad Murray, his attorneys and prosecutors assembled before Supervising Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza, who in moments assigned the case to Judge Michael Pastor and sent them to his courtroom. - (4-5-2010)
    (Read more)

  • 'Michael Jackson Fans Rally Outside LA Courthouse'
    Michael Jackson fans are rallying outside a Los Angeles courthouse where the pop star´s doctor is scheduled to appear for a hearing in his involuntary manslaughter case. - (4-5-2010) (Read more)

  • 'Live Stream from Los Angeles Court House - April 5'
    Live coverage from the LA Courthouse on April 5 - When: 04/05/2010 3:00PM PST
    (Read more)

  • ‘Special Twitter Event -April 5th Murray's next hearing'
    Today is the day please, do everything you can to get people to join our Twitter Marathon/and Ustream radio Broadcast.The media is watching us and will be reporting on our results.All you have to do is type in “MichaelJackson” throughout the day and MJ will be #1 in Twitter NOW.

  • 'Conrad Murray’s Preliminary Hearing Setting is Monday April 5, 2010'
    The more Michael Jackson fans that can be at the courthouse that day, the better! If you´re able, BE there!
    DETAILS: People v. Conrad Robert Murray

    The matter is scheduled on Monday, April 5, 2010, at 1:30 p.m. in Department 100, for preliminary hearing setting.
    Department 100 is on the 13th floor of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, 210 West Temple, Los Angeles, Ca. 90012, Judge Peter Espinoza presiding.

  • 'Conrad Murray Judge -- So Tough, So Smart' - TMZ - 04/05/2010
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  • 'CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta gives a first-hand look at how Diprivan is safely administered.' - TMZ - 04/04/2010
    (Click to watch it)

  • 'Joe Jackson 'Horrified' at Dr. Murray Defense' - TMZ - 04/04/2010
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  • 'Dr. Conrad Murray´s defense: Michael Jackson gave himself fatal dose of Propofol'
    by Meredith Kolodner - Daily News - 04/04/2010
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  • 'JUSTICE 4 MJ - It´s time to get off our butts and fight for justice for MJ!' - Please watch this movie!
    (Click to watch it)

  • 'Happy 12th Birthday to Paris Michael Katherine Jackson - We love you! Please wish Paris a Happy birthday on Twitter - just add#weloveparis on your tweets!(Abril 02, 2010)

  • ‘Michael Jackson could be alive if Murray...’ MSNBC news
    (Read more)

  • ‘How much propofol was Jackson given?’ CNN news (Abril 02, 2010)
    An anesthesiologist says statements from Michael Jackson´s doctor don´t match the toxicology report. (Read more)

  • ‘Conrad Murray - Next Court Hearing, April 5th'
    Dr. Murray´s next court appearance will be on April 5th at which time a judge will set a date for the preliminary hearing.
    Please join us at the Criminal Courts building in downtown Los Angeles on Monday, April 5th to protest the charges brought by LA DA Steve Cooley against Dr. Conrad Murray.
    Wear your Justice4MJ tees and hoodies globally in support of our cause!
    Bring your signs to let the media know what we represent, Justice4MJ!

  • ‘Doctors restarted Michael Jackson's heart at Los Angeles hospital after cardiac arrest: report - By Soraya Roberts, Daily News - (March 30, 2010)
    (Read more)

  • ‘Report: Jackson's doctor stopped CPR to pick up drug vials - By Alan Duke, CNN - (March 23, 2010)
    Witness said doctor stopped CPR efforts on Jackson so he could collect drug vials(Read more)

  • ‘A Plea To Have John Branca Investigated For Possible Conspiracy Corruption In The Michael Jackson Case' - Video (March 23, 2010) How did this man who Michael Jackson terminated by letter become executor to Michael´s estate?

    Video by Advocates for Michael - asking the California State Bar to investigate John Branca, Executor of Michael Jackson´s Estate for possibly conspiracy, the forged will, the non return of documents when he was fired in Feb 2003- the sudden appearance of a will July 1 2009- bear in mind he was ....only back in MJ land 2 weeks prior to that.. Something is a foot here ....
    Please click the link below to add your name to the petition if you would like to be added. We want 10,000 signatures by April 23rd. Can we do it?

  • ‘Uncover Michael Jackson´s Name Gardner Street School'
    Los Angeles school officials told Michael Jackson to beat it seven years ago. Now, fans of the late pop star want him back.
    Supporters have started a Facebook petition to have Jackson´s name restored to the auditorium of Gardner Street Elementary School. They want fans to download and sign a letter to the school district superintendent. Jackson donated money to the Hollywood school and attended the naming ceremony in 1989. But school officials, acting on parental requests, covered up his name in 2003 after Jackson was arrested for investigation of child molestation. The Facebook campaigners note that Jackson was acquitted of the charges and they want the name restored.
    More info:

  • ‘Michael Jackson´s doctor Conrad Murray accused of causing delays at singer´s deathbed' By Nancy Dillon - Daily News - 03/22/2010
    (Read more)

    Please Try To Be In Wdc 29th August, Celebrate Mj Birthday, Next morning we rally to White House
    Front runners
    Eddie Jones, President Los Angeles Civil Rights Association,
    Brain Oxman, Joe Jackson Attorney.
    Majestik Magnificent
    Tony Wilson, (Young James Brown)
    More information at: (click here) Facebook page

  • ‘DA looks at possibility of suspending Dr. Murray´s medical license...
    After many people send a letter to the DA to get Dr. Murray's medical license suspended, finally there is some good news. On behalf of the Medical Board of California ahead of an April 5 hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray. Calling Murray´s conduct “reprehensible”, the attorney general now wants Murray´s license suspended until the criminal case is wrapped up. Murray is already prohibited from administering anesthetics after the MJ´s death from a sedative overdose.